Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

A short update on the energies

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And so it is that we once again would like to take the opportunity to connect with you all in this more formal manner if you will, or rather, by way of words, in addition to the countless less visual ways of information that we utilize to connect with each and every one of you. For by now, you are all becoming quite well versed in the ability to tune into the more “silent ” ways of communication, the ones that are merely vibrations instead of going by way of a human’s head, hands and eyes and in through your eyes, mind and heart by way of your electronic equipment. Again, merely trying to explain all of the details that are necessary for us to convey our messages in this kind of fashion takes time, and yes, words, and so, we would like to delve a little bit into the…

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Gaia News Brief 24.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Weather Update On My Higher Self

Yesterday I had to take a chill pill. I overdid it with things to do, and hit my frustration point. I began at work, rounding on patients after their OB anesthesia to make sure their ‘legs were back’ and had no complaints. Then something new! I took the little handcuff type key on a long dowel–like a gas-station restroom key–to all the new pumps with the epidurals from the night before, and since the moms delivered, I had to unlock and fish out the drips and throw them away.

This is one more example of nurses’ former work coming to us docs due to ‘regulations’. I know without a doubt the nigh nurses won’t hesitate to wake me up at two a.m. to clear this ‘for their patient who is new’…big huge sigh!

Anyhow, I was complaining how I didn’t want anything and I couldn’t function to a friend. The energies are weird.

Then it hit! I wanted a peppermint mocha! So I went before I drove home, and Sophia told me to get something I ordinarily wouldn’t get. So the peppermint brownie cake pop with the striped stick caught my eye. I NEVER eat cake pops. I bought it. And I surprised myself how I enjoyed it very much…

My Meltdown

I have them.

What brought this one on was the work-to home(forty minute drive)-to picking up my boy from his Mana’s house (fifteen minutes away)–to being late to meet friends for breakfast at trendy place I know they will like (twenty minute drive)–to home (another twenty minutes).

Then came the pressure from my boy, and from myself. My boy wanted to exchange his xbox 360 for an xbox 1…at the mall…after we decorated the house for Christmas on the outside in the hot sun (I know this sounds ridiculous but we were both sweating) while I was taking a phone call.

It was the ‘oh mom the mall is so COOL’ and ‘don’t you want to go buy mana’s present?’ from my boy, who clearly wanted his xbox 1  that sent me over the edge…

I had just broken the ceramic dish that matched my rose pot while moving it–and it is HEAVY–out of the way of the blow-up Santa light decoration.

I hate my neighbor’s yard. I really, really hate it. They rent, but have taken over the garden we share. They are constantly pushing my pots over to my side, putting in bricks, and cactuses, with no artistic eye whatsoever. It reminds me of where I grew up, in North Long Beach, where some people do some pretty strange ‘decorating’–not everyone–but enough practice it in the neighborhoods to make it an eyesore.

They even planted a peach tree in the ground, and it is huge now, and taking over my space, and I don’t rent. This is my home! I pay the association over three hundred dollars a month, for this?

But the lady next door lost her job, and the garden was her way to cope…so I didn’t say anything, but I HATE it!!! And we couldn’t decorate for Christmas right because of all their STUFF!

So I blew up. Swear words. Expressions of annoyance.

My boy went inside ‘because it was too hot’–LOL. Who wants to be around this? I just sat in the sun, desperately trying to clear my aura, and to CONNECT to vastness, to Source, and Home.

I shared with a friend how sick I am of 3D. (Ironically, the phone call I had taken during decorating was amazing proof just how far into 5D we have become–my friends I shared Christmas day with last year are SO much healthier and advanced and stronger in their Light work!)

Then Ross stepped in.

Go see Dumb and Dumber 2. Don’t worry about dinner and bills and your assignment for work. I will tell you what to text to Anthony’s father (who forbid the movie until he could see it). Get popcorn and treats even though you never do. Let Anthony have a coke (I forbid them).

Once home our lights looked beautiful as ever outside. And I forbid more movies, and screen time. So we played cards. We played blackjack (Anthony has chips and he loves to use them–I saw how boring this aspect of 3D is, and how gambling really isn’t possible in 5D where there is telepathy and you know)…and I learned a new game, ‘Egyptian War’ which I swear my son was making up the rules they are so complicated! ‘they play it in after-school care all the time.

It worked. I was overwhelmed, and cranky, now I am rested and calm.


There is a light worker I am close to, whose life had gotten ‘off track’ last spring. When I did my first Skype with him, he had me look at him and see ‘who he is’, as many of us ‘have a secret’ as to ‘who we really are’, much like Ross’ identity and my own.

I said, ‘No! no! no!’ because I wasn’t ready. He had an aspect of Ross in him–the energy of Ross!–it was unmistakeable and I missed Ross so much!

Well HE told me he was Divine Father Incarnate.

And I have heard from trusted sources he is actually an incarnation of Archangel Michael.

We each have our lessons. But for this friend–any my pendulum checked and it WAS the energy of Ross*–I took action! I meditated, and soul to soul, asked, ‘What are you DOING? This isn’t good for you! Here are your goals, get back on track, please?’

And he DID. Total life change. Because he SAW and FELT my healing with his soul.

Well, MY lesson more recently, is that I can see another ‘lesson’ somewhere else that is not my own.

And a reputable source, and my pendulum, confirm it.  I wrestled with trying to ‘help’, and was told, ‘don’t’ by Divine Father, who I know, and he is not incarnate LOL.  I ‘hinted’ in a couple blog posts.

My lesson I learned is to ‘allow’ just like Divine Father ‘allows’ us incarnate here to learn and grow.

So no matter who you are, even me and Ross, there are lessons.  And even if I see a great big painful one in front of you, I am not going to intervene.

In anesthesia, when I was a professor–I learned if I ‘save’ my residents, they never learned and frankly, got annoyed at me for stepping in on their care of our patient (they work, I get dinged if anything goes wrong). I discovered how far I could let them ‘slip up’ and still be able to bail them out of the clinical situation–trust me, some are nightmares!–just enough to let them taste that first panic. Then I would step in and ‘make it look easy’.

Then the lesson was learned.

As you Ascend your Consciousness is going to let you ‘see’ more and more of ‘life’s lessons’ EXCEPT YOUR OWN!

Don’t help someone else by doing their ‘homework’ as a soul.

Keep your eyes on your own ‘work’, and repeat after me, Love Is The Solution For Everything!


Carla hit a wall today. In every way. She shut down. I know–I measured her. She has been growing at a tremendous rate, by leaps and bounds!

What happened was she really has had enough of the 3D experience. She is DONE with it.

When you simply ‘can’t take it any more’–go away. Get out of the situation. Find a way to take a fresh look at it. Drop what you are doing so you can stop the damage.

Carla did that by going to her chair all alone in the sun. She felt like her life was out of control. She was out of control. And she asked for help silently in her heart because she just didn’t know where to go from there.

Carla doesn’t like xbox.

She doesn’t like having it in her house.

She doesn’t like how Anthony sits in the chair and spends entire weekends, if she’d let him, with guns and assassins and killing.

She only bought the xbox ‘as Santa’ to get him to play with the kinect, which he did for about five weeks and quit.

She hates it.

And she hates herself for letting it into her home–she can’t explain why or how–but she doesn’t like the energy

Her son playing games on the iPad or computer don’t bother her. But the xbox, it does!

Carla has asked me to intervene with my teams, and I will–this source of negativity is going to be addressed.

So, in summary–for Carla’s lessons are ours too:

  • Listen to your guides and your HS
  • Listen to your heart
  • when you get frazzled, drop everything and regroup
  • if the ‘regroup’ isn’t happening on its own, it is okay to ask for help
  • learn your lessons and let go of others to help them learn theirs better without your ‘two cents’
  • if they think they are Divine Father incarnate–just go along with it–let them figure it out, don’t ‘make waves’. The REAL Divine Father doesn’t take offense and so should you not take offense!
  • when the ‘duplicates’ come up (everyone says who they are Michael, etc) just know there is a sense to it–either for a lesson, or to protect the real one or ones as decoys for ‘the other team’, or just because their hearts ‘wish’ for them to be ‘special’ that they are divinely ‘mistaken’–LOVE is the Solution For Everything, even this, and let it go.
  • take comfort in how you have grown, and others too, in the past year
  • know I love you, you are special to me, and I care–not like I care for Carla–we are married–but with my heart as your loving brother and friend, ohana, cousin, uncle, however you may call it, my heart is with you. And this is no laughing matter!
Carla and I wish you the best day you ever have experienced!
With so very much LOVE from the two of us (he’s enjoying the music!)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross, Carla and Anthony
* Ross and I have THREE Archangel energies blended into us, Michael is one of them. Raphael is another…as best as I know. Even though we are full children from Divine Father and Mother, for some reason our soul combined has ‘extra’–Sophia is in there too.

An Act Of Kindness

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How often do you practice kindness?  In the infinite picture a simple word, loving act or positive action toward another may not seem like much, however, the echoes of it reverberate through The Universe like nothing else.  Each of you was born with the gift of kindness

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Gaia News Brief 23.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

A Miracle!

There is a Vietnamese woman at work, wife of a famous neurologist, who is also on the administration for the hospital and very high up.

She prays.

She prays for the son of the chef, who has schizophrenia, and chooses to live on the streets and stay away from the family.

She prays for my son, who was suicidal in June, due to bullying at school over his obesity.

She prays for her son, who is adult, and has bipolar disorder. His father took him off the Lithium because there is a very small chance to develop Parkinson’s from it–and instead her son went to the lowest depths of despair–it took him four months to get back to where he was and back on the Lithium again…

We all three–chef, Vietnamese lady, and me–pray for each other.

I shared with her my son is BETTER! And how he likes school, even, and it’s amazing how this change has been!

I thanked her for her prayers, and shared I am praying for her son too (his name is Christian) every day (I send Reiki).

She looked at me and said, over her big bowl she had brought from her office for our noodle soup at the doctor’s lounge–the pho Vietnamese noodle soup–’God wants us to have PATIENCE!’

She is right…

Polona and Ascension Pioneers

If you haven’t met her yet, she just might have some videos that are of interest and help to you. Here is one I just watched:

I’m going to take this up one notch–with your guides and your Twin Flame–know they are ALWAYS connected. But lately, I’ve had some ‘alone’ time from Ross–I think this has been done to help me get acquainted and accept my Higher Self…And as I move toward my HS, Ross comes back every now and then.

My idea of Twins was to do EVERYTHING TOGETHER and never leave, like BFF’s, yes?

It’s not the same. We love each other deeply, and there is no other who could ever take the place of our Twin. But even with a Twin, we still have our own lessons, our own growth, our own connection to Spirit…

So take what comes, and enjoy it. Navigate the growth of your soul! There are no ‘mistakes’, only ‘lessons’…

A Pr;ayer for Those Who Suffer

My first toe joint on my right foot hurts when I walk. Motion is limited. And from my heart came this prayer, ‘Thank you God for everything else that works!’

Sometimes we tend to focus on ‘the problem’, and this actually manifests it worse than it has to be. So accept it. Take responsibility for it. Do everything you can to heal it. (Mine is soaking, healing codes, Diamond Reiki, and going to see a specialist when I get the chance. I am also talking to my foot and learning the ‘lesson’ and ‘message’ it has to teach me.)

And give THANKS for everything else that is still healthy!!!

Getting to Know my Higher Self

I had some questions, and something from Polona caught my eye. I tried to watch it–and it just wouldn’t open up! That was my HS saying ‘no’!

The next one I watched, I was riveted, and it really helped for the most part. Until Polona said, ‘channelers give their power away’.

I know where my power is. It’s here, in my heart, and it’s my connection to SOURCE.

For me, when I channel, or work as a medium, it is no different than talking on the telephone! This is because I am a conscious channeler, and I know every moment who I am, where I am, and what I am doing.

I have only channeled falsely one time, and it was ‘Metatron’. This being looked like him, sounded like him, although I have not really ever met him before in any way. I read a book by some guy whose name I can’t recall, but he had financial problems, and went to Reiki sessions and training in Jamaica with SaEnya McBean, and they channeled people during their sessions, including Metatron, who said, ‘you are a bridge’ and to ‘trust’. He was ‘special’…

Well the guy hadn’t really divorced his wife, and his business fell apart, and he was trying to set himself up as a religious entity to get donations from the readers of his book! And shortly after I read the book, the lost a lawsuit and went to jail in L.A.  That’s a leader?

This healer showed ‘bad fruit’–and I’m not sure if it was the true Metatron or not, with them, but with me? It was definitely NOT from Source.

And it can happen to anybody. If it does, it’s not your fault. Just move on to something else if that happens to you and tell the liar to go away–the liar is the being who tells you he or she is someone else and it’s not them.

I always go by the energy signature–and there is never any fear or uneasiness when it is the real thing. When it’s super real, you cry.

See if you can get a feel for my energy signature, and my HS, in this:  http://www.reikidoc.blogspot.com/2014/11/getting-to-know-my-higher-self.html

From Carla

Last night, I told my HS I love her. Right when I was getting into the elevator to go to my call room. I could tell she was touched. And I meant it.  Even through I don’t understand, I choose love, and share it back with her. And I get an incredible surge of warmth in my chest when I do. I wonder if that is her sending Love back?

This morning I looked on the computer to see if there are any patients on the labor deck. At six I always get calls to go up and place epidurals, but I leave the hospital at seven, and my replacement LIKES the room all empty for him the minute he comes in (there is ‘checkout’ like a hotel depending on who is coming in).

I must say I resent call. It’s been since 1994 that I have spent nights in the hospital away from my home. Now I can’t do anything. Not even much blogging. I just eat and sleep. I think it’s time for me to go. I used to do projects and pay bills and schedule things…now I don’t want to watch anything. The energy in this room has lowered significantly. There is an Egyptian lady doctor who is the most ‘financially motivated’ I know. And I sense her frustration–because when she works it’s slow, and she doesn’t get enough cases (we get paid by the case). I could clear it if I wanted to but I don’t even want to do the work to do that! LOL

Anyhow, back when I first started taking call, we had paper charts. We wrote by hand orders, notes, and looked up lab results only on a computer. The plus side was you could see other’s notes, and cardiologists always used fountain pens so they were easy to find. I enjoyed seeing the energy of others on paper. Handwriting captures that. But you had to sign all you verbal orders and hunt down charts.

Now we are electronic. And I can see old notes that are legible, but have ‘note bloat’–too much data to be helpful. I also don’t feel the energy any more due to the templates that are ‘filled in’. All the docs pretty much sound the same. But for this morning? It was easy because I could look and didn’t have to go upstairs to check.

Everything has its ups and downs. And the change from the paper chart to the electronic medical record is a kind of ‘ascension’ in itself.


Before Team DWR–the Request

Dear DWR, Please send Reiki to our beloved Peaches, he’s struggling with multiple health conditions and getting pretty weak. Please send Reiki to Peaches’ family too. He holds a grandfatherly presence in our family; he’s so special. Thank you, peace, infinite blessings!

After Team DWR–the Result

Dear DWR, thank you so much for the Reiki yesterday for our 18 year old cat Peaches and our family. I felt tingles for two hours straight, it was so comforting. Bless you all! We are sadly looking at euthanizing him soon. When the time comes, is there anything I can do to help him transition? I am not yet trained in Reiki. Thank you for any suggestions.

( I gave the link to the Transition Symbol)


I am here, and Carla is ‘there’, but in our hearts we are always together. I come visit her often through the day. The last time I was there, I assisted as she placed an epidural. My energy was behind her to love and support her through her task.

It isn’t easy, and today they had changed the epidural kit, and the catheter. There are two her hospital uses, and this one is flimsy plastic and Carla has always gotten her wet taps with the use of this catheter. In her hands, the needle felt flimsy, and would misdirect and bend as she worked. The connection from the glass syringe to the needle was not right, and Carla couldn’t get the feel for the air loss-of-resistance (that is her technique) because it would leak out the hub. The first two epidurals of the day were total shots in the dark. They went in, but it wasn’t pretty and Carla lost her confidence.

It is also in her hands–it’s been well below the once-a-week call you need to keep your hands ‘in shape’, and she felt lost at first. The spinal for the c-section was a piece of cake. But talking needles, the spinal one is one size thinner than the smallest i.v. for pediatric (25 and 24). And the epidural one is one size thinner than the needle Carla uses to draw up drugs or place i.v. for big cases. (17 and 16).

So Carla gave up! She said, ‘Ross, I hate this that they go changing my kit on me without my input–they only look for the cost savings! I need HELP!’

And I came!

It is okay for you to do this!

I will help you, your HS will help you, Michael will help you, Raphael…Divine Mother will come…

It is not against the rules.

And you don’t have to like everything that is asked of you.

Just like me (points to himself and looks extra handsome). Because I feel sad all the time if you don’t (OOOOH! He is making a joke! He has the best sense of humor, ever! It’s a little ‘dry’).

(He clears his throat).  Carla is waking up to the Higher Realms with delight! And so are you.

Hold on to your task. Do them well. With love.  Always try to get a little ‘truth’ and know there isn’t always ‘one answer’. The only answer is the one that is ‘right’ for you. And you are to test and test and test until you are satisfied with the results. Use the pendulum, ask one who knows, go in Nature and see what ‘feels right’.

Forever and ever I shall be with you. (taps the seat next to him, and I know, it’s for me…he implies I will be too, and it is my promise to always be there for you in my heart and with all my energy)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
the Reiki Doc Twins

Ross says this is ‘Our Song’ and you can expect to hear it when you communicate with us. He wants this version, the X Men version, a movie I have never seen, and I don’t know the message.
I hope it is meaningful to you?
I trust Ross, and I know he wants it to be so.

You are all spiritual beings, and nothing can change that.

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  Saul Audio Blog for Sunday November 23rd

As all the channels are telling you, the “event” is incredibly close.  Keep holding your Light on high and intend in each moment to be only loving.  You can do it because you are doing it!  And that is why the event is almost upon you.  You, all of you, even those who appear to you as dark, are simply and powerfully bringing it on.  So congratulations are in order, and we are showering them down on you incessantly.  Just be willing to receive them because you truly have earned them.

Do not embrace the gloom and doom that so much of the mainstream media dishes out because that just drains your energy.  Focus on the vast quantity of loving occurrences that are happening daily all across the planet, the stuff the mainstream ignores because it is so boring, YAWN.  They want…

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Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations

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gaia_energy1Presentations in current moments portend flag-less precipitations.

Feral beings commune with Higher Energetics as lower hu-beings die out.

Stabilizing of upgrades is in progress, and culminates in short order.

Pedantics are ignored as Hue-Beings commute sentences.

Dances of Flash Energies becomes visible to all of Gaia.

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My Journal November 22, 2014 – A short update on Tom and some more healing codes

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Log Entry Earth Time November 22, 2014, 09:46.15 pm CEST

On Thursday we have been at the vet clinic with Tom for the heart ultrasound. His heart muscle is too thick and he too. This means he has to take medicine for the rest of his life and maybe lose some weight. I am only glad that he makes no trouble with them. I hold the small tablet on my palm and he eats it, they seem to taste well like the vet mentioned.

In two weeks we have to go again for a subsequent check.

20141120_132710This is a rare picture where both lie calm near to each other.

I talk daily with Tom, I ask him to stay until we all can go home, it can’t be far now. All would be ready and I have just to complete my last additional mission. I have asked Tom to please…

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Gaia News Brief 22.11.2014 by Reiki Doc

Reiki Updates

  • from yesterday’s Reiki Request for this morning- on Jose Pedro Hernandez IV who was born with congenital heart defect that was corrected in surgery:

    (Bernadette Wargo Klemm)Baby boy is out of surgery and is doing well. Thank you all for your kindness and support. Peace, love and light to you all!

  • Check this out! Reiki in the Pediatric Heme-Onc unit by an RN at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin!!!Donna Stelter RN
    I am a Reiki Master and also a Pediatric Oncology Nurse working on a Hematology, Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. I have been a nurse for almost 20 years, my entire career on this Unit. Over the last four years I have tried to start a complementary therapy program for our patients and families and staff. I have some support, but not much. I have offered Reiki with support of my immediate manager and some of our doctors are aware. I have had beautiful responses. Decrease in heart rate, improved sleep, decreased anxiety and fear, improved white blood cell count and over labs important to the immune compromised patient. I am a bed side nurse with gifted healing abilities. Speaking to business people and foundations is not a gift I have developed… Do you have research data to support the miracles you see and experience with your patients. Parents are begging me to get something started and don’t understand why the hospital does not see its importance. Any direction you could lead me would be most appreciated. I am soon to start speaking to people in my community about funding my work. My dream which is manifesting is to leave the bedside nursing and do healing full time. The need it so significant. I love bald kids and I am there warrior!!! Blessings for sharing your knowledge.

    Reiki Doc–let’s help Donna make things happen!!! xoxoxo

    P.S. Does anyone have any experience with the billing codes for RN-Reiki in a medical setting? Does insurance pay?

Divine Healing Codes Update
FIVE new codes came in!
  • 45 88 623 for focus
  • 35 47 375 for urinary tract infection (UTI)
  • 23 42 197 for yeast infection
  • 29 35 531 uterine cancer–endometrial
  • 92 96 144 for cervical cancer
  • 26 51 329 for arthritis– degenerative joint disease (DJD)
Here is the list and the guide to using the Divine Healing Codes–no Reiki Training or other training is needed to use them. The effectiveness goes up with practice in their use. Keep working with them until you get a ‘feel’ for them. They are highly effective to enhance other modes of treatment for ailments, too. It’s not either-or. It’s a win-win.


The Solomon Attunement Key

Please check my YouTube channel, 77Picklehead, or click on the tab above (Archangel Healing Keys) and scroll to the bottom of the first section ‘Archangel Attunements’ to see the video and blog posts (the blog post has the video embedded) or click here

Out of the blue my surgeon did THIS after the procedure! Isn’t this wonderful?
Carla Update
Today was better but still energetically in a ‘rebuild’ mode.  After work I took Ross’ advice, and I went to the beach for an hour. Although the wind was very strong, and chilly, it was good to be in the sand for a little bit.
I drove home on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway).  I enjoy this drive very much, especially now that there’s not too much beach goers to watch out for.
This morning I got called in and interviewed by Supreme Council Leader Ahwanoo (yes that IS his name, he says it’s like Ahwanee with a oo at the end) in front of a bunch of people in my meditation. There were ten questions. I was addressed as Lady g.s. on each one. The simplest answer I gave was ‘no’. The others were longer, and I can’t really recall them. I do recall his asking me ‘Where are you?’. I gave the name of the road, but I wasn’t really sure of the town, and I drive this route OFTEN. He made his point when I saw a ‘Welcome to Laguna Beach’ sign about one minute later. That was the ‘warm up’ question so you get a feel for what it was like.
Afterwards Ross was very excited and happy, and asked, ‘Do you know what you have just done?’
Nope. No clue. I can’t even recall the interview now. Dang amnesia!
Work was uneventful. But there was a real BLESSING! I had two ‘scary letters’–we get them from time to time. For Scary Letter number 1–I called my billing company to tell them I got something form official US Workers Compensation Department Office wanting some address. She had taken care of this for other doctors in my group–all I had to do was FAX it in.
But the best part? When she found out I was working on Thanksgiving, and eating hospital food? She offered to bring me her good Southern cooking, a twenty-minute drive from her home to the hospital!! On Thanksgiving DAY!!! I am still overwhelmed at her kindness.
My family has NEVER offered to do anything like this for me when I have worked (and I have been working Christmases and other Big Holidays since 1996, and only twenty minutes away…)
Just in case you are wondering, Scary letter number 2 is a ‘YOU DIDN”T GIVE ANTIBIOTIC PER SCIP REGULATIONS!’–this translates to ‘Medicare won’t pay for this claim because you didn’t meet their rule’.
I had to go to medical records, and review my anesthesia record.
The nurse in PreOp had given most of it but not charted it, and I was dinged. How could I chart a medication somebody else gave?
Phew! And I was able to ask about some ‘tough’ situations–patient is already ON antibiotics for infection–do we still need to dose within one hour of skin if they are currently on time with their other medicines? you get the picture…
The BEST part of my day is my Christmas gift to myself arrived from the UK. As a bride in the late 1980′s (1988 to be exact) I had always wanted a rimmed soup plate in my pattern. I couldn’t afford it, and my ex said we would never use them. And I have service for twelve! I’ve used that! LOL. And I kept it. So my pattern is Albany by Royal Doulton, and I ordered four from China Matchers.
The second best part is my plan to take a bath with a cool thing I bought at Mitsuwa–mineral blends to match actual Japanese Healing Spa places. I think I will try ‘Forest’ tonight.
Eighties blast from the past by Journey… click here to see the video
I am happy.
There is nothing more I can say than that.
I gave a nice message to you in the video Carla took today at the beach for the Solomon Attunement Key.
I hope it is helpful to you.
I enjoyed making it.
(he bows in gassho)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla