Über Sirian Heaven

I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

Sheldan Nidle Update~10-21-14~

The time comes for many changes to appear. You are to experience events which were thought impossible by most. Governance is to change. Prosperity is to be common. Disclosure is to occur. You are to be transformed into fully conscious beings of Light!.

from PAO ~ Planetary Activation Organization


7 Muluc, 7 Tzec, 11 Ik

Selamat Balik! We come with very good news! The legal aspects of our Earth allies’ programs to defeat the dark cabal are gaining successful inroads. Both the common law courts and the statute courts agree that the present de facto US government is deeply in debt and cannot proclaim a bankruptcy to save its remaining assets. Instead, the US “corporation” and its prime ally, the Federal Reserve Bank, need to deny any assets to their largest creditors and go into a special receivership. This action is shortly to put an end to both entities, which have long masqueraded as legitimate federal institutions. The end to this set of shenanigans is finally to allow our allies to take over the general control of both institutions. As a result of these developments, we expect a number of prosperity programs to fund, and the RV and global currency reset to occur. At the right time, NESARA can be declared, along with a total moratorium on government in the US. We have agreed with our allies as to who is to lead the interim US government and the policies they need to enforce.

It is essential to all concerned that the various travesties, which now engulf Africa, be brought to a safe conclusion. It is equally necessary that those in charge of these calamities be arrested. Once these scalawags are properly isolated, then a new political and economic system can be successfully executed. We have had long talks with our various allies on not only the problems happening in Africa, but also those occurring throughout the newly developing nations. The humanitarian projects are designed to alleviate the present difficulties and allow the best-qualified leaders to pursue projects that can begin to solve and creatively permit success in all fields. Water, sanitation, employment issues, and a whole host of interrelated problems, need to be alleviated. Technologies exist to aid these nations in building a complex and modern infrastructure. Prosperity is more than money. Rather, it represents the ability to finish what colonialism barely began.


Your global societies need to be restructured. Each nation requires enough infrastructure for its population to enjoy a sustainable existence. Not only is humanity suffering, the flora and fauna of Gaia is quickly collapsing and its diversity failing. This cannot be tolerated. Long ago, we went beyond this and saw how vital it is to construct environments that encourage both diversity and the sustenance to continue on effortlessly. Your task is to be a solar system’s guardians. We live as unobtrusively as possible in a sustainable and technological utopia. Here, we monitor and assist the ecology to remain viable and sustainable. We perform spiritual ceremony and rituals, make the necessary alterations and ensure that no species perishes. We consult with the elementals assigned to each species. We are dedicated to see our home worlds remain lush, beautiful and sustainable for all Beings involved in every eco-system, which a home world provides.

Our mission here is thus divided into three parts; the first is nearly complete. That is to provide a realm that has expelled its darkness and is ready to prepare for full consciousness. The second part is to watch over new governance and growing prosperity. At the right moment, we are to land and introduce you to your many mentors. Then, you are to look deep within yourselves and prepare for what the Crystal Light Chamber is to give you, full consciousness. The last stage is the actual transporting of you to your assigned spot in a great number of Crystal Cities. Once there, you are to go with your mentor, and when appropriate, to enter your chamber and initiate a transformational three-day journey. When you emerge, you are to undergo a seven to ten day training, to jumpstart your return to full consciousness. Then you are, in essence, a fully conscious Being. You need to collectively apply your talents and forge both a new galactic society and a new star nation.


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We arrive today with some very blessed news! The dark cabal, which has long been in charge, is finally on the way out. Those associates, who represent the many sacred societies and the ancient families, have reached a point where the dark can no longer sustain its opposition to the Light. These blessed individuals are presently using a number of key legal decisions and proper financial pressures to force the dark to open those financial conduits that they had long blocked. These blessed developments mean that a number of our humanitarian trust monies can now be distributed globally. We intend to instruct our various associates to move forward with those fundings needed to start a number of key prosperity projects. These projects are only the start of what is to follow. We fully intend to use these funds to jumpstart a new financial system for this planet.

This new financial system is now forming. Our associates have assisted a number of nations in creating the financial means to forge new economies, and a system that discourages the fraud and other immoralities all too common across this most sacred orb. This new system aligns with the prosperity which blessed Count Saint Germain is now ready to spread worldwide. This abundance is to end the poverty, starvation, pestilence and wars that characterize the millennia run so wantonly by the dark. You are now to enter a time of rising consciousness and growing awareness of the need to care for this living planet that you so graciously live upon. You need to fully return to your guardianship of Gaia and a daily blessing to Heaven for your life in physicality. You are, my children, to return in grace to full consciousness! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!


Let us look at your future and bless the magnificence of the holy Creator. You are ready now to begin the final steps of a journey that we first began millennia ago. You are awakening and realizing the great abilities that each of you possess. Every day, divine blessings bombards you, enabling you to grow your new and less dense body. Your Spirit is enlivened by what Heaven and her grand servants accomplish. You are building the fundamentals needed for new chakras, and for new, higher energies to flow through you. Take a moment each day and simply thank the universe for your blessings. Heaven loves to be blessed back. It is an energy which the angels can constantly increase. Know this and call upon us to take your blessings and return them with divine thanks. Remember all is Love and all Love is saturated in divine Light!

Today, we carried on with our message! The time comes for many changes to appear. You are to experience events which were thought impossible by most. Governance is to change. Prosperity is to be common. Disclosure is to occur. You are to be transformed into fully conscious beings of Light! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Transcendence of issues arising within and (apparently) without is of primary importance for all Gaia out-lookers

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gaia_energy1Transcendence of issues arising within and (apparently) without is of primary importance for all Gaia out-lookers.

Flairing of Cosmics concurrently with incursions of Cosmics into darker holes of Gaia, creates turbulence at all levels of Gaia consciousness, collectively and individually.

Clandestines are no longer.

Residences of Energies continues the climb, and will continue through the Golden Sun Emergence.

Within and With-out are now the same.

Presence of Higher BEings is now most essential to Gaia ascension purpose.

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Gaia News Brief 22.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Eclipse Edition

My Higher Self woke me up about two minutes before the alarm with this message:  I will give you a beautiful happiness of God…and justice.

As I made breakfast, I asked myself, ‘I wonder if all this is one big lie? Everything I do with Spirit could just seem so far fetched?’

I was guided to make tea instead of coffee. I took some Picadilly Breakfast Yogi Tea. There were only three words on the paper at the end of the string– Truth Is Eternal.


So Much Negativity!!

Two of our hardest working–and soon to be highest paid–colleagues and one more sat in the Doctor’s Lounge as I waited for my surgeon. One would think these financially-motivated types would be ‘out of sync’ with the Higher Realms.

One said, out loud, ‘I wonder what the problem is with (names our ward clerk/receptionist/scheduler who works days)? Every time I go up there I get SO MUCH NEGATIVITY!’ The others nodded in agreement. And the same anesthesiologist gave thanks because there were two rooms to run, not much time for a block, and the OB on call anesthesiologist was available to help.

This one, on OB, said, ‘I bury all my feelings and traumatize myself!’ in some other topic, I forget.

And when I warned them that the electronic anesthesia record is coming to our hospital soon?

I got a loud, and very positive, ‘Will you TEACH US?’

(the receptionist judges this one for changing the schedule, to her favor, sometimes without the consent of the person being changed. The receptionist thinks this is selfish. I know the doctor–this one is very ‘fast’ with ‘juggling changes’ and gets a lot of people saying ‘okay’ to her requests but with them not writing them down and forgetting…you see how the ‘negativity’ piles up? Judge not, and let the one who is meant to Judge do all the judging, and be FREE!)

My Favorite Heart Surgeon
Through my claircognizance I realized there is a very good chance this doc will self-destruct in the near future. There have been two near-misses, and some time off due to health concerns, but no signs of slowing down.
I have known this avid Catholic heart surgeon my whole career. He used to assist my old heart surgeon back where I used to work. We both share a devotion to Our Lady, Mother Mary, whom I call Blessed Mother. We both wore her little brown scapular.
He used to have a practice to do sympathectomies for people with sweaty palms. But then he signed up with this group that has sent one of my senior Chief Residents from training to worker’s comp and disability for psychological harassment, another to retire in Hawaii the minute his last kid graduated from college, and a young fresh surgeon out of Ann Arbor to flat out quit after a meltdown from overwork and under pay.
This is because this team manages the acute care surgery needs at three different hospitals. They work all hours of night and day, and the senior partners get the higher-paying vascular cases. (I actually LOVE both of these partners, both have trained me as a surgeon when I was a resident. And one, actually speaks Aramaic, like they did ‘back in the day’…with you-know-who. I see what they do, and kick the judgement part ‘upstairs’, if you know what I mean.)
I think of it as ‘Old School Practice’, sort of a pyramid system, that takes advantage somewhat of the junior partners…
This surgeon not only is always working, he is chronically late. We didn’t get into the O.R. until eight eighteen for a seven-thirty start case. He complained that because he missed a celebrity speaking event his wife organized with a Top Supermodel Contestant to walked off the show due to refusal to wear something too sleazy–that he was ‘in the doghouse’.  Other themes in the day were, ‘and now I fail again’. He travels to do locus tenens heart surgery in Santa Rosa and in Redding. Also he is medical advisor to a Carmelite nun-run retirement home, he is also a medical reviewer for the California State Medical Board…he is literally burning the candle at both ends.
Today, sensing what I did, the surgical technician spoke up, and asked, ‘When are you going to slow down?’ out of concern for this surgeon’s health.  The tech said, ‘My daughter is all grown up. Those years go by fast. You are going to miss those with your little ones too…’
It fell on deaf ears.
You see, this man who is so dearly loved, does not love himself.
He also is financially behind the eight ball, because his brother-in-law invested for him poorly, and all was lost.
He is a beautiful person who is lulled into this ‘comfort zone’ that is misery, and he accepts it.
Have I ever told him I see Our Lady and have since 1992?
How would he take it?
How would he take the truth about the church?
The long-story short is that this man possibly will need some more time in 3D, no matter how much grace is given toward his awakening. He’s just not ‘ripe’ yet to Ascend…

The Fun Neighbors

I asked someone who is OB-GYN I trained with if she was ready for Halloween? Her husband, also an OB-GYN, loves making the house scary for the neighborhood, and many come just to see it. Well, it turns out the orthopedic surgeon in the Doctor’s Lounge is her neighbor too. And they spoke about a common neighbor who has ‘a very nice house’ and ‘is really fun’ and ‘used to be a quarterback for Harvard’.

This couple, the ‘fun’ couple, throw many parties. They have a wall of wine bottles, that is beautiful, like in a restaurant, and have wine boxes all over the house. The estimate by the OB-GYN neighbor is ten thousand bottles. The ortho guy said, ‘If you drink one bottle a day that’s only three-hundred-sixty-five bottles. That’s a long way from your estimate!’  He also has a friend who designed an app that will read the bar code on each bottle, create a file, and tell you which ones to drink next and with what meal (chicken or beef? etc) to get them at the peak flavor for the wine experience.

The ortho shared how when he golfs with the quarterback neighbor, he is the one who says, ‘It’s time to do a shot!’ on the course and makes sure people have their bets on the game and keeps things ‘lively’.  He is the coordinator for FUN!, he confessed.

My home is not in a gated community.  I enjoy it, but it would not meet ‘nice’ by any standards of my fellow doctors and surgeons. My home is half the square footage of theirs. And I know for a fact the OB-GYN is an amazing decorator because I know people who are happy to get her hand-me-downs in furniture each time she redoes her house!

The long-story short is that these people have ‘played’ the system and come out ‘privileged’ and ENJOY IT! For them, this ‘lifestyle’ is security, it is the reward that was delayed from all that study, education, and training…it is like a secret-hand-shake ‘club’ of affluence in that neighborhood, and they LOVE everything about their lives!  Why change? Why wake up? There is no incentive to do so…

Raising Awareness Outside The Bubble
My junior colleague ate lunch with me. He is a new father. I asked about the baby. He says she is getting more social, and he enjoys it very much. Already she is three months old.
He asked me about baby-proofing. I shared what I knew.
He was surprised I only had one? ‘You were so careful to do everything right with the baby-proofing!’ he blurted out. He wanted to know why I didn’t have more?
I started late, and the father left me. I would have loved to have more.’
‘Well, at least you are getting child support from him, to punish him, for leaving you like that.’
“Actually, I am lucky he is not asking for child support from me.’ I shared.  He was young, and wasn’t ready. He is involved, and even coached the basketball team now.
Long story short is this doctor ‘played by the book’–dating, marriage, children after buying a home and is ‘enjoying’ his ‘due reward’ for being part of the system in his Asian culture. I, on the other hand, fit in to NOTHING of that, and yet, I love and support and enjoy my family too. He had an increase in awareness today, however, his ‘comfort zone’ is secure, and I doubt it will create the desire to ‘awaken and work with Spirit’ any time soon.

This Has Been My Angst The Last Few Days

As Ground Crew, a Star Seed who has been putting forth fearless and tremendous efforts at great sacrifice and personal risk to Help Others, I have been running out of steam.

Even with my most faithful followers, I can’t seem to ‘crack’ the hold that money has on them. I try to lead by example. By giving donations to ‘help’ when times are tough in exceptional situations (I will no longer due this as I have to support my family, by the way, so don’t ask.).  I work very hard, and I also ignore my son to be on the computer as much as I am. Yesterday he told me he ‘hates Sundays’ because we ‘do nothing’ and ‘you are always on the computer’.

So I felt this sadness that Gaia is making this incredible gift, with all of Heaven and the Galactics pulling out the stops–to bring all of the inhabitants of Gaia into the New Age ALIVE and together as one…and people are so entrenched into the Matrix, into Money, into Security, into all the examples I have given…that it just won’t work as fast as I would have preferred it to work. It IS unstoppable. But it might take years upon years for this ‘New Renaissance’ to actually happen.

It is progressing slow enough that I want OUT. I want to go HOME. So do many other Light Workers. I know several who have cut way back on their efforts too.

It’s as if Humanity is refusing the GIFT of Ascension, Awakening, and becoming 5D…and it wounds my very heart, deeply…

So I went to the store. I had to get groceries. It was a short day. And in the produce aisle, selecting good things to eat for my family, I felt joy.

I also felt truth…

No one can hold me back from my own 5D experience–no one can slow down Gaia and her Ascension–no one can ‘hold any other Lightworker BACK’–this is Illusion, the last illusion from the Matrix.

And it is GONE.

I release everyone to their own fate, for their highest good.

The reason I bring this up, is not to complain, but to get to YOU who are working so hard to awaken your loved ones…tirelessly giving of your heart, like me.

Let it go.

Seek your JOY.

Dance your dance. Sing your song…for YOU, and you alone.

If anyone wants to join you, go ahead, and let them dance and sing…

I’m opening my present. I really really wanted it. And when it arrives? I’m making sure they take pictures of it as I pull the ribbons open, and tear the paper, and AWAKEN in 5D with my heart–it’s like a ‘sneak preview’ of the ‘coming attractions’ and I am going to imagine it until it arrives. Even if it takes the next fifty years for it to happen.

(for the record, I am 12 D. I am very high vibration. And I love Nature, which is at least 5D, possibly more…Many of you are higher D than you think. Just enjoy the ride, and let others take care of those who are asleep.)

Reiki Tells What Is Hidden

I went into my patient’s aura today and went, ‘WHOA!’ It was a jumble of very low vibration, which I didn’t expect because of the sweet nature I met in pre-op. I noticed a very rapid metabolism of both the anesthesia and pain meds, which was curious. I mentioned it to the daughter, my concern, for potential under medication, and how the patient would need her as her advocate.

It turns out that the energy and the life habits (which I won’t go into and aren’t horrible or anything) MATCH.

I think it’s just a yellow chakra imbalance in a big way…


Carla grew up today.

She went from ‘hoping for a miracle for all’ to a very realistic approach to the Ascension Process overall.

I have not had the time with her to coach her, or to lead. She has come up with this on her own, independent of me. And I join her in wishing for you to let go of the guilt when it comes to your inability to awaken others around you, especially ones you care about.

It is simple science that has to do with the aura and it’s ability to accept a higher vibration–it comes from habitual thought patterns, character, soul development, and karmic debt.


Just leave it to What Is, and accept your gift.

About the money…what both of us ask if for you to simply make a little smiley face whenever you pay a bill. At the restaurant for sure. If possible, at the register at the store, and if you are really brave about it, on your billing slips when you pay by check in the mail.  We want to raise the vibration of the transaction to allow a little Love and Happiness to enter between you who pay and the one who gets the payment.

This is more important than asking you to give money to a cause.

We want you to release from your shackles. No matter how little or how much you owe, you have a smile and a pen and a hand that can put that smile in ink on where your money is going.

This will break the cycle of perpetual debt, and help to increase abundance into your heart. It will take away the fear of ‘lack’ and bring with it the notion that ‘security’ is (points to the sky) guaranteed! Not by NESARA or by any intervention. It is from your own ability to MANIFEST.

We are priming the pump to get that abundance for you flowing.

Now for those of you who are going to run to your bank account and watch for the numbers, you are going to be sorely disappointed. For money does provide you the means to ‘do what you want’ but is not an end in itself. The more the focus on the money, the less it will flow. The more the focus on your heart’s desire–be it a trip to Italy, or a new house, or a Saturday night date at the movies that isn’t on the couch with microwave popcorn and a remote–the more you align your power to manifest with the energies of the universe to help you.

Sometimes things will arrive because of a gift of a friend who has ‘two extra tickets’ and thought of you, right? You get the picture. The Universe has ways to provide outside the ‘system’–yes?

And the more you help others, the more abundance will flow to you–only if it is without expectation of anything in return, it is heart-centered and balanced, and you really want the other to not suffer from their lack.

This is hard to explain for many. And perhaps this will be something to bookmark and revisit.

Either way, Carla opens her heart for you. Carla loves you. Carla is really unhappy ever since we missed the opening in December 2012. The energies have lagged for her. And she tried with all her might to make up for the difference in the hope of sparking a global awakening–somehow–in some way. Through her tireless efforts we have found you, and we thank you for your open hearts and joining the cause.

We are just about at the tipping point. With a little more effort, things that have been hidden, both for good and for shadow, will come to Light. Only the Light will prevail.

So Ebola, elections, and everything else you see in the news comes a close second to the miracle that is at hand–Gaia’s awakening together with her inhabitants.

You have ring-side seats, the very best view in the house…so keep watching! (smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
Your Reiki Doc family


My Journal October 20, 2014 – Some thoughts about disinformation, sun and unity

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Log Entry Earth Time October 20, 2014, 09:45.05 pm CEST

It is again time for a new update.

Kiba who is still wild and bold learns to behave. Slowly but he does. After biting me in my left wrist that it was bleeding over two weeks ago I followed the advice of a dog trainer. I bought a long leash (2 m) for the house only. Everywhere he goes he has to drag the leash behind him. He is still fast but we can stop him now just in treading on the leash, no more running after him to catch him when he has stolen something or when he chases the cats. This leash is priceless.

20141018_004503He realizes now that he isn’t the Boss here. Since some days he reduces the biting and increases the licking part. Kiba is much kinder now and teething too as he is four and…

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Exploring Options

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf The Creator Writings:

There will be times where you will see your child, a partner, a sibling or loved one making a decision that you feel is an incorrect one.  You will squirm and fuss, you will question their decision, become angry and attempt to convince them that what they are doing is not right for them in the long run.

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Gaia News Brief 21.10.2014 by Reiki Doc

Happy Birthday Uncle Beni

I called. His home number was not in service. His cell phone had someone answer — a woman, ‘Bueno?’…that wasn’t him too. It was the new owner of his old number. I called the phone number of the wife. It was busy. I called back every five minutes for an hour. I gave up and called mom.

She used to call him around eight thirty in the morning. He woke up early. His wife didn’t. The last time they spoke, he told her that compared to this new wife, the old one who slept with all these different guys the six weeks they were married was an ANGEL.

Nana Angelina used to call her ‘Diablo’. Originally this wife was hired to take care of our aging nana, as she had taken care of our grandmother ten years before. This help was especially attentive to nana. But nana, she hated her! We thought it was the dementia, and paranoia. We later learned from a neighbor that this live-in caregiver used to throw parties and lock nana in her room. Well, she also got into a relationship with Uncle Beni, who lived with nana, and the rest is history.

Mom found out from a friend you can call the local police to check up on a loved one to make sure they are still alive. She called. They checked. The couple said, ‘our phone isn’t working right’ to the officer…and mom got word that they do not wish to be contacted by family ever again. This was in February. (Nana died in November, and Uncle and Aunt wanted inheritance. The house was sold to pay for nana’s care in the assisted living place.)

I think my call was blocked. That’s why there was a busy signal. But if you look up at the tab above that says, Archangel Healing Keys–you will find a new Archangel Uriel Attunement Key for Forgiveness. He sent it. And it really helped.

An Education About Education

Some close friends of ours invited us to breakfast. Our kids went to the same school. This year their two are in a different school. The kids seems happy, and I asked how everything is? We invited the family over to our house after breakfast, and this is the discussion:

  • The school has an app to communicate to the parents. I saw every score and homework assignment of each child on the smartphone, as well as messages from the teachers and the school. They get about three emails a day. Here is an example system click here
  • Gone is the need to pack the lunch or give cafeteria money. The children select their meal choices for up to a month in advance, with lunches reasonably priced at around five dollars each. Here is an example of such a service: Lunch options service
  • One mom, who blogs under the name Ubermom–doesn’t even drive the kids to school or practice. She Ubers it, with the pre-paid taxi-like service Uber. The family only has one car! Uber Mom Blog
  • There is a free resource funded by Bill Gates that has ‘turned the classroom around’–children watch the instructional videos at home, and come to school to do ‘homework problems’. The couple–our friends–have their daughter working on math basics on this website-the Khan Academy Here is the TED Talk with Salman Khan if you are curious.
  • This is why the public education system is concerning to many parents:
My friends, one who is a native from Singapore, believe our education system is hindered by the notion that ‘one person can be good at everything’. Her husband was with some friends, one whose wife was a school teacher. They were playing a game of Pictionary. She drew the entire eastern seaboard. He named EVERY state and major city. He was wrong. The answer? Denver, Colorado!  He took the pen and drew a square box in the Rockies with a star in the center on her diagram. He asked her how she couldn’t know that? She said, ‘I don’t teach that subject.’  In Singapore –teachers specialize, just like High School, even for the elementary education.
My father was a school teacher. He taught sixth grade, and also bilingual in L.A. City Schools.
Our future will be in the hands of children today who are educated with Home Schooling, Private Schools, and Public Schools.
I think you should know what it going on in our classrooms today.
Education For Mastery
Mr. Khan teaches the videos for his academy based on not penalizing students for taking risks. You keep trying until you get ten in a row correct, then you move on to the next level of complexity in the subject.
If you ask me, Earth School for spiritual Mastery works this way too…
My Two Cents
When Reverend Pamela of Galactic Connection transitioned, she came once to Steven Meadors in spirit. She was running and said she had little time because she was on a HUGE project, and that she could do more ‘from the other side’ than she could in Life for our victory of Light.
I realized Dolores and Masaru are probably hitting the ground running ‘up there’ so to speak…
Ross has been very distant. That happens when he is busy. I was walking around the neighborhood with a football under my arm, not sure if my boy was coming back to play catch after returning the bike the neighbors had left in our driveway? And Ross stole a kiss! I felt it and it surprised me. I also said, ‘Thank you for the guinea pig’.  Next thing you know, Caleb came back with Jericho (or was it Joshua?) under his arm. I asked this time if I could hold it? I did. And I walked him all the way back to his home, cooing and petting him contentedly, and at the grandmother’s request put him in his cage.
Everyone has their own assignment. Our Twins are busy, and have their own missions, for those of us whose Twins are on ‘Sky Crew’…we have our own work cut out for us on Ground Crew.
Give you Twin some slack. Appreciate them. Whether they are in the same dimension as you or not. It is wonderful to have them, to know them. And the time will come for grand reunions and spending time together. But not until the work to liberate Gaia is complete.
Raise you Vibration. Love Is The Solution For Everything. This will help them in their assignments too. And bring  our grand re-acquainting ourselves together soon as possible our way.
I want to write about Carla.
Carla isn’t happy with life in the third dimension. The more she learns about life in Spirit, the more she wants to go up to her natural vibration and leave the 3D world behind.
Masaru Emoto went up. Dolores Cannon went up. Reverend Pam went up!
Is Carla next?
Unfortunately not. Carla is tied to the vibration of the masses. Her very high frequency counterbalances it. I need her here, stuck in 3D (the energy of the people, not Nature–which is 5D) until the vibration of the ‘average citizen collective’ is ENOUGH.
You are doing your part, both night and day to help her.
I want my Carla safe, and I entrust her to you until the time is ripe for everyone to arrive at the Higher Realms.
You are on your way. Keep at it. Never look back. Look forward…and UP.
Keep your eyes on the prize and your hearts functioning properly–as non-verbal messengers of Light.
Your smiles are very important too, for the cause. I invite you to smile as much as possible, even if it is only to yourself…
That is enough for tonight.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla, Reiki Doc Twins

The Archangel Uriel Attunement Key of Forgiveness by Reiki Doc October 19, 2014

Archangel Uriel woke me up this morning. I have never met him before in my meditations. I asked him what he does, what his healing specialty is?

He said ‘I do a lot of things that are pretty all-encompassing’.

So I got up.

It wasn’t until I tried and tried and tried to call to wish my estranged Uncle a happy birthday with no luck whatsoever, and I asked mom, ‘What’s wrong with Uncle Beni?’ that Uriel came to me with this symbol.

It is like ‘ho’oponopono on steroids’ Uriel says.

Here is the attunement key; use it to work with Uriel on all matters, particularly with love and forgiveness on a soul level.

It’s funny.
As I let go in my heart of Uncle Beni, my favorite Uncle, my son knocked on the kitchen door. He is playing with friends. He said, ‘I have something to show you, mom. Will you come outside?’
It was this:

And in my heart I felt just the same delight as this little girl!

When I was three, my very first pets were guinea pigs at Nana’s house, where Uncle Ben who is seventeen years older than I am also lived. He always made me feel loved and happy to be with him.

I NEVER could pick them up. Every guinea pig I ever met would squeal and run away.

But not Jericho. Our neighbor Caleb wanted me to see his pet, and my son carried it. I was so happy scratching his little head, and I kissed it.

I guess the Uncle goes away, but the guinea pig arrived to soothe my inner child’s heart.

Thank you Archangel Uriel, for this beautiful surprise!

Now I will go toss the football–the boys are waiting outside.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Reiki Doc


Hilarion – October 19 – 25, 2014

Ursprünglich veröffentlicht auf Oracles and Healers:


Beloved ones,

We call upon all lightworkers in the world to hold the vision high of the new Earth made manifest. We ask that you discipline yourselves to not be distracted or sidetracked from your purpose by the created illusions that beset the world during these times. You all have ability to discern what is real and true and to create what you desire to experience and this is where your attention should be focused. Peace is a reality if you can bring this into your own experience. From this, it flows outward into the world around you and has an exponential effect on everyone and everything. The new epoch is being created by your adherence to the highest ideals that you can envision and hold as your focus. The key here is to identify with your divine origins on a daily basis and act as the daughter/son of the…

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