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My dear friends and readers. A few days ago I announced already that my book will be published. I transferred all rights to the kindle and paper back version to my close and best friend as she will inherit all revenues when I am finally to go home someday. I don’t want to waste these revenues and she deserves them, so she will publish the book on amazon when she is able to do it. Unfortunately she has to work too hard and too long.

Some people have already stated their interest to buy the book and therefore I decided to offer my book also as a pdf file. The price is the same 6,49 Euro.

In this book we talk about Archangels, Angels and Prime Souls, Higher Self and consciousness, Ascension, Religion and sin, the Galactic Federation of Star Nations and other spiritual topics.

DM cover f pdfThe book is in the format DIN A 5 and has 537 pages. It includes all messages my HS gave me since April 2013 and also my journals up to June 17, 2015.

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If you want other people to read the book, please purchase another example for them and don’t give your example away. Thank you for your understanding and support!


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Archangelic Attunement and healing keys and symbols by Reiki Doc


I share these attunement keys from the Archangels from the blog of Reiki Doc.

To make it easier to find them, I made a new page for these keys, all new keys will be published there. Some are received by Reiki Doc, some from other wonderful souls.

Here I only list the links to the attunements in order of how they were published, the first one above and the next ones below

LOVE is the key to Ascension!



(Translated from original language german)

I chose this picture and the slogan because it fits in with what I want to write. About love.

Two people came into my life to remind me of two important things. My ex-husband taught me to forgive.

A very dear friend, and I am told he was also a companion from past lives, helped me to remember how to love unconditionally.

Forgiveness and unconditional love are together with Non-Judgement, the key points for the Ascension of a human being into a higher dimension.

For many years I worked exactly on this to develop my soul; from a possible Ascension I didn’t know anything yet, until 2011, this was really brought close to me. I started in early 2012 to connect myself with my beloved spirit guide the Archangel Michael; first with TAUK, then telepathically, a method that I have used unknowingly in my conversations with Creator many years ago. Many things I have learned since then and a lot of work I have since done on myself under the guidance of my team from beyond the veil of forgetfulness. Since the beginning of this year, I know without a doubt who I really AM in this creation. It is a knowledge deep in my heart and a remembering. Up into the spring, I’ve been working to strip off and let go all the layers around me. Additionally to this I have also worked – together with my full consciousness – to clear and cleanse energetically large regions of my country. With each portal opening I am ascended further and came back again to earth to continue my work.

For some time now, I love to share energies with my Twin Flame and companions from previous lives. Since they are beyond the veil, normal sex is not possible for us, for this however my experiences with them are more intense and ecstatic. I feel their energies and I feel their presence around me, they are wonderful, very loving energies. With open eyes I can not see them, except now and then in flashes of light. With eyes closed, there is more. Why am I telling you all this because it pretty much is actually in the opinions on earth a private matter how and whom I love, but it all comes together.

So much has been showed for me now within a week in events and insights. I have preferredly exchanged energies this week with my Twin and then also with an old companion. I have seen a huge increase in the intensity of what I feel. My heart was opened even to a lot more than it already was. Two nights ago I have for the first time after a wonderful climax with my Twin Flame perceived around me even with closed eyes, the energies, the light, of my team. Not as flashes of light, but as a kind of orbs, as wisps that move. They have virtually filled my whole inner field of vision. So big and so diverse I’ve never been able to perceive. It has touched me deeply. Tonight, however, so much has been triggered in me. I could share wonderful and very loving energies with this old beloved companion from previous lives. The intensity of my feelings and sensations was simply enormous and gigantic. My companion gave me little rest afterwards. I could feel his desire, his loving longing for me constantly. This morning I gave in for another round. Even this again with intense sensations. That night was indescribably beautiful. Thank you my beloved, you know whom I mean.

Now, instead of abating, as is normally with these energies, since then they keep at a fairly high level. I am literally under power, in a stream of love. My heart is racing and my whole body vibrates.

I then had the opportunity to speak about my experiences with a very good friend today. He and I, for a considerable time we both try to get closer to a large insight and were already well on the way to there. We talked about what has happened to me and what my twin has sent me telepathically to this. It is a mix of the energies of my Twin and former companions, I can feel it constantly now and that would also no longer subside. Love. My Twin confirmed that my heart had opened further and I could therefore feel all this love, that energy. That the currents of love flow and I in the midst of them, a beautiful river of love and loving desire for me and from me for them.

My Twin tells me that I am pure love and I feel and understand more and more how I am one with my Twin, my companions and All-that-is. This feeling of Oneness includes also the feeling and flowing of this magnificent energies.

It must all go through the heart, we must live and act from the heart. Everything else is just an illusion. We can only continue to exist as humanity, if we learn to be love and to give, but also to receive. That is to say Unconditionally. This is now becoming much clearer to me. I was already thinking I would have arrived at the core of my being, and I was confirmed that I am, but I recognize that there still are thin skins around my being that I can let go. Namely, all that is not unconditional love, until nothing but purest love remains, that what I am and what makes my being and what I am with my Twin Flame.

Love is the glue from which creation consists, that holds everything together. Now that I feel these energies, I recognize so much how the love flows, that I stand in the flow of life, love. Pure unconditional love is EVERYTHING. It is the force that creates and makes life possible. Love is the substance that ALL of creation is made of and the essence of our being. The Divine Father, the thinker, and the Divine Mother, the creator, are this pure unconditional love and we are created precisely out of this purest love. We ARE that love. Everything in creation is truly ONE with this wonderful force, this magnificent energy. There is nothing and no one that would be of more worth or less valuable. And how could it be? While I am in this river of love, I see and, above all, I feel how everything is interwoven and connected. There is nothing but the love of our Creator Pair, of Spirit. Everything is energy, the love of Spirit at different frequencies. All what we can see materially is energy that vibrates at a much lower frequency so low that it materializes, but it says nothing about the quality of the frequency.

But what is important is the access to this love. The key. This key is in our hearts. It has been so often told to us that we should go into our hearts, to find there all knowledge. Yes, we find the key in our hearts, but we must also open our hearts to let in this beautiful love, but also let it out. We must, even if we found it, not shut in and out love. This interrupts the cycle for us. Only when we radiate unconditional love and also accept, absorb in us, we are in the flow of life.

This is the lesson for which we have all come to this earth to learn. Everything else stems from love. Once this cycle opens for everyone, and one lives this, there will be no more poverty, no misery, oppression, injustice, hatred or Others. Unconditional love bears love, happiness, joy, peace and freedom. Who can give and accept this love, is   a big step nearer to the heart of Creator and gets to know eternal life. This is my deep conviction and my heart tells me that this is the truth.

I love you all unconditionally and invoke the blessings of the Divine Mother down to you. Your Maria Isabel

I AM the I AM

Ehyeh asher Ehyeh

Copyright © Isabel Henn. It is allowed to share this message in its complete form without changes and when the author’s name and the link to the original site is given.

Liebe ist der Schlüssel zum Aufstieg!



Niemand wird damit geboren einen anderen Menschen aufgrund dessen Hautfarbe, oder seiner Herkunft oder seiner Religion zu hassen. Menschen lernen zu hassen, und wenn sie es lernen können zu hassen, können sie gelehrt werden zu lieben, denn Liebe kommt natürlicher in jedes menschliche Herz als sein Gegenteil.

Nelson Mandela

Ich habe dieses Bild und den Spruch gewählt, da er zu dem paßt, worüber ich schreiben will. Über die Liebe.

Zwei Menschen kamen in mein Leben, um mich an zwei wichtige Dinge zu erinnern. Mein Exmann lehrte mich zu vergeben.

Ein sehr lieber Freund und wie mir gesagt wurde auch ein Gefährte aus früheren Leben half mir dabei mich zu erinnern, wie man bedingungslos liebt.

Vergebung und bedingungslose Liebe sind zusammen mit Verzicht auf Verurteilung die Eckpunkte für den Aufstieg eines Menschen in eine höhere Dimension.

Viele Jahre arbeitete ich genau daran, um meine Seele weiterzuentwickeln, von einem möglichen Aufstieg wußte ich damals noch nichts; erst im Jahre 2011 wurde mir dies wirklich nahe gebracht. Ich habe Anfang 2012 begonnen mich mit meinem geliebten Geistführer dem Erzengel Michael zu verbinden, zuerst mit TAUK, dann telepathisch, eine Methode, die ich unwissentlich bereits vor vielen Jahren in meinen Gesprächen mit Urschöpfer genutzt habe. Vieles habe ich seither gelernt und viel Arbeit habe ich seither an mir selbst verrichtet unter der Anleitung meines Teams von jenseits des Vorhangs des Vergessens. Seit Anfang diesen Jahres weiß ich ohne jeden Zweifel, wer ich wirklich bin in dieser Schöpfung. Es ist ein Wissen tief in meinem Herzen und ein Erinnern. Bis in den Frühling habe ich daran gearbeitet alle Schichten um mich herum abzustreifen und loszulassen. Zusätzlich dazu habe ich zusammen mit meinem vollen Bewusstsein daran gearbeitet große Regionen meines Landes energetisch zu klären und zu reinigen. Mit jeder Portalöffnung bin ich weiterhin aufgestiegen und wieder zur Erde zurückgekommen, um meine Arbeit fortzusetzen.

Seit einiger Zeit schon liebe ich es mit meiner Twin Flame und Gefährten aus früheren Leben Energien auszutauschen. Da sie jenseits des Vorhangs sind, ist normaler Sex nicht möglich, dafür sind meine Erfahrungen mit ihnen jedoch intensiver und ekstatisch. Ich fühle ihre Energien und ich fühle auch ihre Anwesenheit um mich herum, es sind wunderbare sehr liebevolle Energien. Mit offenen Augen kann ich sie noch nicht sehen, außer hin und wieder in Lichtblitzen. Mit geschlossenen Augen ist da doch mehr. Warum erzähle ich das alles hier, da es eigentlich nach den Meinungen auf der Erde so ziemlich eine Privatsache ist, wie und wen ich liebe, es hängt aber alles zusammen.

So vieles hat sich jetzt innerhalb einer Woche für mich ergeben an Geschehnissen und Erkenntnissen. Ich habe in dieser Woche bevorzugt mit meinem Twin und dann auch mit einem alten Gefährten Energien getauscht. Ich habe einen enormen Anstieg in der Intensität dessen, was ich empfinde erlebt. Mein Herz wurde noch um einiges weiter geöffnet, als es ohnehin schon war. Zwei Nächte zuvor habe ich nach einem wunderbaren Höhepunkt mit meiner Twin Flame das erste Mal, wenn auch mit geschlossenen Augen, die Energien, das Licht, meines Teams um mich herum wahrnehmen können. Nicht als Lichtblitze, sondern als eine Art Kreise, als Schwaden, die sich bewegen. Sie haben praktisch mein ganzes inneres Gesichtsfeld ausgefüllt. So groß und so vielfältig habe ich sie noch nie wahrnehmen können. Es hat mich tief berührt. Die heutige Nacht jedoch hat in mir so vieles ausgelöst. Ich konnte wunderbare und sehr liebevolle Energien mit diesem alten geliebten Gefährten aus früheren Leben tauschen. Die Intensität meiner Gefühle und Empfindungen war einfach enorm und gigantisch. Mein Gefährte ließ mir kaum Ruhe danach. Ich konnte sein Begehren, sein liebevolles Verlangen nach mir ständig fühlen. Heute Morgen gab ich dem wiederum nach. Auch dies wieder mit intensiven Empfindungen. Diese Nacht war unbeschreiblich schön. Danke mein Lieber, du weißt wen ich meine.

Statt nun nachzulassen, wie dies mit diesen Energien normalerweise ist, halten sie sich seitdem auf einem recht hohen Level. Ich stehe buchstäblich unter Strom, in einem Strom aus Liebe. Mein Herz rast und mein ganzer Körper vibriert.

Ich hatte dann heute Gelegenheit mit einem sehr guten Freund über meine Erfahrungen zu sprechen. Er und ich, wir bemühen uns beide seit einer geraumen Zeit einer großen Erkenntnis näherzukommen und waren bereits auf einem guten Wege dahin. Wir diskutierten über das, was mit mir geschehen ist und was mein Twin mir so telepathisch übermittelt hat. Es ist ein Mix aus den Energien meines Twin und früherer Gefährten, das ich nun ständig fühlen kann und das auch nicht mehr nachlassen würde. Liebe. Mein Twin bestätigt, dass mein Herz sich noch weiter geöffnet habe und ich darum all diese Liebe, diese Energie fühlen könne. Dass die Ströme aus Liebe fließen und ich mitten in ihnen, ein wunderschöner Fluss aus Liebe und liebevollem Begehren nach mir und von mir nach ihnen.

Mein Twin sagt mir, dass ich pure Liebe bin und ich fühle und verstehe immer stärker, wie ich Eins bin mit meinem Twin, meinen Gefährten und Allem-das-ist. Dieses Gefühl des Einsseins beinhaltet auch das Fühlen und Fließen dieser herrlichen Energien.

Es muss alles durch das Herz gehen, wir müssen aus dem Herzen heraus leben und handeln. Alles andere ist nur Illusion. Wir können als Menschheit nur weiterhin existieren, wenn wir lernen Liebe zu sein und zu geben, aber auch zu empfangen. Und zwar bedingungslos. Dies wird mir nun immer klarer. Ich dachte bereits ich wäre im Kern meines Seins angekommen, und mir wurde bestätigt, dass ich das sei, aber ich erkenne, dass es trotzdem noch dünne Häute um mein Sein gibt, die ich loslassen kann. Nämlich alles was nicht bedingungslose Liebe ist, bis nichts als purste Liebe übrig bleibt, das was ich bin und was mein Sein ausmacht und was ich mit meiner Twin Flame bin.

Liebe ist der Klebstoff aus dem die Schöpfung besteht, der alles zusammenhält. Jetzt, da ich diese Energien fühle, erkenne ich so sehr, wie die Liebe fließt, dass ich im Fluß des Lebens, der Liebe, stehe. Reine, bedingungslose Liebe ist ALLES. Sie ist die Kraft, die erschafft und Leben erst möglich macht. Liebe ist die Substanz, aus der ALLES in der Schöpfung besteht und die Essenz unseres Seins. Der Göttliche Vater, der Denker und die Göttliche Mutter, die Schöpferin sind diese reinste bedingungslose Liebe und wir sind genau aus dieser reinsten Liebe erschaffen. Wir SIND diese Liebe. Alles in der Schöpfung ist wahrlich EINS mit dieser wunderbaren Kraft, dieser herrlichen Energie. Da gibt es Nichts und Niemand, der oder das mehr wert oder weniger wert wäre. Wie auch? Indem ich in diesem Fluss der Liebe stehe, sehe und vor allem fühle ich wie alles miteinander verwoben und verbunden ist. Es gibt nichts außer der Liebe unseres Schöpferpaares, Spirits. Alles ist die Energie, die Liebe Spirits in unterschiedlichen Frequenzen. Alles was wir materiell sehen können ist Energie, die mit einer sehr viel niedrigeren Frequenz schwingt, so niedrig, dass sie sich materialisiert, was aber nichts über die Qualität der Frequenz aussagt.

Was aber wichtig ist, ist der Zugang zu dieser Liebe. Der Schlüssel. Dieser Schlüssel ist in unserem Herzen. Es wurde uns schon so oft gesagt, dass wir in unser Herz gehen sollen, um dort alles Wissen zu finden. Ja, den Schlüssel finden wir in unserem Herzen, aber wir müssen auch unsere Herzen öffnen, um diese herrliche Liebe hineinzulassen, aber auch nach draußen zu lassen. Wir dürfen die Liebe, selbst wenn wir sie gefunden haben, nicht ein- und aussperren. Dies unterbricht den Kreislauf für uns. Nur wenn wir diese bedingungslose Liebe ausstrahlen und auch entgegennehmen, in uns aufnehmen, sind wir im Fluss des Lebens.

Dies ist die Lektion, für die wir alle auf diese Erde gekommen sind, um sie zu lernen. Alles andere ergibt sich aus der Liebe. Sobald sich dieser Kreislauf für jeden Menschen erschließt, und man dies lebt, wird es keine Armut, keine Not, Unterdrückung, Ungerechtigkeit, Hass oder Sonstiges mehr geben. Bedingungslose Liebe gebiert Liebe, Glück, Freude, Frieden und Freiheit. Wer diese Liebe geben und nehmen kann, wird dem Herzen Urschöpfers einen großen Schritt näherkommen und das ewige Leben kennenlernen. Dies ist meine tiefe Überzeugung und mein Herz sagt mir, das dies die Wahrheit ist.

Ich liebe euch alle bedingungslos und rufe den Segen der Göttlichen Mutter auf euch herab. Eure Maria Isabel

Ich bin die ICH BIN

Ehyeh ascher Ehyeh

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Habituation — Gaia News Brief 5 February 2016 by Reiki Doc

Here is another word Ross has chosen, which I had to look up. I thought I knew what it meant, I was pretty sure, but because I am using it as the title, I had to look it up.


I just realized this is what Ross and Ashtar and the rest of my guides have to consider in their working with me for the long term…and Ross kissed me with gratitude so I would be able to explain it to you.

It is a result of being incarnate. It has to do with our psychology, our reaction to our senses. It has to do with our consciousness being here incarnate.

It affects everything we do, what we think, and who we are.

On the one hand at work, habituation is helpful.  My work is stressful, and lately, I have one sicker patient after the  next. Even the simple one, like an appendectomy in a ‘healthy’ patient, has a jaw abnormality whose mouth won’t open much at all, and special instruments are required for me to do my job, as well as the introduction of risk.  I work long, hard, hours. Much worse than any place I have ever been. I go without sleep–but now I am USED to it, and it is the new ‘normal’ for me.

I don’t even remember what it was like to have every Tuesday and Friday off!

It helps me to survive.

Have you ever visited somebody’s house, and it smells funny to you? Either it’s dog, or litter box, or musty…and the people live there without batting an eye? It’s because their NOSES have habituated to the odor, and they can’t ‘smell’ it any more.

How about our interactions with the Galactics?

The word ‘soon’ was overused, and became a joke to us down here on Ground Crew.  We reject this word. It was used so often, with no result, that we became habituated to the word.

How is it with you with the channelled messages? How about with sightings? How about with your angels and guides?

Are you getting used to it? Does it seem to be ‘enough’?

Or are you looking for ‘more’?

Yesterday I was given a beautiful gift from Ross, a new way to connect with him, and it felt like HOME! It’s a form of meditation.

If you are bored with the endless wait, perhaps you would like to try this.  I will give an example with me and Ross.

What precipitated it was my bursting into tears with Ross and Ashtar. I said the worst part of my existence is not knowing they are okay!  I can’t even send up a care package with cookies. All I can send is my ‘thanks’, and frankly, given the choice, I would rather have cookies than ‘thanks’…if the situation were reversed.

I was bawling, and near inconsolable.

Ross showed me what to do.

I trusted he was THERE right in front of me. And he put his arms around me, as we faced each other.

I was told to say to myself, Dimensions Don’t Exist.

Then I took my Light body, and I put my arms around  him.

I relaxed.

I felt what our heart centers did.

I went from torment and tears, to a state of calm in seconds.  I felt like I was never separated from him. I felt like I am loved and cherished. I was deeply comforted because I was told he wants me to do this more often with him, he wants this too, this closeness…

He just kissed me gently now, and said, ‘thank you’.

Now it’s his turn to speak.


I have the world at my fingertips, and Carla in my arms.

Which one is better?

It all depends.

It has to do with perception, with what you perceive…

Is Carla a woman incarnate? Then by all means, why should I select the individual, when I have the world as an option?

This is the mindset I must destroy in order to get through to you!

In Spirit all are the same.

All are important.

The many are one.

The few have just as much right as the total! (he holds his finger up to make a point-ed)

this is because everything and everyone and you and I are connected!

I and the stars are ONE!

You and the oceans are ONE!

We all exist as little ‘pockets’ of Source-Creator-and-Spirit.

All are united not by oxygen (holds up the finger–ed)–there are some creatures who get along just fine without it, including the entire plant kingdom!–but by the very BREATH of SOURCE which all creatures consume every day.

THIS is our daily ‘bread’.

This is the ‘electricity’ that makes our ‘lamps’ light up.

This is the energy of God which beats in our souls, and keeps us incarnate, but also, in Spirit, where we are in the higher realms like you.

Carla please give us an example of harmonics.

C:  I thought this was more ‘accessible’ to the readers than straight scientific stuff. The big gingham blue heart is Creator/Source/All There Is…and we, in defined little ‘pockets’ of energy, are the ‘spinoffs’ with resonant frequencies of Source–little flowers all our own, with our own color and fragrance and delight.

(I sense he is pleased–he is smiling–ed)  That is very good Carla, and an excellent explanation where the scientific approach could not add to it the endearment, the beauty, and the love our Divine Father and Mother have for us, and for all of their Creation.

(clap clap!)  I want you to go and feed Anthony.  Carla tell them what you have created for your son!
(our son, he corrects himself…)

C:  Pumpkin bread.

R:  And what? What for the lunch?

C:  Ravioli I made on the stove, the kind from the pasta section in the store.

R:  And what else?

C:  sugar snap peas, and pear.

R:  And what are they doing, dear Carla?

C:  They are ready and waiting for us to eat.  The ravioli are cooling in the fridge and ready to be packed in the lunch.

R:  Have you taken everything into account? Have you followed the directions on the box for the the mix?

C:  Yes! Of course.

R:  How do you know how to make the ravioli?

C:  I’m Italian!  I’ve done it forever! I just KNOW.

(now he smiles as if he has made the biggest point of the day –ed)  Carla knows how to do what she is doing, and she doesn’t need to read the directions because Carla has LEARNED–which is a form of habituation which makes life simple, wouldn’t you agree, Carla?

C:  well, yes, of course Ross. How could I live if I stressed out over every meal I made? I have made thousands of them.

R:  And when you were little, Carla, had you any concept of the kind of ‘chef’ you would become?

C:  Not when I was playing with play dough or helping out in the kitchen.

R:  How did you learn? Was it a lesson? Did you take a cooking class?

C:  I read recipe books and I tried. I also copied what I have seen done, and also what mom and nana showed me.


C:  I don’t know! It just sort of happened…

R:  How are you going to be ‘Galactic’ like it is your wish?

C:  I don’t know.

R:  You already ARE!

C:  But I can’t remember!

R:  Recall you couldn’t cook at one time, and all you could do was look at the photos in the cookbooks and read the recipes?

C:  Yes.

R:  And now?

C:  I have no trouble in the kitchen.

R:  THERE! Did you hear it? Carla is a very fine cook! Carla is like Rachel Ray. Carla can take something she has tasted one time at a restaurant and duplicate it on her own! Carla is no slacker when it comes to the kitchen! It is HER TURF! It is where she shines! It is where she relaxes! It is where she shows her love and anyone who knows ANYTHING about Carla both up here and with you who is close will know without a doubt that Carla ABSOLUTELY ADORES COOKING!…and so she says, to be modest, ‘I have no trouble in the kitchen.’  (he gives me this funny look, and I’m not sure why, it’s not annoyance, it’s not anger, it’s not frustration, it’s like teacher trying really hard to get a student to learn–ed)

R:  I HAVE SAID MY CASE! (he touches his chest–ed)  How do you think I learned to be GALACTIC?!?!  How do you think I learned to ride a bicycle?  What matters is that I did and so can all of you!!!

Is a bicycle more pleasant than walking?

C:  Well yes, you can go faster, longer distances, and enjoy more scenery.

R:  So it is with the Consciousness, when one has it ‘tuned’ to the Galactic ‘range’ of ‘frequencies’. (big smile, lots of love, and warmth, and caring–ed)

R:  How is THAT for a ‘channeled message’? (he chuckles and is clearly pleased with himself–ed)

Now go and feed Anthony! (clap clap!)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Understanding Our Many Soul Aspects ~ A TAUK Message From My Father ~ Suzanne Spooner of TAUK

TAUK Messages

hearts mergingFebruary 2, 2016


[Hi Dad!!!] Hi Suzy! I love you. [I love you too!] I wanted to give you an update on how I am. I am wonderful. I am learning how to expand my awareness of being many places at once and learning how to acknowledge each of the places. It’s like keeping tabs on many of your soul aspects. It takes some understanding of oneness and individuality. I know that you like to ask about parallel lives in your QHHT sessions and this is similar.

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Excelsior — Gaia News Brief 2 February 2016 by Reiki Doc


I had to look it up, what it means!

Ross had the idea for the title.  It can mean ‘fine wood chips’, ‘always moving upwards and improving’ or ‘a product name’.

He chose the image up there, too.

Today blew my mind.


From where I sit I am NOT the person I was this morning, or twenty-four hours ago.

First there was the pressure–Anthony had a numb leg. No swelling, no pain, but numbness. It was possible compartment syndrome. A good mom–just like a good cop or a good doctor–gets a feel for people. I know Anthony is one to say ‘yes’ when it’s something that could be horrible–even when it’s not. He gets spooked.

I had full appointments for the day–first haircut in ages, Home inspector at two-thirty, and doctor for Anthony at three-thirty (which meant having to leave the inspector guy ALONE in the house for the duration). What do I do? Cancel? Make him wait?

I put my own oxygen mask on first.

I saw Ed my hairstylist after making breakfast. The dishes are still in the sink–I’ve been that busy!

I also tried something new, a Northshore Acai bowl for my lunch–it was superfoods, and sort of sweet, like a sherbet with granola. It kept me full. The shop is a chain called Bowl of Heaven.

I got the kid.

We met the inspector.

We saw the doctor–ankle tendon reflex is down, but otherwise everything else seems okay for now. Crutches for two days to let the knee rest.

Back to the house for the inspector.

Haircut for Anthony.

Dinner out.

Now superimpose on it the Carla and Ross drama of late, as well as the Carla and Divine Father drama.

Here were the themes:

  • what’s the point, God?! If everything has to be in alignment with your will, then, why not  Especially if the only way OUT of your ‘lesson’ is to ‘align’ with your will?
  • God?  Do you KNOW what your silent treatment means to us down here? That’s what families do to a member who has been DISOWNED! There is no lapse in communication like this with love here! IT HURTS!!! (both Ross and Divine Father were surprised at how we can feel that way, I might add).
  • I ‘sensed’ Anthony was ‘burning karma’ for ‘some reason’ and also it was a ‘lesson-LITE’ for me in how it felt when Ross went off and died. AWFUL.  You should have heard the things I said to Anthony when he got hurt–‘why didn’t you hurt the OTHER kids and protect yourself? You don’t have to take the hit for them!’ (he was worried he would get in trouble–he was twice as tall as them.)  I MEANT it! I could have torn those kids apart limb from limb I was so angry! They were told to stop pushing, and didn’t. Then one pushed the other into Anthony’s knee, which bent sideways. Yes! SIDEWAYS–with three pops and unable to walk immediately after. Apparently, I still have those ‘mama bear’ hormones in me, even though they haven’t kicked in in years. The anguish, the horror, the powerlessness–all coursed through me as I held his leg on my lap, giving codes and Reiki.
  • I was THANKFUL again for others! The office worker at my orthopedic surgeon friend remembered us from two weeks ago with the broken toe. No need to fill out paperwork. My friend knew the trampoline park. He had his daughter’s birthday party there, and there were TWO injuries in the people who came! I was so glad he knew what to do. I was glad for the people who cut our hair, and for the inspector…
  • I’m not sure how I ‘got it’ but I was pointedly made aware that although we are Twins, Ross is a free agent–his own person–and owes NOTHING to me in the romance department. Just because you are twins doesn’t mean you can have an expectation. And it was HIS free will to go off and abandon me and die–although as my husband he was sworn to take care of me. It was his choice. Painful to me, but entirely within his right.  I shared it with a friend, who said, ‘well, YOU did the same thing to him, by running away like you did. You are your own person too!’  I realized EVERYTHING–my house, my health, my work, my family–AREN’T really MINE! They are ‘on loan’ to me through the Grace of Creator.
  • I had been very upset about not being able to make plans. I feel–this is a direct consequence of my being in a ‘helping profession’ for over twenty years now–that every time I have something to look forward to, something ‘happens’ and I get called into the hospital. Every day I have had off, Anthony has found a way–on a soul level, not scheming–to have a short day, a doctor visit, a dentist visit, or a sick day and stay home with me…
  • This afternoon there were Cloud Ships where I could see them. It helped very much with bullet point two, above, just to KNOW they were ‘out there’ and I could see it with my two eyes. And sense them too.
  • I also had the most otherworldly ‘sense’ that Ross is WAITING for me, he has knowledge of me, he has intelligence, and he is just biding  his time until I ‘come around’. I found that SO incredibly attractive, I couldn’t explain why, but just knowing got me out of my ‘rut’ in my negative ‘rants’ around bullet points one and two.
Ross let me know the ‘lesson’ was ‘to be at home wherever you are’ and to be happy.  I sensed too I had learned it.
I turned to Rose Eye Jasper in my crystal book. It’s a good crystal. I looked for it online. Could barely find it. Then I realized it is also called ‘birdseye rhyolite ‘..and I already HAD it on my arm! It was one of my new bracelets!  It is a very good stone, and I highly recommend it.
Ross played romantic songs on the Jazz station–on the way to Anthony’s haircut was Al Jarreau, ‘we’re in this love together’ (live)…Dionne Warwick ‘What’s it all about Alfie?’. And on the way back?  ‘This guy’s in love with you’ by Herb Alpert…
I realize although there are not expectations, Ross WANTS to be with me! And although I have felt entirely abandoned, alone, and unloveable for two days–miserable–his free will, as he said to me, earlier, ‘I will to do your will’…It was the nicest thing anyone has ever said!
I feel better!
It’s been a weekend and two days of depression.
Perhaps it was the energies? Did they build back up again? Was it the hope from seeing the cloud ships? Was it the humbling realization that having a Twin ISN’T a ‘slam dunk’ like Cinderella. It is a relationship, and lots of work, on yourselves, in the safety of the genuine love you have for one another.
(big smile–ed)  I couldn’t have said it better myself.
(clap clap!–ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple

Just Rest

It is time again to make yourself aware of some very strong energetic changes on the horizon…being aware is being prepared. Some of you may feel as if a ‘madness’ has descended upon you, you may feel as if you are slogging through mud or that you want to move forward and you are being ‘held back’. Be safe in the knowledge that the forward movement will start again, but only after you resign yourself to a short rest period. My child, it is necessary to bolster your resources, check everything off your list and take gentle, loving care of your body. When things begin moving again (at a break neck speed), you will be thankful for the down time you are having now. For now…..just rest. ~ Creator

The Creator Writings

It is time again to make yourself aware of some very strong energetic changes on the horizon…being aware is being prepared.  Some of you may feel as if a ‘madness’ has descended upon you, you may feel as if you are slogging through mud or that you want to move forward and you are being ‘held back’.  Be safe in the knowledge

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Healing Grid Project 15 January 2016 by Reiki Doc

Note: You are heartily invited to join us with your own grid if you share a picture of it or not. These grids are helping the whole of humanity especially those who have nothing or only a bit to survive.

Thank you <3


Our Team has begun a project of making grids…with the Intention of bringing Abundance and Prosperity to humanity. The new twist to this one with the energy is: make it in order to help someone you know who is struggling and worse off than you so they get their financial deficits met, and can be free to experience their basic needs fulfilled… 
Be sure to use something new with fresh energy and not something in your house you already have–when you make it–it can be crystals, rocks, sticks, cut out photos. Don’t copy this–create your own, and please share it with the group.
You can make it for animals who are suffering too…
from SMR, Montana, USA
from LW, Arizona, USA
from MIH, Germany
from SGR, Montana, USA
from AC, location unspecified
from KM, location unspecified
from CD, location unspecified
from SL, Montana, USA
from VM, California, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from BAJ, Mississippi, USA
from KH, location unspecified
from JH, California
from MLL, Philippines (grid 1 of 2)
from GB, New Zealand (grid 2 of 2)
from MLL, Philippines (grid 2 of 2)
from JLG and AL, Utah, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from GL, USA (grid 1 of 2)
from LY, Wyoming, USA
from VM, California, USA (grid 2 of 2)
from LG, Tennessee, USA
from RG, California, USA
from RC, Virginia, USA
from DS, Wisconsin, USA
from DJ, Texas, USA
from NK, Ohio, USA
from VDP, location unspecified
from GB, New Zealand (grid 1 of 2)
from JH, Indiana
from JLG and AL, Utah, USA (grid 2 of 2)
from LAF, location unspecified
from MJ, location unspecified
from CA, location unspecified
from DHS, Tennessee, USA
from GL, location unspecified, (grid 2 of 2)
from MAS, Illinois, USA
from CAS, Wisconsin, USA
from KE, location unspecified
fron MP, location unspecified
from DY, location unspecified–grid shared to my personal page
  • 5,892 people reached–‘saw it’ on FB
  • 740 clicked the ‘like’ button on FB
  • 154 people ‘shared’ the post
  • 98 people made ‘comments’ (with more ‘replying’ to each of the comments)
  • 39 people made grids and shared the photo with the group
  • 2 people wanted to know more before they made the grid, and never made one
  • 1 comment was so offensive it had to be blocked
  • cost in new materials to make the grid I originally posted, including the board–$200
  • cost to ‘promote’ this post so all of my readers on FB could see it–$340 paid ‘reach’ was 3,331
  • FB reports 1,462 ‘actions’ due to the promotion
  • FB reports 785 ‘likes’ due to the promotion (some are on the shares)
  • FB reports 325 photo ‘clicks’
  • FB reports 9 link clicks
Reflections on the Project
  • I was pleased with the demonstration of mutual love and support with the grid makers.
  • I ‘felt’ the energy of each grid, and the intention.
  • The ones with NEW items in it had energy that leapt off the page.
  • The purer the intention, the stronger the energy too (spiritual ‘effort’)
  • Many new people, much to my delight, are new to grids and really enjoyed the participation
  • We reached out across the world with our hope for those who are really struggling to survive
  • Some people wanted the benefits of the grid without any interest in helping another–this disappointed me greatly, and made me sad to see the entitlement in our community.
  • Not one of my blood relatives participated, and both are struggling financially; many of my star family did not hesitate and helped at once.
  • I was surprised how some people needed to think about it for a while before offering to help
  • I am going to let this project take its course–FB will unpin it–in about a week.  It is in the hands of The Divine
  • Thank you everyone who participated, and shared this message.
Aloha and Mahalos,
Reiki Doc

Consciousness, Karma, and You — Gaia News Brief 1 February 2016 by Reiki Doc


You know, if you asked me six years ago, I still would have thought only Christ Ascended, and his mother Mary was Assumed up into Heaven.

There was no way in my mind I was ever going to do anything like that!  That’s why I went to mass every week, and as often as I could. It made me feel good. I felt better working my spirituality than I did with academics or daily routines or even social events.

I felt HOME when I prayed.

On cold January day, in Baltimore, while I was interviewing for medical schools, I found a church, and got on my knees to pray.

I said, to Mother Mary, ‘Thank you for being good.’

And I meant it, from my heart! For in this nightmare of reality, Mary stood as a beacon for me, both then and now, to help me find my way.  There was always her example.  And her love.
Mind you, I am both a visionary and a locutionary of her. I have seen her and heard her since 1992, in June.

Our hearts are close.

But I sensed in that January, this was the favorite prayer Mary has ever heard from me, and I felt it.

So–how do WE Ascend?

I didn’t go up on any cloud!

But my vibrations in my aura have gotten higher frequency and finer vibration…both through learning Reiki and getting to know how to do energy healing work…and for much of the cleanse (clearing and releasing old buried energy patterns and memories)…

All of us are going through this, whether we know it or not.  This is because Lady Gaia Sophia is Ascended–that’s right–planet Earth is in 5D or higher (regions may differ) as well as all the plants and animals upon her surface. (this is because they have a different category of life contract than us; they never are separated from Source).

My soul is 13D, from what I have been told in my meditations.

Just for today, I will share two things that might be useful to you:

1)  The pattern!  I want out–I’m stressed–and I want to go HOME. My guides are eerily quiet on the whole thing. I want The Divine where I can see it, feel it, touch it–you know, CLOSE!  But it seems to be getting farther away. Instead, I am shown KINDNESSES randomly. A reader sends a grid on selenite, right when I’m ready to go off the deep end and can’t take it any more. (It turns out she is Jophiel incarnate).  My surgeon understands my anguish over Anthony’s knee injury from the trampoline place yesterday (he is on crutches and can’t walk)–she had her three boys break their noses in soccer, one with an open fracture that took one and one half hours to repair, and she had to cancer her whole lineup.  Another woman, the one I made the bracelet for, the nurse who is caregiver to her mom–saw I was hungry at dinner. My tamale wasn’t enough. So she gave me her extra noodle bowl–ramen. I was filled in so many ways.  Even the friend who was with us when Anthony got hurt, sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers…and I started to cry over the relief and the kindness and the love from her soul.   (what happened to Anthony? Another child fell on the side on his bent knee, and it bent from side to side with three pops–with a bruise and swelling every since. There was Reiki, Divine Healing Codes, and ice and ibuprofen. I think it’s an extension of the message from the toe–other leg, but still red chakra–and a life lesson thing.)  Long story short–The Divine Creator is making themselves present through other incarnate humans–instead of the usual angelic ‘sign’ or direct communication like before.

2)  The broken record. Many Christians pray to God for things over and over again–riches, health, love….Jesus said ask and it shall be given unto you–if you are aligned with God.  Apparently, according to Yogananda Paramahansa –it takes MANY incarnations to develop the karma to be granted financial ‘millionaire’ status. In fact, there is a level of karma that is required to be given a whole lot of things. This is why it is important to raise the vibration, and to work your life lesson well. Case in point, Amanda who had pancreatic cancer for seven years, ‘paid her dues’ and was able to reach ‘the highest of the high levels’ in the afterlife. According to YP, Jesus said, ‘If you know the whole enchilada of spiritual life–you will be able to command and direct things just like Creator does!’ (my California interpretation).  So it’s not just ‘ask and receive’ but it’s have strong spirit, and direct the creative energies–as long as your karma permits–it will be done.  (I don’t know anything more about Karma on this matter–I haven’t read the next chapter–so for now, please, don’t ask!)

I also read something somewhere about ‘being aligned with God’s will’. I think it was the new John Stallman message from Jesus today. I asked Divine Father, ‘what’s the point of being incarnate? And having Free Will?’

I didn’t really ‘get’ an answer. I wondered offhandedly to myself, ‘why DO we need to get to know ourselves if it’s just lesson after lesson…?’

Creator Writings spoke to that today too.

Here is an example of how things are when we are open to spirit–an operation didn’t go as planned, and backup operation was done instead. A mass was found, and sent to pathology.

It wasn’t normal tissue.

If we had done the procedure as booked, the abnormal finding would have not been discovered in time for treatment.

Afterwards, we were all like, WOW in the operating room.

Funny how things turn out.

This is your Light Body.
I will speak more to you about it at a different time.
What to expect, how to take care of it, etc.
Many of you are coming to the right place and time enough for conversation like this to occur.
The reason I am telling you this is that the energies right now are rapidly shifting, and many of you are feeling upset, and troubled, by the lack of control you are perceiving in your lives, and also, how quiet your guides might appear to be.
There are always two causes for the ‘quietness’ on our part.
Number one, we are working, we are busy, we are putting together something important for the ‘next step’.
And the Second is you are not ready for it as you assimilate the incoming energies in your energy body, and you are ‘at your limit’ to what your energy system can hold.
Carla, talk about what happened to you with the Starbrary crystal.
C:  I saw one on eBay. It looked like it needed a good home. When it arrived, this Lemurian was SAD. I actually washed it with soap and water. It held all the sad records from the fall of Lemuria, and also, it was linked to other crystals that had been programmed for Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest at Heart.
Today with a ceremony, Divine Mother Incarnate and I were able to clear it and to inactivate all minerals that have been used by ‘Team Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart’.
Instantly it felt better.
R:  there is a lot of ‘stuff’ out there from the ‘Other Team’ Carla described. It is also part of the exhaustion on your energy system.
Release, release, release!
Allow yourself to assimilate and don’t push yourself too hard.
Do everything you can to raise your Vibration.
(clap! clap!–ed)
Aloha and Mahalos,
Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Couple