Your destiny is closely linked to ours – Adama from Telos through Isabel Henn April 30, 2012

My beloved people of the surface. To most of you we are not yet known. The fact that our beloved Earth is hollow and inhabited is still officially concealed. We are survivors of Lemuria and Atlantis. After their fall we have built a new highly advanced society in Inner Earth. We are related to you, as well as many of you are descendants of the inhabitants of Lemuria and Atlantis. We have observed your development over the millennias, together with our families from the stars.

In recent times we have worked together with surface dwellers to bring the many changes that shall lead to rise your society on the road. Mostly we are on the surface to provide direct support, advice and help. Your destiny is closely linked to ours. If Earth will be destroyed, our both homeland will be destroyed . Gaia was very close to her destruction, but the danger is over, because now many of you are awake and actively work to help Gaia. This is a joint action of you the surface dwellers , us residents of Inner Earth and our brothers and sisters of the Galaxies.

We will soon come in larger quantities onto the surface to help actively and openly  in establishing a new company and the cleaning of Gaia. We look forward to meeting with you together, to get to know you and learn about your experiences in duality. You have already come a long way, on your way to a more sophisticated society and the rise in the 5th Dimension. The last part we will accompany you.

I deliver the love and the greetings of the people of Inner Earth. I am Adama of Telos.

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Euer Schicksal ist mit unserem eng verbunden – Adama von Telos durch Isabel Henn 30.April 2012

Meine geliebten Bewohner der Oberfläche. Den meisten von euch sind wir noch unbekannt. Die Tatsache, daß unsere geliebte Erde innen hohl und bewohnt ist, wird offiziell noch verschwiegen. Wir sind Überlebende von Lemuria und Atlantis. Wir haben nach deren Fall eine neue hochentwickelte Gesellschaft in der Inneren Erde aufgebaut. Wir sind mit euch verwandt, denn auch viele von euch sind Nachkommen der Bewohner von Lemuria und Atlantis. Wir haben eure Entwicklung über all die Jahrtausende beaobachtet, zusammen mit unseren Familien der Sterne.

In der neueren Zeit haben wir mit Bewohnern der Oberfläche zusammen gearbeitet, um die vielen Veränderungen, die eure Gesellschaft zum Aufstieg führen sollen, auf den Weg zu bringen. Vereinzelt sind wir auf der Oberfläche, um direkt zu unterstützen, mit unserem Rat und tatkräftiger Hilfe. Euer Schicksal ist mit unserem eng verbunden. Wird die Erde zerstört, wird unser beider Heimat zerstört. Gaia war sehr nahe an ihrer Vernichtung, aber diese Gefahr ist gebannt, da inzwischen viele von euch aufgewacht sind und aktiv daran arbeiten Gaia zu helfen. Dies ist eine gemeinschaftliche Aktion von euch Bewohnern der Oberfläche, uns Bewohnern der Inneren Erde und unseren Brüdern und Schwestern der Galaxien.

In Kürze werden wir in größerer Menge auf die Oberfläche kommen und aktiv und offen bei der Errichtung einer neuen Gesellschaft und der Reinigung Gaias helfen. Wir freuen uns darauf mit euch zusammen zu treffen, euch kennen zu lernen und über eure Erfahrungen in der Dualität zu lernen. Ihr seid bereits weit gekommen, auf eurem Weg in eine höher entwickelte Gesellschaft und zum Aufstieg in die 5. Dimension. Das letzte Stück werden wir euch begleiten.

Ich überbringe euch die Liebe und die Grüße der Bewohner der Inneren Erde. Ich bin Adama von Telos.

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Declan of the Pleiades: An Ambassador of Peace and His Perspective On Disclosure. By, AuroRa Le. April 30, 2012

I am Declan, a Pleiadian and an Ambassador of Peace with the Galactic Federation of Light.  I am your treasured Brethren, AuroRa, though you have temporarily forgotten me!  At this time,  I function as one of many who operate as cultural liasons, if you will, at this time when we seek to make our presence known to you, in the not-so-distant days to come.   Ours are Light Teams, arriving as scouts with the intention of studying and assessing your changing social climate.  Walking the walk and getting the lay of the land, as you would say.  Being Humonid Pleiadian, we are able to blend in. We are able to adjust our physical vibrations and take the necessary steps which allow us to visit for very short periods – a day or less – and move among the populace unnoticed.  For the most part, our physical appearances are much the same, and this fact alone should speak volumes!  We travel to Earth in order to determine when the timing will be right for the Great Reveal.  Do you feel you are ready?  Do we feel that you are at a place in your development where you can effectively handle both the ups and downs of Disclosure?

Light Teams are everywhere;  in every country, city, cultural and ethnic grouping.  We number in the thousands, and embark from the the fleets of ships which are sheltered by the lovely cloud formations in your skies.  Unseen by Human eyes are also hidden stargates, which enable us to come and go in such a way as to cause no fright nor raise an alarm.  We interact with you in ways that will allow us to thoroughly study your progress, and empathetically experience and address your most pressings thoughts and concerns;  your hopes and dreams for the New Earth.  In this way we may also live the linear experience firsthand.  Many of our teams bring with us Brethren of differing planetary origin, other than Pleiadian, who are possessed of the grand ability to shapeshift their form at will, yet still tolerate the discomforts of the third density.  Such a gift as theirs also allows them to assume the appearance of children and freely move among the Crystalline and Golden ones – as it is they who are to be the cornerstones of the new societies to come.  It is Teams such as these who choose to pass among you as family units.  In a lighter vein, you may look upon us as Galactic tourists, engaged merrily on holiday, partaking of the native fare and soaking up the local color.  After all, Earth was originally deemed The Vacation Planet, was it not?  So, should you happen upon us and know us for who we are, please embrace us as family and share a lively reminiscence or two!

Referring back to the topic of Disclosure, we see those in our ranks, of a decision-making capacity, vacillating back and forth about the timing of such an important step.  This would account for the many “missed” opportunities that have passed by, quiet days with seemingly nothing of note going on.  I can assure you there have been many, the most recent of which occurred this February past.  Trust me when I say that we wholeheartedly desire for Disclosure to occur, and we are closely charting your progress in order to determine when the time for our reunion is right.  The research and findings of the Light Teams will aid in determining the safest time for us to step out of the background and make ourselves known to our families on Earth.  It is far less about what is convenient for us, but more our valid concern about the the panic our sudden appearance could cause, along with the following ensuing chaos. 

Oh, I can see and hear what you’re thinking, AuroRa.  You think, “Tell us what your teams are actually learning about us, Declan.  What do you believe would happen if we had Disclosure right now?”  And I say to you that mankind is close, so very close, but the time is not right today – at this very moment of our conversation.  You must remember that all of humanity is not at the same level of awareness as many of you who are reading these words.  We happily see you embracing your Divinity in an ever-expanding, rapidly ascending manner;  something we find quite remarkable, really.  The planet you live on is a colorful mosaic of differing mores and cultures.  There are certain areas of your the Earth where it’s inhabitants have been ready for Disclosure for quite some time – the indiginous people being an example of this.   And of course  there are all of you, the Lightworker community, who wait with baited breath for us to shed our cloaks and illuminate your skies.  Your faith in us, and infinite patience warms our hearts and is respected by all who know you.  Know also that your chosen roles as ‘awakeners’  is the very thing which brings the day of disclosure closer, and the ascension process to it’s full fruition.  Your tireless diligence is bringing humanity together, and one by one they will all surely come to the light.  We are just as anxious, maybe more so, for our reunion to come about, as from where we sit we can see the whole picture.  However, do not forget that as magnificent and love-filled as our reunion will be, there is also a potentially less attractive flipside. 

Your dear Human Brethren have been blinded and misled for so long that many are unable to discern fact from fiction.  Approach them with compassion and know that it is by no fault of their own.  So many still struggle beneath the weight of crippling dogma, fear, lack, and poor self-worth.  Illusions, all.  They are part and parcel of the web of false matrices which are at this moment being dismantled by you,  piece by piece.  These dear souls cannot remember their own perfection.  They cannot wrap their minds and hearts around even the most remote possibility that what you and I are saying is true.  Very, very soon the mirage will vanish and all they think they have ever known will disintegrate to dust before their eyes.  They will feel betrayed, hurt, embarrrased, foolish for believing a lifetime of untruths.  For some, their pain will cause them to act out in violence and aggression.  They will feel completely justified in this.  Destructive emotions such as these have the potential to spread like a contagious disease, and the very last thing we should ever want is for the shock of our appearance to add fuel to the proverbial fire.  Do know that we are even now doing much to minimize the effects of  the changes taking place upon your planet. But we must tread gently.  We must allow for more to place themselves on the enlightened path.  We must do what is best for all beings of Earth.

The Old Guard is perched at the edge of a precipice which is set to give way at any moment.  It is inevitable.  Your true history is slowly coming to be known.  It is our deepest desire to be by your side at this time, standing hand in hand.  You are our family.  I, Declan, have walked incarnated, as you have, for so many lifetimes.  I waked miles upon the soil of Gaia.  How well I recall the power of Human emotion.  Love and loss, elation and sorrow, comfort and pain, passion and loneliness.  Invaluable lessons, every one.  Indeed, they each serve to make us stronger.  I come forward today to remind you of our kinship and to reassure you that we are here, so close, and in your lives in ways that you might never have imagined.  Stay strong, and be in peace.

Gaia now needs all the love and all the light she can get – The Lord of Sirius through Isabel Henn April 29, 2012

People of Earth, it is a joy to see how you send forth your light on your beautiful planet. Gaia shines afar throughout the universe. She requires, however, much love and light to carry out the cleaning process. Your love, combined with the violet flame helps her to break up thick encrustations of the negative and dense frequencies to run the process as gently as possible for her residents. You can help your mother by your anchoring even more light and love in her and in wrapping her into it simultaneously.

Yes, she is your mother, she has nurtured you for eons and gave shelter and everything you need to live, including the air you breathe. She loves you and has never reclaimed anything. Instead, she endured all the abuse and pollution that have been inflicted on her. It is now onto you, to give that love and patience gratefully back to her. You have been told several times already, how you can do this. Gaia now needs all the love and all the light she can get to carry out the cleaning process without any major disasters, as gently as possible. She loves you, and delays her own ascension as long as possible to give so many of their residents the opportunity to wake up and ascend with her into the fifth Dimension or higher.

I ask you therefore, to support her with your love. As soon as our ships can land open, you will receive our help together with the necessary technologies. Until then, we can only work in the distances. Our ships are already neutralizing chemtrails in your skies and relieving the damage caused by your use of radioactivity. Even the cleaning of your oceans is in progress. That’s all we can do now, because for more we have to work for it openly with you. We are glad to see that the acceptance of our ships in your skies will be larger. We will increase the visibility worldwide obviously, so you can get used to the sight.

I present you the greetings of the Sirian people. I am Edre, the Lord of Sirius.

Thank you Mylord

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Gaia braucht nun alle Liebe und alles Licht, die sie bekommen kann – Der Lord von Sirius durch Isabel Henn 29.April 2012

Menschen der Erde, es ist eine Freude zu sehen, wie Ihr euer Licht auf eurem wunderschönen Planeten aussendet. Gaia erstrahlt weithin sichtbar im ganzen Universum. Sie benötigt jedoch noch viel Liebe und Licht, um den Reinigungsprozeß durchzuführen. Eure Liebe, verbunden mit der violetten Flamme, hilft ihr die Verkrustungen der negativen dichten Frequenzen aufzubrechen und den Prozeß so schonend wie möglich für ihre Bewohner auszuführen. Ihr könnt eurer Mutter dabei helfen, indem Ihr noch mehr Licht und Liebe in ihr verankert und sie gleichzeitig darin einhüllt.

Ja, sie ist eure Mutter, sie hat euch eonenlang genährt und beherbergt und alles für euch bereit gestellt, was Ihr zum Leben benötigt, einschließlich der Luft zum Atmen. Sie liebt euch und hat nie etwas zurückgefordert. Stattdessen hat sie alle Mißhandlungen und Verschmutzungen ertragen, die ihr zugefügt wurden. Es ist nun an euch, diese Liebe und Geduld dankend an sie zurückzugeben. Euch wurde bereits mehrfach mitgeteilt, wie Ihr dies bewerkstelligen könnt. Gaia braucht nun alle Liebe und alles Licht, die sie bekommen kann, um den Reinigungsprozeß ohne große Katastrophen, so sanft wie möglich durchzuführen. Sie liebt euch und zögert ihren eigenen Aufstieg so lange wie möglich hinaus, um so vielen ihrer Bewohner die Möglichkeit zu geben aufzuwachen und zusammen mit ihr in die 5. Dimension oder höher aufzusteigen.

Ich bitte euch daher, sie mit eurer Liebe zu unterstützen. Sobald unsere Schiffe offen landen können, werdet Ihre unsere Hilfe empfangen, zusammen mit den notwendigen Technologien. Bis dahin können wir nur aus den Entfernungen arbeiten. Unsere Schiffe neutralisieren bereits jetzt Chemtrails an eurem Himmel und lindern den Schaden, der durch euren Umgang mit Radioaktivität entsteht. Auch die Reinigung eurer Ozeane ist im Gange. Mehr können wir jedoch derzeit noch nicht tun, da wir dafür offen mit euch arbeiten müssen. Wir sehen mit Freude, daß die Akzeptanz unserer Schiff an eurem Himmel größer wird. Wir werden die Sichtbarkeit noch weltweit deutlich erhöhen, damit Ihr euch an den Anblick gewöhnen könnt.

Ich entbiete euch den Gruß des sirianischen Volkes. Ich bin Edre, der Lord von Sirius.

Danke Mylord

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Unconditional love is all-encompassing – SaLuSa through Isabel Henn April 29, 2012

Today I will talk to you about an important issue. About love. I do not mean romantic love, as you know it, but the unconditional love. All of you and everything else are made of unconditional love. Of the love of Creator. It is no fault in you, or any other flaw. You are all perfect images of Creator who loves you unconditionally and without boundaries. You are God’s expression, fathered, to have experiences. Of whatever kind they may be. For God there is no sin, only experiences. Sin is an invention of your religions, in order to gain power over you and keep it.

Unconditional love accepts what is, without trying to change something. It is generous and asks for nothing in return or recognition. For it there is no enemy or opponents, it just IS, without any conditions. I ask you therefore to send your love to those whom we call Cabale and Illuminati. Beings and people that have oppressed and abused you for thousands of years. They too are children of All-that-is. They are loved by Him as He loves you. They have also played an important role in your awakening process. They have forced you to open your eyes and find your love and your light. Give them your unconditional love, therefore, to help them find the light within themselves, to ignite the spark.

Unconditional love does not mean that you should or can not build a special relationship with your loved ones. We in the higher dimensions have our partners too, our Twin Flames, with whom we have a special relationship, whom we love. For whom we long, when we are not together with them. Just as I yearn for my Twin Flame, who is incarnated on Earth, as a Starseed.

Unconditional love is all-encompassing. And it can move worlds and change universes. As it just happens to you on Earth where more people live and send unconditional love. And let Gaia shine in the brightest light. This is a sight that makes us great joy.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and send you all my love and greetings from the Sirian people. Our nation and the people of Earth are connected kinsmanlike and we stand ready to assist and help you even more when we can land open. I’m looking forward to meeting with you and talk together in direct contact with you. It will not be long until then.

Thank you SaLuSa

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Bedingungslose Liebe ist allumfassend – SaLuSa durch Isabel Henn 29.April 2012

Heute will ich mit euch über ein wichtiges Thema sprechen. Über die Liebe. Ich meine damit nicht die romantische Liebe, wie Ihr sie kennt, sondern die bedingungslose Liebe. Ihr alle und alles was sonst noch ist, seid aus bedingungsloser Liebe gemacht. Aus der Liebe Urschöpfers. Es ist kein Fehler an euch, oder sonst ein Makel. Ihr seid alle vollkommene Ebenbilder Urschöpfers, der euch bedingungslos und grenzenlos liebt. Ihr seid Gottes Ausdruck, gezeugt, Erfahrungen zu machen. Gleich welcher Art sie auch sein mögen. Für Gott gibt es keine Sünde, nur Erfahrungen. Die Sünde ist eine Erfindung eurer Religionen, um Macht über euch zu gewinnen und zu behalten.

Bedingungslose Liebe akzeptiert was ist, ohne etwas ändern zu wollen. Sie ist freigiebig und verlangt nichts als Gegenleistung oder Anerkennung. Für sie gibt es keinen Feind oder Gegner, sie IST einfach, ohne jegliche Bedingungen. Ich bitte euch daher eure Liebe auch zu denen zu senden, die wir Kabale und Illuminati nennen. Wesen und Menschen, die euch seit Jahrtausenden unterdrückt und mißbraucht haben. Auch sie sind Kinder von Allem-was-ist. Sie werden von Ihm genauso geliebt, wie er euch liebt. Sie haben darüber hinaus eine wichtige Rolle in eurem Aufwachprozess gespielt. Sie haben euch dazu gezwungen, die Augen zu öffnen und eure Liebe und euer Licht zu finden. Schenkt ihnen daher eure bedingungslose Liebe, um auch ihnen zu helfen, das Licht in sich selbst zu finden, den Funken zu entzünden.

Bedingungslose Liebe bedeutet nicht, daß Ihr keine besondere Beziehung zu euren Lieben aufbauen sollt oder könnt. Auch wir in den höheren Dimensionen haben unsere Partner, unsere Twin Flames, mit denen wir eine besondere Beziehung führen. Die wir lieben. Nach denen wir uns sehnen, wenn wir nicht mit ihnen zusammen sind. So wie ich mich nach meiner Twin Flame sehne, die auf der Erde inkarniert ist, als Starseed.

Bedingungslose Liebe ist allumfassend und sie kann Welten bewegen und Universen verändern. Wie es gerade bei euch auf der Erde geschieht, wo immer mehr Menschen bedingungslose Liebe leben und aussenden. Und Gaia in hellstem Licht erstrahlen lassen. Dies ist ein Anblick, der uns große Freude bereitet.

Ich bin SaLuSa vom Sirius und sende euch allen meine Liebe und die Grüße des sirianischen Volkes. Unser Volk und die Menschen der Erde sind verwandschaftlich verbunden und wir stehen bereit, euch noch mehr zu unterstützen und zu helfen, sobald wir offen landen können. Ich freue mich darauf, mit euch zusammen zu treffen und in direktem Kontakt sprechen zu können. Es wird nicht mehr lange dauern bis dahin.

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Life in the universe is very diverse – Lady Ifegena from the Dragon Realm through EnnKa, April 28, 2012

People of Earth. With pleasure, we look out of the Dragon realm to Earth and see how everything develops. The darkness fades and the world shines brightly in the universe. Your frequencies are very much higher than they were a decade ago.

Love is spreading over the world and your tolerance for the difference is increasing. Thereby you and we are only different in appearance. Our being, our nature is the same. We are all One with All-That-Is. Lookout, race and appearance are only the expression of individuality. As soon as mankind has understood this correctly once, people of Earth will be peaceful and tolerant towards other Beings and themselves. This will greatly contribute to peace on your beautiful planet. And it will help you to meet with different types of Beings from the universes.

There are many advanced Beings on other planets and stars, who, for you, have a completely foreign appearance. Life in the universe is very diverse. We Dragons also belong to that. We are benevolent Beings who one day will perhaps come back to Gaia to live peacefully with her inhabitants. Until then, we can support you only from afar with our love and our mighty Dragon energies.

I am Lady Ifegena and offer you the love and greetings from the Dragon Realm.

Thank you Lady Ifegena

Das Leben im Universum ist sehr vielfältig – Lady Ifegena aus dem Reich der Drachen durch EnnKa 28.04.2012

Menschen der Erde. Mit Freude schauen wir aus dem Reich der Drachen auf die Erde und sehen wie sich alles entwickelt. Die Dunkelheit schwindet und die Erde erstrahlt hell im Universum. Eure Frequenzen sind schon sehr viel höher als noch vor einer Dekade.

Liebe verbreitet sich über eure Welt und die Toleranz gegenüber der Andersartigkeit nimmt zu. Dabei seid Ihr und sind wir nur im Äußeren anders. Unser Wesen, unsere Natur ist gleich. Wir sind Alle Eins mit Allem-was-ist. Aussehen, Rasse und Erscheinung dienen nur dem Ausdruck der Individualität. Sobald die Menschheit dies erst einmal richtig verstanden hat, werden Menschen der Erde anderen Wesen und sich selbst gegenüber friedlich und tolerant entgegen gehen. Dies wird enorm zum Frieden auf eurem wunderschönen Planeten beitragen. Und es wird euch helfen mit andersartigen Wesen aus den Universen zusammenzutreffen.

Es gibt viele hochentwickelte Wesen auf anderen Planeten und Sternen, die eine für euch vollkommen fremde Erscheinungsform haben. Das Leben im Universum ist sehr vielfältig. Auch wir Drachen gehören dazu. Wir sind euch wohlwollende Wesen, die eines Tages vielleicht zu Gaia zurückkehren werden, um friedlich mit ihren Bewohnern zu leben. Bis dahin können wir euch nur aus der Ferne mit unserer Liebe und unseren mächtigen Drachenenergien unterstützen.

Ich bin Lady Ifegena und entbiete euch die Liebe und Grüße aus dem Reich der Drachen.

Danke Lady Ifegena

Have faith and patience – Jesus through Isabel Henn April 28, 2012

My Beloved. The month is drawing to an end. Many things have happened, albeit behind the scenes. There have been arrests and many changes have come into the final stages and will soon be obvious to all. Have faith and patience. Our allies on Earth are just before the completion of the steps to the huge changes to be visible for all the world. The mass arrests are imminent, to be joined by any restructuring.

I appeal to all light workers to remain calm, and continue to spread your light and love as wonderful as you are doing so far already. It is a pleasure to see how the light is constantly increasing on Earth, and illumine all the dark spots so far. Share your love and your light with your fellow man. You help them to wake up. Light has already won, now it counts, to spread it to the most remote spots on your beautiful planet. With each spark that you ignite in your families, friends or even strangers, you spread the light widely. Explain to them what the changes entail, what they will bring, if you will be asked. And the questions will come, once they see how calm and relaxed you are in the face of all events.

There is nothing to fear. You can celebrate and dream. Dream of a world in peace, prosperity and above all LOVE. You All are love, unconditional love and ONE with the Father. He, the Source and All That Is, loves you beyond measure, just as I love you. You are my beloved brothers and sisters and together with the Angels and Ascended Masters of Earth and the Galaxies, we accompany you through the events and offer our support and help.

Stay confident and in your light and your love. The happy end of a long dark period in duality is at hand. I am your you loving brother Jesus.

Thank you Jesus

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