The Dolphin Collective ~~ The Dark forces of the Earthly Illusion are at their end ~~ 30/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Lovely Ones,

We are the Dolphin Collective and we welcome you through this lovely channeler for we are always pleased to communicate with you. Today it has become quite obvious that immense changes have taken place amongst you. We have been notified from our different correspondents that the changes have now shifted gear, so to speak, on your Earthly timeline. These changes will stir lots of hope in you as you will finally be free, totally free! The Dolphin Collective as well as the emissaries of the whales are thrilled to be informed that the petty games of the Dark Lords have come to an end ; it is now just a matter of time before it will be broadcast publicly.

Never before have we seen the lonesome battle of the Dark been defeated as has now been the case. This really is exceptional to say the least : all is well that ends well. Of course, it is in accordance with the Divine Plan as the Light has always been stronger than the forces of the Dark. And in the end, only Love will be victorious and a beauty She is at that! LOVE! We can ease your heart as we affirm that such dark scenarios will never ever happen again. The Dark has now run its last course and will be fully eliminated so that only pure, useful energies of the Light will remain and take their rightful place amongst you.

You are sources of Love and Light, only presently occupying a physical, 3rd dimensional vehicle that is used to gain experiences in a 3rd dimensional world. The physical body was necessary in order to experience the 3rd Dimensional density to the fullest. After the time of Ascension, your physical vessel will have lost its usefulness and it will be transformed in the Higher Dimensions into a crystalline lightbody containing all your light energies and your expanded consciousness. All your gifts and all the initial functions will be fully reactivated and all memories of past and parallel worlds will return to you. This process of remembrance has already started for many of your Lightworkers even if that is only the tip of the iceberg compared to what you may expect in its totality.

We, the Dolphin Collective, communicate telepathically with one another ; this gift will also be bestowed again upon humanity. No more cell phones or other communication devices will be necessary as all the info that is gathered internally will be shared telepathically amongst you. You won’t need any outside sources anymore ; you won’t need confirmations ; it will all blossom forth from your heart-center as the heart is the place of all truth and all knowledge. It is in the heart and not in the brain ; the latter is merely an operating system for the physical body. Neither is it in your intelligence as has been proclaimed by your experts. You don’t have to pursue a higher education to be intelligent or to be wise. Quite the contrary : knowledge and experience come from the heart.

You are your own Master and your heart is your guide. In fact, everyone is a Master! And every Master has gained his own experiences and knowledge and that’s why we complement each other till we, all of us together, form again the one Source of All That Is. We split off of this Source in trillions of aspects, sent out to gather experiences/knowledge and then to complement each other and to reunite again to this original state of being. This process in itself is eternal and will continue to be repeated only this time “duality” will be out of the picture for good, that is, specifically for the souls who are now on the brink of Ascension. It is done, once and for always! Can you truly understand this, my lovely ones? Something you got used to for several thousands of your Earth years, to now let it go and never to associate with again? You have prepared for this a long time now and many of you are thrilled at this prospect but regretfully there are souls who find it difficult to let go of that duality which has allegedly supported them … even if it is far from loving and comforting.

Make a choice, chose well and pronounce it out loud. If you wish to get assistance in letting go of this last dualistic hold, speak your mind clearly and let there be no misunderstanding that you really want it done and over with. Your star family, your Ascended Masters, the Archangels and we, the Dolphin Collective, will be eager to assist you in this process of releasing all duality. Invoke us or invoke your star family of the Light and assistance will be promptly granted. It all depends on you, it all starts from within you ; you make your stand and you decide that you want to release the duality and you ask for assistance in this. That’s it in a nutshell. Please don’t wait for somebody else to do it for you ; that will amount to nothing at all. As we have said : it all starts from you. We are merely here to assist you not to take over. If you feel that this is the last obstacle to overcome, by all means work on it! Really soon, all that seemed to support you will tumble down effectively now that the dark ones live their last days and each passing day less and less of them remain. From an energetic point of view they have been removed a long time ago ; now the time has come that this will also manifest clearly for your eyes to behold on this Earth plane. Over and Out!

We are the Dolphin Collective and we thank you for sharing this message. We love you!

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☽*☾ The Earth Angels. “We Are The Guardians.” By, AuroRa Le. June 29, 2012

* This message came as quite a surprise to me- and even though it’s a little patchy,  I decided to share it anyway.  The ‘Earth Angels’ indicated that they wish to make themselves known to humanity and to be of help to us during our Ascension. I’m aware that there have always been Earth Angels here.  But from what I understand, this particular band just got here and there are more on the way.  I know I’ll  be hearing more from them, but they indicated that it’s new to communicate this way.  This message is what they gave me so far.  Join me in giving them a loving welcome…

☽ It is our pleasure to make first contact with the Children of the Earth.  Consider this our way of introduction, and we are pleased to present ourselves.  We are those you call the Earth Angels.  A division of the Principalities, we are the Guardians.  We make our way from the heart of the Great Central Sun, and within a fortnight of the first summer moon there shall be more.  By order of  the Divine Dispensation, so this is done.  This is our initial interview with you, as we have newly come to your fair planet. Seldom do we make our presence known, but consider us kind company.

☽ We come in service to Gaia, as her handmaidens and protectors.  It is within our scope of duty to act as escorts for her on her voyage through time and space.  She is destined to remove herself from this lower place, and she shall peacefully ascend past the fifth and then on to the seventh dimension of her being.  She is never alone; our bands are large in number and we are by her side.  Our duty is  to honor the great Angel who makes her home inside the crystal cave at the Earth’s center.  We know you visit her in your times of silence, and it is we who escort you safely there. We hold tight to the chords you spin, thus in turn to anchor yourself onto the web spun round the world. This thing is the grid. The grid is composed of lengthy crystalline structures of frequency.  They are gossamer thin, so they are seldom seen by human eyes.  Allow it’s vision to form in your imagination, then you may see it.  Sometimes you see streaks of brightness cross before your eyes, and this is when you perceive it with the body.  This is your connecting point, because this energy net is the building place of the New Earth.  Much likened to the floor you walk on in your home.  Might it surprise all to know that it is not of the 5th, it is of the 7th?  5th is first and 7th grows from there?  All things are in perpetual forward motion.  Merge as one with the grid and anchor to the 7th, for maximum effectiveness.   A dimension is but a state of existence. It is our greatest pleasure that you do this.  Gaia is most pleased that you take time for her, and so she keeps you well.  A blessing it is. We are most gratified. 

☽ Be conscious of our ways to shield you in your travels.  The cleansing commences and the result of this is an uprooting of long dormant vibrations of ill-intent.  Fear them not.  They are but nuisances, and mischievous, so it is preferable to stay clear.  They cut us wide berth and never shall approach when you are in our good company.  This task of ours is to transmute these things into energies of a more refined nature, and in so doing, we render them harmless. Call upon us whenever you are in need of protection, for we are close and come at a moment’s notice.

☽ Stop timing things.  You are beyond this now.  Time is unreal and you have little need  for that which is not based in reality.  Mad made it.  It is a device for control and suppression, only.  They made time as a means to place you as they wish and constrain your expression of free choice.  Wean from it now.  It no longer serves a purpose.  This is the truth.  The shift is clearly underway.

☽ We are the Principalities.  Guardians of the Peoples’ voice and patrons of the Revolutionaries.  Guides to the keepers of the Earth’s fine lands.  Whilst in the service of Gaia, we are in service to Mankind.  More of you can see us now.  Tiny golden pink orbs of light; a flash, like fireflies in a willow tree.  Please see our coming as a sign of the shifting times.  We are reinforcements for the greater change to come.  May the glory of God be with you always, and in that glory you will find your peace.  Honor the Mother Gaia.  Go to her often.  Partake of her gifts.  Her kind ways.  Be so blessed.  We leave you now.

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 29-June-2012

The hot topic that occupies most of you is the commencement of the arrests so that you are in no doubt that the final days of the cabal have arrived.  Needless to say, it will cause a sensation across the world and the media will have to respond. They will be inundated with calls asking for an explanation, and eventually even those that are conservative will be forced to give the true reasons for what is happening. There will be official announcements in the US, and careful steps taken to ensure that people have the correct understanding of why the arrests are taking place. Doubt will exist until it becomes clear that the actions are in the interests of all people, by providing a scenario whereby they can be released from the hold of the dark Ones. There will be deliberate disinformation circulated by those still under the control of the Illuminati, but we will make it clear that the Military are involved as a back up for those making the arrests. They are not execution squads and will only use weapons if they or the Marshalls are attacked, in the course of their legitimate pursuits.


The first real action now enables the next part of our plans to go forward, unimpeded by interference intended to delay progress. There will be a pressing need to set up a provisional government of representatives that have proved they are trustworthy and honest. Ones who have already been primed of their responsibilities to you the people. So at last our promises to you can be shown to be genuine and your rights will be restored. First things first and when we are satisfied that no further dangers exist, we can go forging ahead with other aspects of our plan.


Do you do not need to rub your eyes as what you see and hear about is really happening, and is the Lightworkers taking charge of your destiny. Even those of you who live outside of the US are part of the plans, and the cleansing will spread across the world. It is after all a plan for everyone who is ready to ascend, but will naturally effect those who have other plans for their future. With freedom comes choice and all of you will ultimately find yourselves exactly where you should be.


In the distance there is of course the long awaited contact with you through disclosure. With everything that is taking place those personnel under oath of secrecy will be released from that responsibility, and free to tell you of their own experiences that support our existence. You know quite a lot already but when it is made public, it will reach those who have not normally followed such matters or in some cases are in a state of disbelief. There is clearly much work to be done to convince people we are not just your friends, but your family. However, we believe that our presence will soon be seen for what it is, and we will be welcomed to land on your precious Earth. We do of course need that contact to establish working groups to be part of the cleansing forces.


All will happen in good time, but it will speed along once we get started as their is much to do in just a few months. We sense that the excitement is growing at the thought of your liberation from the controlling powers, and your lives being lifted up into the Light. The end times for this cycle were planned many eons ago, and in spite of any thoughts to the contrary when you needed help it arrived. Our efforts and that of the Spiritual Hierarchy have guided you to this point in time, and now you are about to seize the wonderful opportunity to ascend. Deep down you always knew that your experiences would end in your return to the higher realms. It is where you came from and where you are entitled to be as Beings of Light. The lower dimensions are home to those who have become embroiled in the darkness that has pulled them down, but they have benefitted from being around you even if they do not yet acknowledge the Light.


Understand that many souls who do not ascend have not necessarily failed to lift themselves up, but have planned their experiences in that way. So do not judge others who follow a different path to you, and allow for them to have the same choices as you have had to map your own destiny. Your freedom may be taken from you at times but it will always be returned by divine right. Remember God and remember Mother Gaia as both are like your parents, they have always been watching you and providing you with help. It has been given even if you have not known the source of it, and now it would be nice for you to acknowledge it and show your gratitude. A loving thought or prayer would bring even more Love and Light back to you, and that is the Law of Attraction working at its highest level.


Dear Ones from here on the going will gradually get easier, and we will be by your side to ensure that having come this far you do not fail at the last moment. Of course there will be physical changes, but as the vibrations lift up the extent of them will not be as severe as some perceived. There is no need for large scale devastation to restore Mother Earth to her pristine condition. Whilst we must allow what needs to be done, we can assist Mother Earth who certainly does not want her activities to cause undue harm to life. With adequate warning people can move out of harms way, and we will be there to help. We must not forget that the Inner Earth Beings are also waiting the call to surface, and they have so much to offer you. They are also your family from many thousands of years ago, and will delight in making contact with you again.


You are of course a mixture of Beings who are related to various Star Civilizations of mainly humanoid origin. These will come to Earth to meet their own and you will have many uplifting meetings with them as old memories return. So you see that you are as much Space Beings as those who many view as different to yourselves. In any event you are all One with the Source so please treat others as yourself and be kind and considerate at all times.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased you are nearing the end of the road of what has been a deep and lasting experience in duality.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Yeshua ~ Abide by the Light ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ June 28, 2012


Greetings all beautiful Beings of the Light! I send you my Love and abiding protection.

These are intricate and delicate times, dear Ones, times of decision of focus. The amount of Light and observance of the Light within you and without will be the tipping point to your journey to Oneness.

This is your moment, dear Ones. How will you play it? Will you choose to focus on absorbing and building on the Light from the great Central Sun and make it your World? Will you use it as building materials for visions and dreams for what you want in your life and your World? Will you start to see yourself as one and the same with Source and All That Is?

The moment of decision has arrived, and it is what you do with it that will determine your future. Are you concentrating on the Light and what you want to do with it? Are you constantly processing it through your Light Bodies, allowing yourselves to become more enlightened each moment?

Pay attention to your thoughts more than ever. Do not be swayed by others’ thoughts and actions. Go into your heart and listen intently to what your Higher Self and Source is telling you. You all have that ability and it will grow and develop the more you use it.

It is time to start using your gifts, your gifts of listening to your True Selves, of tuning into Source, of relying on your abilities to discern what is the Truth on your own; of feeding the collective consciousness with your dreams and visions that are only of Light and Love and Abundance and Freedom.

It is time to let go of any thoughts of regret or revenge for what has gone on in your world of duality. Remember that you set that up to learn and to grow. Take the lessons now and move forward.

Create your new World from the whisperings in your Soul, of your remembrance of a state of Oneness, of Love, of Light and of Abundance, and of full connection with each Soul feeding the wholeness of Source, arising from and giving to it; of pulsing with it; of letting the Light overtake the darkness and seeing it as done.

Live in the World of Light and Love, dear Ones. BE that World of Light and Love, and bathe yourselves in it. Feel us of the Spiritual Realm beside you, enforcing your courage, giving you comfort as you carry on with your visions and dreams and intent for a New Earth that is unequaled in history.

Let the static and interference die down that is of the dying essence of duality and embrace the possibilities and realities you are now creating with your tenacious adherence to what your Soul remembers and wants to live in, and for, again.

My dear Ones, you are embarking on a fast moving train to Ascension. It is imperative that you do and think only what will expand the Light within and around you. Be that ball of Light you are starting to see in your meditations. Expand on it. Be it. Infuse it. Embrace it.

Reach out to others from that place. Reach into your Selves from that place. Be the ball of Light of Oneness, now and forever. Start to allow your experiences with duality to be absorbed by the Light and transmuted by it until they are a distant memory and do not rule your day. Let Love for yourself and others rule your day. Let thoughts of how you can affect others with your Light rule your day. Be absorbed in it.  Abide By The Light, dear Ones!

Put down what you are carrying that distracts you from your purpose. Stay in your Center and breathe. Lightworkers, stand up tall and unwavering now! Hold the space for others to follow, for others to join you. Be at Peace. Be the Peace you wish to see. Do not waiver from it.

My dear beloveds, you have come such a long way, and we of the Company of Heaven do not miss for a second all you have accomplished as well as the struggles you have gone through to get there. Please keep on going. You are almost there.

With all my Love and support, I walk with you on this beautiful journey of your Awakening,

Your loving brother, Yeshua.

Thank you to Yeshua.

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Magatha from Agartha ~~ The Intensity grows ~~ 27/06/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, I Am Magatha of the Agarthan civilization and I welcome you this day. I come forward as many issues are now on the brink of “erupting” due to enormous inner explosions of energies which are in themselves unstoppable and only yearn to manifest. When these magnificent issues have transpired in full, the whole world will be totally amazed as the manifestations involved have the effect of removing the illusions from all of you. Suddenly, time will stop and everything will be turned inside out and upside down. However, the road ahead remains steadfast and visible so that you can remain on your path, leading around the mess and rubbish.

Where the chaos will be most felt is where Mother Earth has suffered the most. Do not think of this as some kind of punishment ; nothing could be further from the truth! It entails merely some sort of cleansing that will take place so that Mother Earth can finish Her Ascension process and, in so doing, guaranteeing you yours. You have heard it many times now that Ascension is imminent but first all the rubbish, all the mess must be cleaned up so to speak. Naturally, I mostly refer to the Dark Lords and their minions. Their petty games are over and only the Truth will prevail! The useless energies will be transmuted and only the Light will remain.

Let this be a point of departure to grasp all that now will come to pass. Even more is still yet to come but at present you have reached the point where all the changes will commence. It is time! The first signals should now become more and more apparent. Although they are still subtle those with eyes to see will see them and open themselves up to them. We, the Agarthans, are ready to join you from the Inner Earth because the physical and profound changes, that will reveal much that was hidden, might be a lot to take in for so many of you. The lightworkers on your world are already in the know and have been for quite some time and they prepared themselves accordingly. However, what’s in store for you imminently is very hard to grasp! Even for those who are prepared. That’s why on many occasions it has been stated not only to prepare but mostly to remain centered. What could be somewhat difficult for the awakened ones could be outright hard for the unawakened ones. That’s the reason that our civilization now comes forward to be of assistance to you.
We have already undergone the Ascension process along with its inherent changes and we have chosen to experience it all yet again but this time together with you, the human race of the 3rd Dimension. We will guide you in YOUR Ascension process to the best of our abilities.
The Agarthans greet you ; we are convinced that the Ascension process for you and for Mother Earth will proceed smoothly. As you are aware, we are tightly connected to Her and we feel what She goes through. You are entitled to know that She is now intensely busy Ascending to Her 5th Dimensional status, leading her rightful path and leaving duality behind for all eternity.

I Am Magatha of Agartha and I thank you for having faith in our civilization. You will hear from us again before long. We are very close and ready to assist.

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URIEL. You Are Worthy Of The Gifts Of Heaven. By, AuroRa Le. June 27, 2012

❖ The road to ascension is fraught with challenges, and for the majority of you it has spanned countless lifetimes of embodiment in human form.  What you once knew as the Karmic Wheel has already stopped spinning, and in it’s place you will find that you are embarking on a journey of a different kind.  This is a journey of healing and reclamation.  One which you embark upon not so much to put to right any prior indiscretions,  but to rediscover and reintegrate all aspects of the Self and to stand in full realization of who and what you truly are.  The trick then becomes to actually be that Self;  to work it into what you do with your time, into your dealings with others, into the words you speak and the level of confidence you have in your own perfection.  Your role in this lifetime has changed drastically in these last months.  Much transformation has taken place, whether you are aware of it or not.  Where once your lesson was simply to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible,  and then return to do it all again-now, in the year of 2012, the game has changed.  The course you are on is no longer one of survival and the reparation of contractual agreements gone awry.  Liken your former self to the hamster on the wheel.  He spins and spins to the point of collapse, getting nowhere and accomplishing little of value.  Over and over again he runs the same course, and he wonders why he makes no progress, despite his hard work.  It is not until he slows down and steps off the wheel that he begins to see his path for what it really was.  He sees that running in the same circles, in the very same formation, day in and day out-all the while paying little mind to what is going on around him-will never garner new and better results.  It dawns on him that it all has been an exercise in futility, and for all this time he has just been playing someone else’s game.  So now I say to you, step off the wheel.  Be bold, and embark instead upon your personal journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.  Let me assure you that you are so much more than what this world has led you to believe.  You are powerful.  Wise.  Invincible.  A holy child of God.  You are each an irreplaceable piece of the Universal Whole, and there is not a one of you who is not worthy of the gifts of heaven. 

❖ You have come through the tests of the Piscean Age with flying colors, but it had a way of dragging you down, am I right?  Rather than taking it as your due, the attainment of life’s basic needs became something of a prize.  More the exception to the rule than your equal rights as citizens of the Earth.  Only on Earth do you  have to fight for your bread and for your shelter.  No other society in the cosmos operates under such sorry principles as “survival of the fittest” and “kill or be killed.”  Understand that this entire way of thinking is backwards.  As a child of the Mother and the Father,  these are your most basic rights.  You deserve to be loved and sheltered and cared for, for these comforts are yours as sovereign beings of the Light .  And yet the clever brainwashing tactics of a mere few have brought a population of billions to it’s knees.  They have told you that you must fight to be worthy, to be considered a success, and you believed them.  You believed that you must compete for what is rightfully yours.  They have told you who to be and where to go and what it is you must attain to be accepted.  The reason it has been such an uphill climb for the vast majority of people has everything to do with the goals  these others set for you and the means by which they told you that you must seek them.  It has absolutely nothing to do with your talents or abilities or worth in the eyes of God.

❖ Because you have been mislead into thinking that the amount of material wealth you attain is a barometer of your worth,  so many of you feel that you have fallen short of of society’s expectations, that you have somehow failed.  You have measured yourself by unattainable and meaningless standards.  Whether you sought fulfillment through professional achievement, romantic conquests, scholarly accolades, physical beauty or the items you purchase, you have found that it never brought you that elusive feeling you were searching for.  These things never make you feel complete.  They do not bring you any closer to God.  Upon closer examination you will notice that each one of these things is based on competetive and exclusionary principles, and on a foundation of judgement.  You may spin your wheels forever in pursuit of these things, Dear friends, but they will never satisfy you.  They will never bring you peace.

❖ True satisfaction lies in the strengthening of your connection to All That Is.  It lies within the core of your being, in the  heartspace, and through the loving connection between yourself and others.  It lies in spiritual growth, compassi0n for all and acceptance of truth.  See before you the way of the New Earth.  Although, in all honesty, I must tell you that this is actually the oldest way of all.  Strive to attain your goals not by the besting of others but by the betterment of the Self.   It is through the realization of your natural connection to the Divine that your manifestational abilities will blossom.  The new way is to create form the heart and not from the ego-mind.  It is done through the understanding that you are already perfect, and you have no need to prove yourself to anyone.  In the 5th dimensional society for which you are headed,  you are known from the outset as the magnificent being that you are.  Nothing is hidden.  Your glory shines bright for all to admire.

❖ Begin right now by stepping down from the wheel and giving close examination to all that you believe to be true.  Choose a direction and visualize a brilliant new world, your 5th dimensional home and give thought to the role you wish to play within it.  Visualize this daily and with great conviction.  Then begin to take those awkward, yet necessary, first steps into making it a reality.  This is the the very definition of ascension.  This is the true meaning of success.  Until I speak with you again, I wish for you a loving and abundant journey. Namaste.

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Update From Sheldan Nidle Plans are Underway for the Removal of the Cabal

4 Imix, 14 Kayab, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return. Much is about to happen on your world! The dark cabalists have refused the eleventh-hour offer made by our Earth allies to surrender and allow an easy and peaceful transition of power. Their refusal has put the ball in our court, and we are now composing our response. Our liaisons have spent the last few days putting together the arrest strategy with those who will be physically carrying it out. We wish to do it in such a way that it does not lead to negative propaganda by those news networks most closely linked to the cabal. We can, if necessary, require that a number of these controlled media sites be properly discredited and shut down. It is also necessary for major government officials in the cabal-led regimes to resign, as it is important to be publicly seen that a legal transfer of power is underway. We have had many preliminary talks with the designated officials and have received positive feedback on this particular option. We intend to apply this option and prepare our caretaker governments to begin the formal transition process.

Once these operations begin, a special group will coordinate the complex transitional phase with our Earth allies. The first requirement is to neutralize any dark-cabal media counterattack. The cabal is now literally fighting for its existence and it cannot tolerate anyone who does not obediently carry out a damaging propaganda campaign in the mainstream media and on the Internet. We are fully prepared for this and have even obtained their campaign plans. Once the government resignations start, the first 72 hours must be handled very carefully. We have briefed those liaisons involved and are ready to shut down a number of cable and network programming sites before they have a chance to air. The cabal has a vast propaganda network and it intends to engage it to the fullest degree. Our job is to prevent this, and to explain fully why it is necessary. We have video evidence in our hands that can be used to show the reasons behind our actions. This is to be a time of crisis that we are fully equipped to handle. It is no easy matter to overthrow and reverse 13 millennia of a planet’s reality!

This phase of the transition is getting more difficult for our Earth allies and we have therefore intervened. Our headquarters for this phase is our main Mothership. The liaison teams assigned to each sector of our Earth allies are now using on-board technologies to monitor the cabal groups and listen in on their verbal and written communiqués as well as telepathically survey the leaders of these dark groups. This is confirming once again how exceptionally devious these leaders can be. But be assured that we are privy to everything they believe, think, and do. In addition, we intend to employ one particular technology that ensures a swift, smooth surrender. We are engaged in this deeper level of intervention because of the need to put this current impediment aside as quickly as possible. Heaven has given us a divine mandate that basically asks us to move this world forward to the point of transformation.

The landing group is now busy working on how and when to land the ‘special’ technicians who are to install technologies such as replicators, communicators, and healing devices. These technologies are mostly operated by the use of telepathy and we need to demonstrate how to restore this ability in your minds, as this will also make it a lot easier for you to interact with us. We see this restoration of one of your natural abilities as your first concrete step on the path to full consciousness. These living Beings (technicians) will also teach you about the various realities that manifest once you begin to use these devices. You could say that this technology transfer signals the moment when you truly commit to your return to full consciousness. Heaven intends to greatly speed up the many things now happening to and within you. It is becoming increasingly apparent that not only has time sped up, but your new consciousness is getting to the point where you need to be moved, shortly after we arrive, to your respective Light Chambers in Inner Earth.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our associates are busy with the aftereffects of the dark cabal’s rejection of the offer to surrender to the Light. In many ways it was expected. We knew that the dark cabal, despite its declared approval of our plans, was in fact intending to launch a series of misinformation campaigns, the purpose of which was to confuse and repudiate those who follow various sources of Internet information concerning the Changes. They were hoping to sow consternation and doubt with an ever-intensifying attack upon the truth. Our associates, too, are well aware of these schemes and are initiating a series of actions that will swiftly remove the dark and its die-hard allies. Our role here is simply to prepare a plan that fulfills the gracious decrees of Heaven and frees you from the millennia-long grip of the dark.

As you well know by now, this plan includes a new global financial system and new governance. All of this is very close to being implemented. Our associates are completing the means to inform you properly and fully about how these plans are to be implemented. We have in place a series of formal announcements that will begin once the dark ones are removed from power around the planet. To do this, we are employing certain techniques that are part of a protocol presented to us by the Agarthans of Inner Earth and their galactic friends. This will smooth the way and permit the arrest phase to begin. Once done, we can proceed with the remainder of the plans that we previously mentioned. Your freedom will shortly be granted and the treasonous plans of the dark disallowed by the Light!

We have been blessing Mother Earth and all her peoples daily. We ask that you join us in this divine activity. You have been doing this mostly at random, and what we now ask is for you to come together and freely choose a time for a wave of blessing intended to each day encircle the globe. Use your wonderful synergy to determine a time for this, and then begin this powerful practice. As you start on this, we will join in with you. This blessing is from all our hearts. Let us use this to bring peace and joy to all. This magnificent energy can unify all of us to manifest a new and sacred Way for Mother Earth! Heaven is giving us a divine plan that frees us from the dark’s reign and returns us to full consciousness. Let us be in praise of the Light and its infinite wonders!

Today, we continued our discussion of what is happening in your reality. Events are now underway that is shortly to alter the very nature of this reality and return you to full consciousness. We are most pleased that we can soon do our part in this. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 27-June-2012

Action is taking place but as you have realized it still does not hit the main Press outlets, but the news will become so important that a point will come when it can no longer be hidden or ignored. Governments like to be in control and have always tried to cover up news about demonstrations or rebellions amongst the people. However, once the media gets hold of the real truth behind what is happening, they will take the side of the people. Naturally there will still be those who take a defensive view of the happenings, fearing that the changes are going to seriously affect them. People do not want to face the idea that they are about to lose their power, or in some cases their ill gotten wealth. No one will escape the financial changes or sharing of wealth, which shall be even greater by the inclusion of Trust Funds set up for this occasion. Be assured that immense planning has gone into ensuring that this immediate period allows for everyone’s needs to be considered. It will take time to cover everything but first the old system must be rid off and a new one put into its place.


At the last moment there are inevitably stumbling blocks, but in the context of the whole mission they will not cause any undue delay. However, the pressure is mounting on those in the front line to get matters completely under way. It does require a lot of co-ordination and although we are mainly in the background we can nevertheless exert our authority to move things along. In fact in certain instances such as the cabals attempted false flag operations, we have been very much at the heart of matters. As always we do encourage you to take the lead as it was never intended that we did your work for you. The reasons are involved with karma, and you are expected to clear up problems created by yourselves. They do in fact go back a very long time during which periods you have met the same conditions throughout many lives.


Certainly you have made much progress since the turn of the century, but even so have had to make a supreme effort to stop the plan of the Illuminati reaching fruition. We have been part of the movement to enlighten people as to the threats against them and their liberty, and it has been very successful. Prior to that time you were being lulled into accepting the changes that were insidiously introduced bit by bit, that were removing your rights brick by brick. Thinking that they were infallible has allowed us to use the arrogance of the dark Ones to turn the tables upon them, and they have been taken unawares.


You should savor the coming times as you claim back your sovereignty, as it is nothing less than you deserve for having been treated as slaves for so long. As individuals it does not matter too much what you may have done in the past, as you came to Earth to experience duality. All of you have had your ups and downs and it is what you are today that really counts. It comes down to having learnt the lessons that you needed to evolve, and you will all know how you stand in that respect. If you consider yourself to be of the Light you are undoubtedly on that path, and are unloading any baggage that you have accumulated. You are beginning to understand your true self, and live up to your desire to be of the Light and you will know better than anyone else how you are doing. Be of good heart, compassionate and loving to all souls and if you are able to do so, you are well on the way to ascending.


Times are approaching when communities may need to come together to assist those who may well be confused by what is about to happen. It will seem as though the world is being turned upside down, and the future uncertain. Some areas may be inconvenienced by shortages due to normal services being restricted. So it is important that you care for each other when the need arises. The problems will only be temporary with no long term difficulties, as we are well prepared and already know where help will be needed. Face the future with cheerful anticipation and help maintain the peace that is essential at this time.


We of the Galactic Federation are so pleased for you that at last you can really see the outworking of all the efforts, that have been put in to bring an end to the restrictions that have blighted your lives. The Controllers are on their way out having been severely restricted in their ability to fund the vast operations they ran. When the banking changes are made that will further reduce their power, and no longer will shady or illegal deals be possible. Dealings that are open and transparent will be the order of the day, and possible because the rogue dealers will have been removed. However, much has come from the top establishment and that also will change with more accountability. You have capable people who know what needs to be done and we will work with them.


Your consciousness levels continue to rise and that is a good sign and your assurance of reaching a level high enough to ascend. The advantage is that you are now less likely to step backwards and it will become easier to keep your focus on the Light. You are getting immense help and the pathway through the final months has more key points to come, that will assist your upliftment. We continue to confirm that in spite of delays, everything proceeds well and we are ready to spring into action at a minutes notice. We are in fact present on Earth in ways that are not immediately apparent, as we have bases that give us useful access to our allies. We can also more easily keep track on certain members of the Illuminati that are trying to avoid having to surrender.


We wish your media would drop their hesitation to report the real news, as if it were carried out honestly it would reach more people who as yet have little idea of what is about to happen. In the meantime we look to you to spread the news where and when possible, and soon we shall arrange that our allies are given a voice that will reach the general public. Communication is very high up on our list and you shall see that a new system will be introduced far superior to what you have now. We want everyone to be able to use it and it will involve the use of free energy.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank you for your ongoing perseverance.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey

The Sea Maiden. “A World Of Faerie, Elves And Merfolk. Dare To Believe.” By, AuroRa Le. June 24, 2012

♥ I greet you with love, AuroRa, as I warmly welcome all souls on planet who wish to hear my words of hope and love.  I am Moreanna, of the Higher Water Realms, and I am so pleased to connect with you on this day of your transition.  Welcome.  At this time I shall speak to you of humankind’s emerging awareness of those who you most commonly refer to as “creatures of legend and myth.”  Take note that in truth, there is very little that is “myth” at all-more likely a long history of negative distortion and denial, all bred from the fears and desires of a few.  Their rapacious need to control, suppress and dominate everyone in their path has deprived of so much.  Instead of preferring to dwell in harmony, they chose instead to manipulate the truth of who we are, and recreated us to be frightful beings of predatory nature.  The characters of nightmares, or of a greedy, weak or grasping nature.  In the case of the Dragon, this gentle warrior was painted as the desecrator of the land and the killer of men.  When in truth, they are loving and protective of the people,  so happy to defend and assist mankind.  Many cultures kept alive the stories of our Realms, passing them on throughout the generations.  Books were written, pretty tales were spun.  Yet even those fell prey, after a time, to the self-serving mnlipulation of the darker ones.  They greatly feared that if you, the people, remembered us as we truly are-beings of goodness and carriers of God’s supreme powers of kindness and abundance-then you in turn would remember yourselves as such.  You would also remember that you are not on this journey alone;  that you are deeply connected to The Divine and are surrounded by millions of unseen helpers.  This simply would not do, not for the barren reality that they set out to create upon this planet.  So then, after a time, you all forgot.  Sweet Gaia plummeted down from 5th-density to become stuck in the thickness of the 3rd, and with that fall went all recollection of a time when her surface was a land of joyful play and peace.  And now, at this time of her ascent, back up to take her rightful place within the higher realms, you are beginning to feel the very first stirrings of recollection.  You are slowly feeling and seeing us in your dreams and meditations, but still you do not embrace us fully.  Millenia of false teaching are not easy to get gone.  This is the result of lifetime after lifetime of strong conditioning.  You have been led to believe in only what is tangibly put before you.  But in your heart of hearts you want desperately to believe.  Your 3rd dimensional brain thinks, how can it be?  It is far too beautiful.  Too rife with magic and wonder.  A world of faerie, elves and merfolk cannot possibly exist alongside of us, in a world like this one.  Yet I beg you, trust my words- it is the world in which you actually do live.  Nobody can make a wish and have it come true, so you think.  Honestly, though, do you truly believe this with your whole heart?  For what is wish-fulfillment, really, if not a fancy way of saying manifestation?

♥ All of Earth’s various Realms are coming together with the merging of the timelines.  The rapid activation of your DNA is resulting in a sharpening of your perceptual abilities, enabling you to pick up on our presence, even if you cannot yet perceive us with your physical eye and ear.  We are nudging you in a telepathic manner.  This contact is of deep importance as we come to assist you with our plethora of gifts.  We have much to offer you in the way of progress, not to mention that each new person who accepts us brings the truth that much closer to the light.  And it is happening.  Look around you at the many channels, not only this one, who are bringing you our messages.  Reports of sightings in lakes and oceans, and unknown creatures washing up on beaches fill your more enlightened outlets of communication.  What of the unexplainable sounds?  Entertainment featuring mankind’s legends and tales of us are all the rage, and albeit the factual incorrectness, our kind are quite pleased in that we see this as a wonderful first step.  These are signs that people are hearing us, whether they are aware of it or not.  Take this as another victory for truth. 

♥ Allow us to re-enter your awareness and become a part of your reality.  Believe in us as more than simply children’s tales.  The Universe is overflowing with life of every imaginable kind, and life which you could not even begin to imagine in your wildest dreams.  Come disclosure time, and with the victory of the truth movements, you will come to see and know us and realize that we are your allies and friends.  Many more of us will then return to take our rightful places here on Earth.  We patiently look forward to your return to complete awareness.  Keep an open mind and a faithful heart.  This is all we ask of you to do.  Dare to believe.  Until my next communication, I wish you great joy in all you do.  I am Moreanna.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Sananda ~ Stay Centered in Your Heart and Your Divinity ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ June 25, 2012

Sananda 6.25.12:

Greetings, fellow Lightworkers! A new era has begun, a new beginning for you; it is only for you to embrace it.  Many things behind the scenes are transpiring. You will be able to feel it if you go into your heart. You do not necessarily need to know all the details, but if you can accept it in your heart, you are well on your way to a new life, a new beginning.

Dear friends, there is so much you still are not aware of and the coming days will reveal more and more to you. Take it in stride and remember to stay centered and in your heart. Whatever is puzzling to you, just run through your heart like it was a decoder device. Allow it to sift through and come to awareness there.

My dear beloved Lightworkers, you don’t even realize as yet the enormity of what you have accomplished. Time will tell, as they say, and it will sink in more. For now, keep leading with your heart and your love for all Beings, including the cabal, for they need it now.

I would like to address some more points to help you in your ascension process. You know by now that you are changing in form quite a bit. The crystalline structure of your bodies is becoming quite settled and prominent. It is causing you to want to eat lighter and purer, and you will notice that fresh, raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes will give you the high-vibrational energy you need.

Purifying your environment will also help you. Staying away from electronics as much as possible, especially cell phones and television, and being in nature as much as possible will nurture your being to the level it needs to rise to. And you know that being as present in the moment as much as you can be is helping you to counteract the dizzying feeling of time marching so fast and furiously.

It may feel at times like you are at the center of a twirling ride you would see at an amusement park.  Stay rooted in the center and watch the world spin until it stabilizes and you have found your bearings. Breathe in the Light fully every moment as if it is the air you breathe, in gulps, if you will, and intend to allow it to reach all cells in your body. We have told you this, but it is very important now.

Just observe the negative sensations and memories and thoughts and notions you are experiencing and allow them to float on out like the waves wash out everything in their wake, out to the sea. In this case, the sea would be the Aura around you and let that transmute everything negative and recycle it out into the atmosphere and cosmic milieu as positive Light, Love and energy.

Pay attention to the creative thoughts you are getting as to what you wish to be participating in as the New Earth takes shape. Pay attention to the visions you have while meditating, of how you want to feel and be. Allow anything to be possible, and create with abandon, dear Ones.

The stage is being set for the Light to be more prominent and sustaining, as the darkness is being removed and transmuted by you with our help in the Spiritual and Galactic Realm. Know that you are so much more able now to participate in loving acts towards yourself and others; see it as the norm, as all the prior situations you have found yourselves in that bring you concern or pain will start to melt away, like a fog that is clearing to reveal beautiful blue skies.

Be prepared for memories to emerge of your True Essence, of who you really are before you donned the cloak of duality and tried out so many roles in so many lives just for your edification and transformation and evolvement, only to find your true glowing Self emerge with so much Divine Love and capabilities.

You are so close, my dear Ones. Please keep yourselves centered in your heart and do not be too concerned with the shake-ups and changes going on around you. See yourself as if at the center of a vortex and ground yourselves into Earth until you feel stable. Nothing besides your Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides your connection with all others in that Divinity is real right now. Nothing besides the Truth that you are One with all Beings here on Earth, and throughout the galaxies, is real right now!

Be prepared for changes, but see it as a return to your True Selves. Stay in peace and calm, as if in the center of a hurricane. The hurricane will not cause any destruction to you if you remain there in the center.

With all my love,

I AM Sananda and I am always at your service.

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