Heavenletter #4266 Your Only Choice, July 30, 2012

God said:

Compassion is understanding. It is not pity. See beyond pity. Pity is a small thing. It contracts your vision. Pity itself is pitiful. It is too small. Pity sees within an encompassed space. It is too narrow. It is isolated. Your vision is to expand. Your consciousness is to expand. You have to see greater than pitiful.

Pity takes a small part of a person’s life and examines it as if under a microscope. Better to take a telescope, beloveds, and see further. It is a pity to pity anyone. Certainly, your attention is not to be squandered on only one aspect of a seeming another when there is so many more dimensions to see.

There is courage to see. There is a Greatness to see. There is far more than the physical to see. No one is limited to his body, his age, or any so-called incapacity.

A human being is always far more than he appears. Appearances are appearances. Better to look at Truth. The Truth is that every human being, no matter in what shape his life is in, is a shining light. He may not know it, yet you, you, My beloveds, have to know it, and it is the shining light that you are to see. No one on Earth lacks this light. The light is easier to see in some than in others, yet you are to seek that light in everyone. No one has to show you his light. You have to see it, for it is there.

Within the person who may trouble you right now, there is a bright light. The person who troubles you is troubled. Please see beyond what you feel as an affront. Do not pity this person. Do not feel sorry for him or her. Raise yourself to a higher perspective. Do not locate the person in a small place. If you feel sorry for someone, even someone who offended you, you are offending. You are seeing him as less than he is. Now, that is an offense.

Never mind an apparent offender for a moment. See yourself in a higher place. When you feel offended, what is that but pity for yourself, for your poor misunderstood unappreciated self? Someone who troubles you does not see your shining light. He has blown your shining light out by his lack of perception. This is the arena you want to get out of. Never mind what another can see or not see. What do you see, beloveds? What do you want to see? How big do you want to see?

Smallness exists in the world as you know it. Smallness comes from a sense of lack of love. You are not to come from lack of love. You are not to come from personal hurt. You are to come from Greatness, for there is Greatness within you. You are far greater than your little sense of personal self. You are mighty. You are mighty in My light, and, therefore, I ask you to get beyond these little piques of offense that bite you.

You are a Great Light. Therefore, nothing is to shade your light or put it out. You are not to squander your light in darkness. Little thoughts are darkness. Please understand that life is not about you. The offending person is not about you. He is about himself. He has poor eye sight, let’s say. That is no reason for you to be near-sighted. He may have astigmatism, but you are not to. You absolutely are not to.

Until you can respond from a higher place of love, there is no justification for your responding at all. Above all, you cannot respond in kind. The one who offends you is frozen in his past. You are not to be frozen. You are to be warm. Until your heart warms up, until you can restore good feeling to yourself, your best course is to be silent. Otherwise, you cause offense to yourself as well as the other. Love, not less than love, is your only choice.

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