HEAVENLETTER # 4266 – 30.7.12 – Your Only Choice




Mitempfinden ist verstehendes Nachvollziehen. Es ist nicht Mitleid haben. Sieh über Mitleid-Haben hinaus. Bemitleiden ist etwas Dürftiges. es zieht deine Sicht zusammen. Bemitleiden selber ist mitleidserregend. Es ist ebenso allzu spärlich. Bemitleiden sieht innen einen umschlossenen Raum. Es ist zu eng. Es ist eingekapselt. Deine Sicht ist es, sich auszudehnen. Deinem Bewusstsein gehört es, sich auszustrecken. Du hast Erhabeneres zu sehen als das Mitleiderregende.


Mitleid nimmt einen schmalen Part des Lebens eines Menschen ein und unterzieht es einer Prüfung, so, als stünde es unter einem Mikroskop. Besser, Geliebte, ihr nehmt ein Teleskop zur Hand und seht weiter. Es ist sehr schade, jemanden zu bemitleiden. Ganz bestimmt ist es eurer Aufmerksamkeit nicht angelegen, auf lediglich einen Aspekt vertan zu werden. Es gibt gehörig mehr zu sehen.


Da ist Kühnheit zum Sehen. Da ist Größe zu sehen. Da ist weitaus mehr als das Physische zum Sehen. Förderlicher ist es einem, die Wahrheit in den Blick zu nehmen. Die Wahrheit lautet, dass ein jedes Menschenseinswesen, einerlei in welcher Gestalt er oder sie sich befindet, ein glänzendes Licht ist. Er mag davon keine Kenntnis haben, dennoch habt ihr, ihr, Meine Geliebten, das zu wissen, und es ist das glänzende Licht, nach dem ihr euch umseht. Niemandem auf der Erde ermangelt dieses Licht. Das Licht ist in Etlichen leichter zu sehen als in Anderen, gleichwohl gilt es dir, jenes Licht in jedermann zu sehen. Niemand hat dir sein Licht zu zeigen. Du hast es zu sehen, denn es ist da.


Inmitten des Menschen, der dir soeben im Augenblick in die Quere kommt, ist ein helles Licht. Der Mensch, der dir Schwierigkeiten macht, ist angefochten. Sieh bitte über das hinaus, was deinem Empfinden nach einen Affront darstellt. Bemitleide diesen Menschen nicht. Es ist nicht angebracht, dass er oder sie dir leidtut. Steige zu einer höheren Perspektive empor. Verorte deine Person nicht von dorther, wem du in deinen Gefühlen, Verstößen ausgesetzt zu sein, dies und das für übel nimmst. Sofern du dich gegenüber dem Angreifenden in Mitleid ergehst, bist du am Kränken. Du siehst ihn als minder, als er ist.


Lasse es mit dem Angreifenden einen Augenblick lang gut sein. Sieh dich selbst an einem höheren Ort. Sobald du dich gekränkt fühlst, was ist das anderes als Selbstmitleid für dich selbst, für dein ärmliches missverstandenes Selbst. Jemand, der dir Schwierigkeiten bereitet, sieht dein glänzendes Licht nicht. Er hat dein leuchtendes Licht durch sein Fehl an Wahrnehmung ausgeblasen. Dies stellt die Arena dar, aus der du gerne herausgelangen mögest. Mache dir nichts daraus, was ein Anderer zu sehen oder nicht zu sehen vermag. Was seht ihr, Geliebte? Was möchtet ihr gerne sehen? Wie Bedeutsames möchtet ihr sehen?


Schmächtigkeit existiert in der Welt, so wie ihr sie kennt. Kleinheit rührt von einem Zuwenig an Liebe her. Es gehört euch nicht, von einer Verknappung von Liebe herzukommen. An euch ist es, nicht von persönlicher Verletzung herzukommen. An euch ist es, von Größe herzukommen, denn inwendig in euch ist Größe. Ihr seid weitaus größer als euer kleiner Sinn des persönlichen Selbst. Ihr seid mächtig. Ihr seid Macht in Meinem Licht, und aus diesem Grunde bitte Ich euch, über jene kleinen Piekser des Gekränktwerdens, die euch jucken, hinaus zu gelangen.


Ihr seid ein großes Licht. Deswegen gehört es nichts, euer Licht zu verdunkeln oder es auszuschalten. Ihr sollt euer Licht in der Dunkelheit vertun. Spärliche Gedanken sind Dunkelheit. Erfasst bitte, dass das Leben nicht um euch geht. Die auf Angriff stehende Person handelt nicht von euch. Es geht ihr um sich selbst. Ihre Sehschärfe ist kümmerlich, lasst Uns das mal so sagen. Für dich existiert kein Grund, kurzsichtig zu sein. Dieser Mensch mag ja eine Hornhautverkrümmung haben, dir, dir aber steht das nicht an. Dir steht das ganz entschieden nicht an.


Solange wie ihr von einem höheren Ort der Liebe her Erwiderungen eingehen könnt, ist für euer Erwidern keine Begründbarkeit auszumachen. Vor allen Dingen seid ihr nicht imstande, auf gleiche Weise zu reagieren. Derjenige, der dich angegriffen hat, ist in der Vergangenheit festgefroren. Du bist nicht eingefroren. Du gehörst warm. So lange bis dein Herz in Schwung kommt, so lange bis du bei dir selber ein gutes Gefühl wiedereinführen kannst, lautet dein günstigster Kurs, still zu sein. Anderenfalls verursachst du an dir selber Verstöße, nicht anders wie an Anderen. Lieben, nicht sich in Wettbewerb begeben, das ist deine einzige Wahloption.

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 30-July-2012

Thank you SaLuSa for the confirmation of the divine deadline on Saturday the 4th. of August. So let us see all the lightships in London and around the world. And listen to the announcements of your presence in our skies. Can’t wait for it. And I am not alone with that.

Dear Ones as you are learning from a number of sources, the point has been reached when Divine instructions have been given that action shall be taken without delay to announce our presence. We have shown extreme patience and given your leaders plenty of opportunity to take the steps called for to release you from the control of the Illuminati. We know that they too are also  like many people in fear of them, but that has to be put aside to allow the truth to come out. The Olympics is the window that is being given world attention, and we cannot think of a better way to make it known. Time is fast running away and we must be given the opportunity to make ourselves known to you.


Some will still choose to disbelieve our messages, but that is their free choice which we honor. However, there is the important matter of Ascension and much to do in these final days, and we cannot wait any longer. Our allies have gone as far as can be reasonably expected, and they need complete freedom to go surging ahead with their final responsibilities. So very shortly the clearing up process will be able to proceed without further hindrance from the dark Ones. Your lives are to some extent to be turned upside down, although many people are already prepared for it. We hope that some leaders will heed our request and not wait until we are forced to intervene, but if we have to we are fully ready.


The coming period will show those who are of the Light, as they will be able to step forward with our blessing and take the reins from those who are not. We want to stop all actions that are happening or proposed, that are purposefully directed at you the people to limit what little freedom you have left. You do have good souls of the Light that are here at this time to handle such matters. Hitherto you have had too may people in high places that have become corrupt, and do not know who you can trust. That must change and we are the ones to help you, as we know exactly what level of Light people are at and whether they are honest and proven to have the interest of others at heart.


We know you have had your share of disappointments over many years, when your expectations have for different reasons been dashed. However, we are empowered by God and we see no reason why the great spectacle of the Olympics, should not be a show window for the announcements of our existence and our coming part in your evolution. The end of this cycle is in itself an historic occasion that will be a long spoken about through this Universe. As we have often told you, it is a unique event of your Ascension with Mother Earth. Upon your assured success rests the future of the whole Universe, and many civilisations look on with awe and wonder at your coming Ascension.


Although you have been preparing yourselves for this time, we know it will take your breath away as it is massive process of world wide extent. In one way or another every single soul is involved and provided for. Where God is concerned there are no mistakes but only perfection, so you may be certain that the outcome will place everyone where they are intended to be. You have had a long journey that has led you to where you are today, and your future will be a continuation of it in the next phase of your evolution. Do not worry exactly what that will mean where you are concerned, as in time you will be told. Be assured that many spiritual Beings share your journey and know you better than you know yourself, and you will progress in a manner that is exactly right for you.


Lightworkers can prepare to take some responsibility for making sure people around them are calm and not fearful about what is happening. We cannot cover it all in just a few days but will soon have the freedom and facilities to address you directly. We do not use your methods that are to us antiquated, and ours are such that no remaining members who oppose us will be able to prevent our communications to you. We know you well and have many recorded addresses that are precise and capable of relaying details to you that you will understand. We feel as excited as you do at the prospect of at last of meeting you, but first things first and the acknowledgement of our existence is most important.


That will allow us to be identified with the many ways that we have helped your civilization already, as much of our work has been carried out without any publicity. It goes back thousands of years when you have incarnated into your various lives in the many Races that exist on your Earth. It has all been part of your experiences that have enabled you to grow spiritually, in your understanding on your way back to the higher dimensions from whence you came. Bear in mind that you volunteered for your Earth lives, that have given you so many opportunities to find out about duality. You are all the greater for it and as you might say, earnt your spurs and done so in great style. You will not have to re-live those experiences unless for some reason you desire to do so.


You have yet to fully understand the function of the different time lines, and many different dimensions but all in good time when it will be of value to you. We will however tell you that everything that ever was still exists at some level, which is why you can go back in time and re-live your past lives. Of course you can also travel into the future and see all probabilities. It is what many seers have used to predict the future, but it is of course open to change. It is why you are best advised not to hold onto old prophesies too strongly, as time can change the outcome of events. An example of that is your present time which will in no way be as catastrophic as was first anticipated. You have lifted yourselves and Mother Earth up, and the Light has grown so much it has paved the way for much more peaceful changes than were thought possible.


I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and many of you will know already that this coming week is one that is a last chance for your leaders to respond to our demands. If we are ignored yet again, we shall go forward ourselves, and make ourselves known in such a way that our presence can no longer be ignored or hidden. Yes, we have the deadline Saturday the 4th. of August in mind and no longer, before we take matters into our own hands.


Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

Silent Winds of Change

Sometimes due to all the inner work we do, we feel we have a clear guidance on the proper path to solving a problem we are working through.

Not always.

One particular problem was a family one that we were working through.  My daughters and I thought we knew best and were adamant that my wife was wrong.  The turmoil this caused throughout the house was terrible.  I was sure I was correct.  I asked for guidance and got it.

But, the answer from the guidance was that I was wrong.  What?  I follow my guidance how could I have been wrong?  I don’t know.  I would typically say it was from ego but this time it just seems that I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture and opening up to the answer being given to me from my wife. 🙂

The path she suggested, we have taken and everything is wonderful related to it.  I felt…

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ARCHANGEL HANIEL. “You Are Tough As Diamonds.” By, AuroRa Le. July 29, 2012.

♢ This is the time you have been waiting for.  Do you feel the shift in vibration;  the excitement, the anticipation?  Despite failed attempt after failed attempt, the darkness is, by it’s very nature, unable to to overtake the light.  A spiral of hope has risen up from the ashes, and like the  unstoppable tornado of love that it is, it makes it’s way across the land.  It is powerful and moves quite swiftly, leaving no person, animal, social more or institution unaffected.  It lays waste to everything  unhealthy, and levels all that is not harmonious with The Light.  To our watching eyes it vivid and golden, and it emanates from the deepest inner core of those with a knowing heart.  We mean you, Dear Souls.  You are of a wise and knowing heart.  You are comprised of pure love.  You are the ones who are unable to be mislead by false promises and trivialities. Your faith is unshakeable.  And yes, it is perfectly natural for that faith to waver slightly from time to time.  Do not distress yourselves when that happens.  We expect this of you while you are still so heavily enmeshed in the lower vibrations of your current human condition.   But it is through your faith that you shall prevail and be triumphant, and it is by your hand that God’s Will shall be made physically manifest upon the planet.  Your power.  Your faith.  Your perseverance in the face of adversity, and your belief that there is nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.  What shining stars you are!   We liken the whole of you to a treasure trove of pretty jewels, for that is how you appear to be, in our eyes.  You are tough as diamonds, smooth as pearls, expertly cut gems of all shapes and colors, golden coins that never tarnish.  We humbly honor you for being who you are.

♢ It matters not at all that there are so many of you, to this day, who are as yet unawakened.  Try not to allow this to sway your resolve, or to make you think that all your work has been for naught.  Nothing could be farther from the truth, I assure you.  These are the precious last days of duality.  You are living them now, and it is best you take it all in as though a type of living history.  I call it “precious” because later on you will be called upon to recount for others this time in which you now find yourselves.  Fancy yourselves to be explorers and historians, as that will lend a spot of fun to this time of waiting.  We have told AuroRa/Bella that she will be summoned, upon completion of her assignment, to present herself before the High Council.  She must speak of her experience, and share her personal impressions of what she saw and felt, and will be permitted to retain and teach to others the arts and traditions she found most pleasing. 

♢ Not everything in your culture is to be filtered out once you enter into a 5th-dimesional state.  There is much which is beautiful and enriching about the way you live.  A very important-and in my opinion, often overlooked-part of the creation of your New Earth reality is in the choosing of which pleasurable aspects you will pack up and bring with you from this one.  We frequently catch you thinking that this is just a dull waiting time, yet you are mistaken.  You thought this period of waiting to be wrought with boredom, but boredom is dangerous, please remember.  So now I assign you tasks that may serve to alleviate that boredom, and which will keep you busier than ever.  More things  to wonder about.  You see, every moment you are here breathing the air is another moment where you may learn, and prepare for what is to come.  Engage your time wisely, for even the ordinary concept of  linear counting has the potential to be gone in just the blink of an eye.  It is interesting to ponder this, don’t you think?  However will you explain “time” to those who have never experienced it?

♢ Light is light, and darkness is simply the absence thereof.   That is all.  Nothing more and nothing less.  Truth be told, darkness does not really exist at all.  You’ve been told over and over again that darkness is but the absence of the light.  It waits patiently for you to come and shine yourselves brilliantly upon it, thus illuminating it as something fine and lovely.  The darkness then becomes the light! To be afraid of the dark is to be afraid of nothing at all.  To despise the dark is to despise the light in it’s infantile state.  We of the Upper Realms are as enthused and ready to commence with the next phase as you are.  Pay no attention to the numbers and dates.  Events will transpire when more of you are ready.  How much plainer can it be?  Our own role is to assist you in every way you require, and to be immediately available wherever and whenever you should call.  An enjoyable sight you may wish to envision is to portray us as sitting by a telephone, longing to hear your voice, and praying that you will ring us up and include us in the challenges which lay ahead.   We truly, truly desire to serve right alongside you.  We are your most devoted family.  Do not forget that we are here to assist.

♢ You may expedite your movement out of duality by staying firmly rooted in the Heart, and by operating only from a place of sincerity and love.  Love is what is fueling the Ascension fires.  It requires constant care to keep it burning.  With each soul who awakens, the inferno spreads and it’s flames fan out in all directions.  Every outpouring of love, compassion and forgiveness is feeding that fire to make burn higher and brighter.  When you indulge in thoughts of bloodlust and seek vengeance and retribution, it is as though you douse the Ascension Flames with icy water, rendering them a useless pile of smoldering embers.  We tell you ceaselessly to forgive the ones you once thought  unforgivable,  and to trust The Lord and Lady Creator with their fate.  Do this, and you will see that the Ascension swiftly comes.  Do you think you know better and cavalierly reject this advice, as is your right under the Law of Free Will?  Oh, it is certainly your option to do this, yes it is.  But be aware that this would be a grave mistake, and that there is no more expedient way to effect delay than this!  There have been many, many such delays up ’til this point, and all of them are the result of the wavering light quotient upon your planet.  Try your best to stay consistent.  Endeavor to maintain a climate of steady upward growth, and please do whatever you can to not let the energy of the collective dip.

♢ Love, love, love and more love.  That is who and what you are made of.  Be it and show yourself as that love to all the world.   Feel free to openly flaunt your splendor, your goodness and your glory.  Be only of the Heart and not of the ego  mind.  Go on to treat all beings in the kind manner in which you wish yourselves to be treated.  Display compassion and forgiveness, no matter how dire the situation might appear.  Embrace each experience of this lifetime as an invaluable opportunity for learning.  Do these things, and know that at the end of the road a Paradise awaits you.   We most enthusiastically await your arrival.

I am Haniel.

Copyright © Bella Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

The Dolphin Collective ~~ Play your game ~~ 29/07/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont.

Lovely Ones,
When the changes, quietely moving on,  become more and more visible and noticeable, your real essence too becomes more visible to us. Your lights sparkle more brilliantly than ever before, your hearts are more loving and pure and they long to express themselves. This is great news, my lovely ones, as with these intentions everything can be achieved ; all your heart’s desires. And all of this starting from Love and from a purety of Being. Nothing can withstand the power of Love, nothing even comes close.
It is this purity of Being as well as your Divine Spark within that implies the power of you. This power is limitless and has creative abilities : it is the power of creation that abides deep within yourself. This power is something to be very grateful for, just as you may be grateful for who you really are. We too are grateful for your powers, for your love-filled hearts, for your being, for the Love and Light that you are in essence. Love is an inexhaustible source, moving unstoppably throughout every form of existence on Earth as well as in Heaven. Love is the drive behind all that exists. Know, my lovely ones, that your essence is pure Love, it is what you are made of.
The New World will, by the same token, sprout out forth from this illusion. Love is so powerful that it can, as a manner of speaking, grow on the most toxic or negative soil and continue on blooming. Despite all veils and all illusions, Love has always found a way on Earth. It has touched many souls and has again flared up the Divine Spark within them.
We, the Dolphin Collective, are always in perfect Harmony with ourselves and with others. We glide along on the sea of Love and Light surrounding us and we bathe daily in it. We too possess energy streams of Love and Light in the oceans in which we dwell, just as you now receive all incoming energies from the sky. Just as you bask in the sunlight, so too do we bathe playfully along the streams of energies within the oceans.
By the way, water is a very pure and useful element on your planet Earth. It can cleanse a lot and stir much in your bodies. It takes on energies and releases them again. It cleanses your cells on the inner as well as on the outer physical plane ; furthermore, water cleanses your aura and helps you to ground yourself. All in all, water is a highly important element for life on Earth ; nothing can exist without it. We too bathe in the sun once in a while by jumping up and down in the water. We so enjoy the jumping and playing, for we are what you might call an “exuberant” species as you know. We look at life through a playful, rose coloured glasses. All is wel and will remain so, no exceptions! This is our drive and is what motivates us, it is what we expect.
Consider your life as if it were just a game in which the end result always remains the same no matter what path you choose … and the end result is Ascension, my lovely ones!  No matter when it occurs or how long it will take you to experience it, the end result remains the same. As you can compare life to a game, you might just as well enjoy it and make the best of it by playing the game knowing full well that it is just 1 big illusion. Remain brave and unwavering for soon the game will get pretty thrilling and exciting as it is all included in the game plan. Play well!
With lots of love from the Dolphin Collective!  We love you!

Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.be

Jesus through John

Life is tricky for some of you, as the moment for humanity’s grand awakening approaches.  All the personal issues that you have neglected or denied are breaking into your conscious awareness, quite forcibly if necessary, and it can be very unsettling.  All you have to do is allow them to present themselves to you. You do not have to do anything with them or about them; they hold an energy that needs to be released because it is causing blockages in your energy fields. Just observe them, experience the feelings they bring up for you — and just observe.  They may sit with you for quite a while, possibly being rather painful, but if you allow them, they will pass, leaving you feeling somewhat renewed or freed.

This is a time of enormous change in the way humans deal with one another — change that is essential for you to…

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Johnsmallman's Blog

Humanity has been most successfully impregnated with God’s divine Love.  The seed was always there, and now the nourishing rain of the divine energy field encircling the Earth is bringing it enthusiastically to life.  It has lain dormant for a long time – although it has occasionally been tempted to respond to God’s constant outpouring of Love – because humanity was not ready for the enormous shift in perspective necessary for it to flourish.  That has all changed, and the constant nourishment it is receiving from that divine energy field, to which is added humanity’s own intense desire to awaken, has sparked an irreversible chain of events that will culminate in your awakening.

From our vantage point in the spiritual realms the view is amazingly beautiful. The brightness of the field of Love enveloping you all is stunning!  So much progress has been made in such a short time, compared…

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aisha north

The sun is once again giving freely of her wonderful gifts, and even if they might not feel like gifts as you receive them, these injections will all turn out to be just that, glorious gifts of energy and freedom. As always, the insertion will have your body up in arms in many instances, as these powerful harbingers of change push so much unnecessary dross out of the way to take its place inside of you. And as usual, these upsets and upheavals leave their mark on you for a few days before everything settles into a new groove again. You are all well versed in these effects by now, but still it is indeed necessary to keep reminding yourselves that even though the process in itself never seems to become something you cherish, it is worth it all the while. So stay calm, even when your body seems to…

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HEAVENLETTER # 4265 – 29.7.12 – Desire and Let Go




Eine Vorliebe ist keine missliche Lage. Dich daran zu erinnern, das täte dir gut. Weil etwas nicht so läuft, wie du es möchtest, bedeutet schier, dass etwas nicht so läuft, wie du es möchtest. Es bedeutet nicht Tragödie, nicht Katastrophe, nicht tadelnd, kaltschnäuzig, ungebührlich. Falls ein Wunsch von dir nicht so, wie du es möchtest, verläuft, einerlei wie sehr du etwas gerne hättest, einerlei wie sehr du darauf verfallen bist, es zu haben, und die Welt habe es dir auszuhändigen – es ist nicht an dir, daraus eine große Sache zu machen.


Es ist im Leben ein anmaßender Dünkel, zu meinen, dass etwas – oder dass alles – so verlaufen müsse, wie du es möchtest! Dies ist die Sicht, wie ein kleines Kind die Welt im Blick hat. Du bist kein kleines Kind mehr. Es stimmt, die Welt steht dir zu Diensten, nicht indes auf Zuruf. Die Welt ist dir dienstbar, freilich ist sie nicht dein Kammerdiener. Genauso wenig Ich, ihr Lieben. Auch Ich stehe euch zu Diensten. Ich bin euer bemühter und gewillter Gott, nicht indes euer Kammerdiener. Ich bin nicht das, was man in früheren Zeiten eure Zofe nannte. Nein, Meine Lieben, ihr bringt eure Hinterlassenschaften selber in Ordnung, und gelegentlich diejenigen Anderer. Lasst etliche eurer sehnlichen Wünsche für Andere sein. Tragt im Sinn, dass es euch ebenso ansteht, den Weg für Andere zu ebnen. Mögen eure Wünsche erfüllt werden, allerdings nicht erzwungenerweise.


Erstrebt alles, wonach es euch sehnlich verlangt, fordert es freilich nicht ein. Alle eure Verlangen mögen euch entgegenkommen, hingegen in ihrer eigenen Zeit und auf ihre ihnen eigene Weise, oder, alle eure Wünsche haben sich nicht in Reih und Glied aufzustellen, bereit und im Wartestand auf euch im Handumdrehen oder im Verlauf einer Stunde oder eines Tages, sowie ihr es ansagt.


Betrachtet eure Wünsche wie einen Süßigkeiten-Laden, der bis zum Rand voll ist mit allerhand köstlicher Schokolade. Das ist euer Süßigkeiten-Laden. Ihr möchtet all die Schokolade gerne haben, indes könnt ihr nur eine Praline auf ein Mal essen. Den Wünschen gleich – womöglich verlangt es euch nach all den knusperigen Schokoladen, hinwiederum erhebt ihr nicht auf alle Anspruch. Und sobald sich nicht alle Pralinen, nach denen es euch ist, auf den Weg zu euch begeben, schmollt ihr nicht. Es ist ausgezeichnet und prima, alle Pralinen, die du gerne in deinem Laden vorrätig halten möchtest, in deinem Sinn zu haben. Es ist immerhin dein Geschäft. Falls du sie alle aufisst, wirst du nicht so glücklich sein, wie du es dir gerne ausdenkst. Lasse etliche Süßigkeiten für später, und etliche für Andere.


Hattest du nicht Gedanken, dass du, als deine sehnlichen Wünschen im Leben nicht erfüllt werden, ruckartig zum Halten gebracht, dass du durchkreuzt, vernachlässigt, vergessen oder schlecht behandelt worden seist? Eben aus dem Grunde mögest du dich erinnern, dass deine Vorlieben Vorlieben sind. Setze deine Vorlieben nicht mit Dringlichkeiten gleich. Lasse sämtlich die empfundene Haltung los: Wehe mir.


Wieso schier in Betracht nehmen, dir eigne Weh. Weh ist nicht du. Seufze, falls du das magst, indes kein Weh mehr, kein Gott Sei’s Geklagt mehr und kein Ach mehr. Sei schlicht froh, dass du Bestreben hast. Wünsche dir sehnlich sehnliche Wünsche, und lasse sie freisinnig ihres Wegs gehen.


Die Welt dreht sich, allerdings nicht dauernd, wie du es möchtest. Lasse das So, wie sie ist, dein So sein. Du hast vielleicht nicht alles bekommen, was du wolltest, oder du hast etwas bekommen, was du nicht wolltest. Was ist dabei die große Sache? Dies ist nicht das erste Mal. Die Welt ist nicht verpflichtet. Die Welt ist kein Flaschengeist, der dir deine Wünsche zu überbringen hat. Die Welt wird dir deine Wünsche geben, und sie wird dir mehr als drei Wünsche zustellen, hinwiederum hat die Welt nicht zu rechnen. Ebenso wenig hast du, Geliebte, Geliebter, es nötig, deinen Wert, demgemäß wie dir die Wünsche erfüllt wurden, zu erfassen.


Erfreue dich an deinen Wünschen, ob sie nun zu dir kommen, oder nicht.


Lasse jeden an deinen guten Wünschen teilhaben. Sei glücklich. Ein Anderer hat sie. Sei kein Nimmersatt in Sachen sehnliche Verlangen.

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Heavenletter #4265 Desire and Let Go, July 29, 2012

God said:

A preference is not a plight. This will be good for you to remember. Because something doesn’t go your way means only that something isn’t going your way, as you see it. That you don’t get your desires fulfilled the way you want or as soon as you want doesn’t mean tragedy, disaster, reproach, callousness, intolerable. If a wish of yours does not go your way, no matter how much you want it, no matter how much you think you have to have it and how much you feel that the world has to give it to you, it is not for you to make a big thing of it.

It is a presumption in life to think that something – or everything – has to go your way! This is the way a little child sees the world. You are no longer a little child. It’s true, the world is at your service, yet not at your beck and call. The world is at your service, yet the world is not your valet. Nor am I, dear ones. I, too, am at your service. I am your willing God yet not your valet. I am not, what in earlier days, was called your abigaill. No, My dears, pick up after yourself and others. Let some of your desires be for others. Bear in mind that you are also to prepare the way for others. May your wishes be fulfilled yet not coerced.

Desire all you desires, yet do not demand them to appear. All your desires may be coming your way yet in their own time and in their own way, or, all your wishes do not have to be lined up, ready and waiting for you in the blink of an eye, or in an hour or a day or when you say.

Consider your wishes like a candy store filled to the brim with all kinds of delicious chocolate. It is your candy store. You own it. You may want all the chocolates, yet you can only have one chocolate at a time. Like wishes, you may desire all the yummy chocolates, yet you don’t demand to eat them all. And when all the orders for the chocolates you desire have not yet arrived, you don’t pout. It’s fine and dandy to have in your mind all the chocolates you want your candy store to contain. It’s your store, after all. If you ate them all, you wouldn’t be as happy as you like to think. Leave some candy for later, and leave some candy for others to taste.

When your desires in life are not fulfilled, have you not thought that you have been snubbed, thwarted, neglected, forgotten or even mistreated? That’s why you want to remember that your preferences are preferences. Do not equate your preferences with urgencies. Let go altogether of the sentiment known as: “Woe is me.”

Why even consider that woe is you. Woe is not you. Sigh if you like, yet no more woe and alas and alack. Be glad just to have desires. Desire desires, and let them go free.

The world turns, yet not always according to your say and your choice of way. Let the way it is be your way. You perhaps didn’t get something you wanted, or you got something you didn’t want. What’s the big deal? This isn’t the first time. The world is not obligated. The world is not a genie who must give you your wishes. The world will give you your three wishes, and the world will give you more than three wishes, yet the world doesn’t have to count. Nor do you, beloved, need to count your value according to your wishes fulfilled.

Enjoy your wishes whether they come to you or not.

Share your good wishes. Be happy somebody has them. Hoard not your desires.

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