Pleiadian Archangelic Realm. “We Remain Forever Interlinked.” By, Bella Capozzi. August 31, 2012

☆ Hello, Dear Friends. We love you and greet you with warmest wishes and highest regards.  Today we come simply to remind you that you are beautiful and spectacular in every way-absolutely magnificent beings of the most flawless vibratory quality.  You are us and we are you.  Each one of us are precious pieces of the puzzle that is considered Creation.  We remain forever interlinked as One Group Soul;  made as One, to live, learn and experience as one expression of love.  You think you are alone, yet you are not.  And soon-very, very soon-you shall remember who and what you are, and why you chose to journey to this place which feels to be so far away from Home.

☆ The Creator made us social beings, not loners.  The reason why so many of you have chosen to retreat from the madness you see all around has more to do with basic survival than with disinterest in the human race, or lack of social skill.  It has become a way to protect your tender sensibilities and keep pristine your auric field.  Then there are those who choose to embark on a different, more opposite search for wholeness and peace.  They seek solace in the company of large groups, romantic relationships or within the closeness of the family unit.  Some spend their entire lifetimes in search of that elusive connection, that which they mistakenly believe mirrors the ecstasy of group soul union. They crave completion-the perfect balance of male and female polarities within their own heart, and desire to feel again the powerful, unseverable connection to All That Is.

☆ You are never alone.  You were not cast adrift, devoid of communion with those who dwell in the higher realms, the family who loves you.   You are never without our guidance, and our loving arms stand ready and waiting to enfold you,  and to pick you up when you should stumble.  We are connected-all of us; every living creature great and small, every soul.  The children of the Earth are awakening, albeit slowly, but nonetheless it is so.  Soon, so soon, the truth shall not be  hidden anymore.  Your quest to fill the empty chasm in your heart shall end, and you shall know a joy so indescribable, we find it impossible to describe using  the words of your human language.

☆ Allow yourselves to grow and change.  Spread your wings and embrace the new.  Try not to cling to old ways of being which no longer feel right, and do trust your infallible inner guidance system to show you the way Home.  Yes, you may lapse back into certain self-destructive behavior patterns for a time, but then you never fail to pull yourselves back out.  It’s a bit of a seesaw, up-and-down and back-and-forth, until you finally get it right.  This is as it it should be; and know that your higher-self allows your Human-self to backslide for no other reason than to illustrate how much these behavior patterns no longer serve you.  Look upon these small roadblocks not as failures but as opportunities for further growth.

☆ Transformation is always preceded by a period of experimentation.  Allow for some trial and error.  You are merging with your higher wisdom, expanding and growing your 5th dimensional lightbodies.  It is no small task, this activation of your dormant strands of DNA.  It would be most overwhelming to your Human sensibilities were this to occur all at once!  The pace of Ascension and transfiguration is different for everyone, thus it is also important to never unfavorably compare your own personal journey with somebody else’s.  Rather than lapse into a competetive mindset, choose instead to encourage and support each other.  Your New Earth shall be a society based solely on unconditional love, creativity and unity, and we seek nothing more than to enjoy a blessed reunion with you there.

We are the Representatives of The Pleiadian Archangelic Realm.

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HEAVENLETTER # 4298 – 31.8.12 – At the Forefront of God’s Will – AN DER VORDERFLANKE DES WILLENS GOTTES




Du wurdest als Mein Botschafter zur Erde gesandt. Demzufolge bist du nicht für dich selber auf der Erde. Zur selben Zeit, wie es dir obliegt, dich selbst zu würdigen, bist du nicht deiner Ehre wegen auf der Erde. Es zählt nicht viel, was die Welt von dir denkt, oder was du denkst, die Welt denke es von dir, all jene Menschen in der Welt, die um dich herum sind und noch nicht erkennen, Wer sie sind und was sie Mir sind, und die deswegen wohl eher deinen Wert nicht zu erfassen in der Lage sind. Ich erteile hier keine aufmunternden Worte. Das hier ist die unverfälschte Ware.


Die Welt wird deinen Signalen folgen. So wie du dich selber zur Hand nimmst, so nimmt die Welt sich selbst zur Hand.


Es soll in deinem Herzen keine Freistelle geben. Es liegt keine Tugend darin, dich als angeschlagene Ware auf die Seite zu werfen. Du hältst dich auf der Erde auf, ihrer Neuwerdung zuliebe. Die Welt hat vergessen, dass sie das Paradies ist. Die Welt ist ein Meisterstück, freilich wurde ein epigonenhaftes Bild in die Höhe gehalten, und ihr huldigtet diesem minderen Gemälde. Ihr habt das Unrichtige das Reale genannt, und das Reale einen Wunsch, der euch Schiffbruch erleiden lässt.


Ihr müsst von unter dem Tisch hervorkommen, wo ihr euch versteckt hieltet. Wartet nicht mehr länger darauf, entdeckt zu werden. Es ist jetzt die Zeit da, Zeit, welche einzig in der Welt existiert, dir selber dahinterzukommen. Ich verlautbarte dich vor langer Zeit. Jetzt musst du dich selber ausrufen. Dasjenige, was du von dir selbst denkst, das ist von Belang. So wie deine Gedanken verlaufen, so verläuft die Welt. Halte nicht mehr länger unechte Gemälde für wahr.


Du bist auf der Erde ein gewürdigter Titelträger. Die Welt wird das nicht wissen. Die Welt wird allerdings von dir die Stichworte übernehmen. Stehe auf, Meine Geliebte, Mein Geliebter, und bekenne Farbe. Erfasse dich selbst. Stelle die Welt infolge von Nichtzurkenntnisnahme und Unwissen frei, stelle indes keine Ausreden für dich aus. Halte dein Selbst hoch, und die Welt wird sich anschicken, dein Licht widerzuspiegeln, welches schließlich doch Mein Licht und das Licht des Himmels ist, das auf die Welt scheint.


Du bist hier auf Erden, um die Welt emporzuheben. Wie kannst du dies tun, sofern du dir selber stattgibst, dich kläglich zu fühlen? Wie kannst du die Welt weit in die Höhe heben, während du dich dem Bild der Welt von dir unterwirfst? Womit dich die Welt bemisst, ist schlechterdings kein Maß. Ich sage dir, dass du Weite aufs Äußerste bist, und du schüttelst den Kopf. Wieso hörst du einer Welt zu, die niedergeschlagen wurde, während es dir obliegt, sie höher zu werfen?


Du befindest dich an der Spitze Meines Willens. Mein Wille lautet, dass du dein Selbst in Meinem Namen ehrst und der Welt die Welt verkündest. Die Welt hat ihren Kopf zu heben. Die Welt hat hochzuschauen und Meine Widerspiegelung auf Erden in den Blick zu nehmen. An dir ist es, zu dir selber hochzuschauen. Du bist auf der Erde kein Subalterner. Du bist der Erretter der Erde und der Hochhalter Meines Namens. Es gehört sich dir nicht mehr, dich selber auf die Seite zu werfen. Sobald du das tust, wirfst du die Welt nieder, als wäre sie schier Straßenpflaster, auf dem zu gehen ist.


Nein, nein, Geliebte, Geliebter, du hast einem höheren Behuf nachzukommen. Entscheide dich nun, deinem edleren Zweck zu folgen, Mein Licht auf der Erde zu vergießen. Mache Mein Licht unverkennbar. Erhelle die Welt. Beleuchte die Welt auf dem ganzen Weg zum Himmel. Du sollst dich nicht mehr länger auf der Erde tümmeln, als hättest du hier nichts von Wert zu tun. Du hast hier alles zu tun. Stehe auf.


Vielleicht hat das Wort emporheben in deinem Ohr allzu hoch und mächtig geklungen, deswegen sage Ich dir jetzt: „Erhebe dich. Stehe auf. Wisse, Wer du bist und wofür du hier auf der Erde bist. Kein Wartestand mehr. Kein Hinuntersehen mehr. Ich achte auf dich, dass du Meinen Willen erfüllst. Denke nicht mehr so viel an dein kleines selbst. Denke an Meinen Willen für dich und für die Welt. Erhebe dich.“

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Jesus through John

Humanity’s awakening is the most significant and momentous event in your history.  It has been meticulously planned and is being perfectly executed.  Within the illusion it is very difficult for you to get a real sense of your approaching moment of awakening, although many of you are getting intuitive intimations that it is coming, and that it will be soon (that word again!).  Trust those feelings, focus on them, and ask for help from the spiritual realms for the strength to offer love — and only love — in every situation.  You are all potential divine channels or conduits, so invite God to pour His Love through you into the world and into the hearts of all those who choose to open to Him.  It is the most powerful and effective thing that you can do to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is one of the reasons for…

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Jesus through John

Excitement is rising among you — the Light-bearers and Light-workers — as you feel the energies of the divine Love field intensifying.  You are all doing a marvelous job of demonstrating God’s Love for humanity by living what you know is the truth, by exemplifying peace and non-engagement, and by refusing to respond with unloving words or actions when it seems that you are being attacked.  You are noticing that this approach works very well indeed, even though initially you had grave doubts about its likely effectiveness.  Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation with which you are faced, and that truth is being most positively brought home to you each time you respond lovingly.

It is this realization, and the resultant attitudes and behaviors that it encourages you to follow, that is changing the world rapidly and permanently in eager readiness for awakening.  The powerful flow…

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Heavenletter #4298 At the Forefront of God’s Will , August 31, 2012

God said:

You have been sent to Earth as My Messenger. Therefore, you are not on Earth for yourself. At the same time as it is incumbent upon you to honor yourself, you are not on Earth for your honor. It does not matter much what the world thinks of you, or what you think the world thinks of you, all those people in the world who are around you who do not yet know Who they are and what they are to Me, and, therefore, cannot possibly comprehend your value. This is not a pep talk I give you. This is the straight goods.

The world will follow your signals. As you pick yourself up, so does the world pick itself up.

There is to be no vacancy in your heart. There is no virtue in casting yourself aside as tarnished goods. You are on Earth for the sake of its renewal. The world has forgotten it is Paradise. The world is a masterpiece, yet an imitative picture has been held up, and you have worshipped this lesser painting. You have called the false real, and the real a wish that fails you.

You must come out from under the table where you have been hiding. Wait no longer to be discovered. It is the time now, the time which exists only in the world, to discover yourself. I proclaimed you long ago. Now you must proclaim yourself. It is what you think of yourself that matters. As go your thoughts, so goes the world. No longer believe in false paintings.

You are an honoree on Earth. The world may not know this. However, the world will take its cues from you. Stand up, My beloved, and be counted. Count yourself. Excuse the world from ignorance, but excuse not yourself. Hold your Self high, and the world will begin to reflect your light which is, after all, My Light, and the Light of Heaven that shines upon the world..

You are here on Earth to raise the world. How can you do that if you allow yourself to feel low-down? How can you raise the world high when you submit to the world’s picture of you? What the world measures you by is no measure at all. I tell you that you are Vastness Supreme, and you shake your head. Why do you listen to a world that has been cast down when you are to cast it higher?

You are at the Forefront of My Will. My Will is that you honor your Self in My Name and proclaim the world to itself. The world has to lift its head. The world has to look up and see My reflection on Earth. You are to look up to yourself. You are not a subaltern on Earth. You are the Savior of Earth and the upholder of My Name. No longer are you to cast yourself aside. When you do, you throw the world down as though it were only pavement to walk on.

No, no, no, beloved, you have a higher purpose to follow. Choose now to follow your high purpose to shed My light on Earth. Make My light unmistakable. Uplight the world. Light the world all the way to Heaven. No longer are you to scrimmage on Earth as if you had nothing worthy to do here. You have everything to do here. Get up.

Perhaps the word Arise has sounded too high and mighty for you, so I tell you now: “Get up. Stand up. Know Who you are and what you are here on Earth for. No more waiting. No more looking down. I am looking to you to fulfill My Will. No longer think so much about your little self. Think about My Will for you and for the world. Get up.”

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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa 31-August-2012


The dark Ones really thought they had won the day, and the New World order was in their reach. However, they reckoned without your resilience and determination to stand up to them, and in the relatively short period since your present century started, you have exponentially increased the Light on Earth to defeat them. They still make noises and believe that they can still interfere with the plans for Ascension, but the fact is that they are now no more than a minor irritation. They no longer have the power or support to achieve any real measure of success, and are witnessing the demise of their empire.



What we are dealing with now is the system that they set up that still functions. It does for example stand in the way of  Disclosure, but with each day that passes their obstruction is being removed. Once Disclosure becomes officially approved, it will open the floodgates to many other aspects of our ongoing relationship with you. Open contact has to be seen as a separate issue, but will take place before Ascension occurs. The way must be first prepared for such great revelations, because many people are still in denial of our existence let alone ready to receive us. However, the truth must come out as your future is very much  bound up with ours, because we are All One.



Our arrival will not signal any intent to take anything away from you, and it is quite the opposite as we have so much to give you to help you leap into the New Age. That of course is not the end of it as you will then join up with us on an equal basis, and together we will serve others who are needing the type of experience that we can give. Your future will bear little or no similarity to what you have been experiencing, and will be totally different but also very acceptable. We might say that you have not lived yet, because your lives have been served in a false reality. It is one that you were given freewill to create as you wished, but was taken over by the dark forces.



Your freewill will not be taken away from you, and whatever you choose will be your new pathway that will commence after this present cycle ends. In these circumstances, there is no point in trying to persuade others to do differently, as they will not feel comfortable out of their depth. Furthermore, there are no such things as deadlines where your evolution is concerned. You progress at your own pace, and if souls choose to stay in the lower dimensions then quite clearly they are not ready to move on. In all probability they will not need to stay in them for very long, as like you they can call upon their earlier experiences.



Whether the media care to report it or not, we are progressing very steadily and matters are building up for a grand finale. The new financial situation is taking shape and the necessity for great change is being accepted. It cannot therefore be very long before some announcements about it are forthcoming. It will certainly be the beginning of the end of the Illuminati. Without control of the money supply they disjointed and unable to fund their various activities. We are in any event recovering vast sums of money, bonds and valuable metals that will be returned to their rightful owners or placed into a worldwide Redistribution Fund.



Dear Ones we are very busy overseeing our allies activities, and the more we work together the more success we are achieving. After Ascension our relationship with you will become even more personal, and you will quickly become Star Beings as you were eons of time ago. For that reason you will take to it very easily and feel at home with what you will be doing. It will all be very purposeful and aimed at bringing you fully into your new lives. How nice it will be for you to know that everyone you meet will be trustworthy and sincere in their activities. Honesty will be taken for granted, as in the higher dimensions there is no place for anything less.



So hold on for while longer as whatever your problems whether they be physical or otherwise they will be solved. We know that many suffer the physical ills associated with life on Earth, but rest easy in the knowledge that all of them will be put right. There is absolutely nothing that cannot be remedied though our healing methods, and as a Being of energy you will find that sound and colours are very central to them. Crystals are also very much involved and can be used in ways that creates the most powerful energies for transformation and cures. In fact crystals will play a very big part in your lives in future. These concepts are by no means new to you, as many of you were in Atlantis in the periods that they were widely used.



We believe you are beginning to understand why you are so highly thought of, because your levels of consciousness were much higher in the past. The lower vibrations of duality have made it difficult for you recall those times, and it is only recently that you have started to awaken to your true selves. Your potential is unlimited and you will soon find your true place in the scheme of things. When you get to know us you will see yourselves in us, and that is because many of you came from the civilizations that are members of the Galactic Federation of Light. When you meet your own you will know immediately that they relate to you, and what a reunion you will have. Indeed, there will be celebrations when we can openly meet you, because you will realize that we have always been close to each other. It will be the most natural coming together of souls who have worked together for eons of time.



You have so much to look forward to, so do not waste your time or energy worrying what will happen to the dark Ones. You will certainly be informed who has been behind the plans to take over you and your world, and who has been responsible for the atrocities committed throughout your history. Naturally you will be more interested in those that have occurred in your own lifetimes. There will be many shocks as people that you may have respected will be revealed for what they really are. Let the information clear the air of the speculation that surrounds tragedies such as 9/11, but please do not use it to seek revenge against those involved. Leave those matters to the higher authorities who know exactly what to do, so that you know justice will prevail.



I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish you success in preparing for Ascension.



Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey.

aisha north

As the time for the final countdown draws ever closer, the forces of the dark side are getting more and more desperate, and more and more devious. We have given you this warning before, but now the time has come to repeat this message. It is not a child’s game you are all involved in, and the stakes are high, so expect the other side to pull any and all tricks they can out from their sleeves at this time. And they are nothing if not devious, and they are in fact prepared to go to any length to inveigle themselves into your lives. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but for now, they seem to prefer the look of innocence. So let us just say that never has the warning ”beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing” been more correct. For that is exactly what they are, these…

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Saint Germain ~~ The many chapters of your evolution : chapter Liberation ~~ 30/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

I Am Saint Germain and I wish to speak to you about the many volumes that display your course of life and your evolution, leading up to Ascension. You can easily compare your course of life and your evolution to a book which consists of many volumes and chapters, one even heavier than the other. Humanity in general has now arrived at the chapter entitled ‘Liberation’. Everything builds around this theme and consists of many phases that all lead you to this state of liberation, a fact that is now taking place. Everything cleares itself and dissolves to make way for the gigantic worldly and personal liberation.
The accumulation of negative thoughts and of negativity in general occur in “snapshots” and in phases to then leave your fields afterwards, giving you the impression of being pressured. It is tiresome and it can give you a feeling of being fed up with it all, you feel disenchanted and you wonder why the same things happen over and over again, you wonder how negativity can still be incurred. I can inform you that it is not always the case of negativity being incurred as you only attract what you emit in thoughts and deeds. You are all working very hard with the Light and are evolving into higher and higher Lightbeings. So this is not a matter of incurring more negativity but rather of letting it rise up from your self through your self in order to, once and for all, leave your fields definitely.
In most cases it is a matter of personally accrued negativity which was hidden deep inside yourselves that wishes to leave your fields. But on the other hand there is also collectively accrued negativity that passes through your fields on its way out and that’s the reason why this clearing feels as an unending process as new forms of negativity can come up depending not only on the choices humanity makes but also on the astral world which dwells around you in the form of the 4th dimension. Despite all that you now have begun the phase of the definite clean-up, make no mistake about that. So be grateful and welcome it, it will liberate you and your Mother Earth, and this has to happen one way or the other. The elimination goes in phases and that’s the reason why you all, at regular intervals, are feeling and experiencing this clearing process.
You almost have reached the end of it, my beloved ones, and from now on you will continue to work more on your Ascension process with increased positive feelings and thoughts, that is, the negativity will no longer be of a lasting nature. So focus on positive issues in your personal lives and enjoy the fun moments; do the things you love to do that bring a smile on your face and a magical feeling in your heart. Love, love, love! Love everything around you, love your brothers and sisters, love your life, love your incarnation, love your heart, love your feelings, love your thoughts. In a nutshell love all what you can love and focus on seeing everything around you through rose colored glasses. Love is all there is, Love is all you need. You already know that all too well by now and you are putting that knowing to good use. Keep on doing that, this world can use all the Love that you can give and than some more as Love is always abundantly present. Just Love all, the way that I love you, it is of enormous proportions!
I can assure you that some projects are now coming to the front and more specifically I refer to Nesara and Disclosure. Even as they are connected in a way they are also very different. We work arduously on both of them to get them announced and applied worldwide and we have now reached a milestone in these matters. They have often been stopped in their tracks resulting in unrest and delays but now we are steadfast on our way and they will emerge triumphantly. Together with Lady Master Nada I work diligently at the Nesara project in order to round up the finishing touches which will result in its introduction into your world. Nesara is on its way and almost complete, it only needs some more time to get it introduced the easy way, and since the greatest negativity and the darkest individuals are now removed from your world we are more at liberty to bring this forward. Have faith, it will come to pass as will Disclosure. Do not forget that Disclosure implies more a personal unveiling of issues that have heretofore always remained a secret for you. You determine what will be revealed on the basis of your own creations. I have discussed this in a previous channeling of mine.
Let me say to you, my beloved ones, that I heartily wish to guide you in this chapter about your liberation, as it is my personal task and assistance that I am most pleased to grant you. I do this wholeheartedly as I love humanity deeply. I have had many incarnations on your Earthly plane and I really enjoy meeting with you to share my wisdom and experiences with all of you. I am not out of your reach and remain at your service for ALL of you. So don’t hesitate to call me whenever you are in need of my almighty violet flame, which is at your disposal to use as you see fit. I myself am also at your disposal as the Master of the Age of Aquarius, as the Master of numerous other tests I’ve completely passed  . Now it is your turn to reach the same level and that’s why I am here with you and for you to help ascend everyone, including Mother Earth, to a higher state of being. My I Am That I Am greets you and sends you much heartwarming love.

Saint Germain

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Heavenletter #4297 What God Has Proclaimed You , August 30, 2012

God said:

Unto My heart have you come. Unto My heart you belong. You have always wanted to belong. You have not always felt that you did. Now you know where you belong, where you ever belong, where you are ever wanted, where your place is, where you are treasured, held high, seen with the Eyes of Truth.

You are worth gold. Never mind what the world may say. I, God, your Father, say you are a diamond, and I wear you in My heart. You are a Divine Gift I have given to Myself. I take care of treasures. Know this, you are the most valued in My Kingdom. Arise now from your bed of nails and proclaim yourself God’s Proclaimed Love.

Hasten to My heart where you are honored for the Being that you are. How little you know of yourself. You may see yourself as a speck on the wall when you are the World Entire. You are the World to Me. You are Everything I have wanted you to be, only you do not yet see that what I have wanted you to be, you are.

I hold you in great esteem, while you seem to see yourself as another stranger on Earth.

I would like to introduce you to yourself. I would like you to get to know yourself and be a stranger no longer.

Everything on this planet Earth seems foreign to you. You arrived here on Earth, yet you were not born here. You are not quite at home here. Welcome yourself. You are on an assignment of great significance. I did not cast you adrift. I placed you on Earth lovingly. Would you not do the same? If you are the sunshine in My eye, which you are, if you are My beloved dream .projected on a screen called Earth, which you are, if you are My Divine Thought, which you are, why then is your heart not sailing with Me, not on the outskirts, but at the Center of Heaven?

How can the King of the World, which you are, feel like an outcast, feel unappreciated, unrecognized, unknown, unadorned by the world he lives in, when I adore you from the depths and height of My brilliant heart that shines and dazzles you? We are of the same propensity. You are not to mourn your life and your sojourn on Earth. Love yourself as I do love you. Honor yourself as an honored guest chosen to visit Earth at My bequest. You are on Earth to further the outreaches of My heart. You are to disperse My light, and make it visible to all. You are the Light of Heaven that I have sent to hallow My light on Earth. You are the Light of the World. This have I named you.

Never mind what the world may call you. I ask you to honor yourself as My treasured ministry, and I ask you to honor Me with the knowledge of Who you are and what you mean to Me.

If you are the Light of the World, which you assuredly are, which you assuredly are no matter what shadow you find yourself in, there is only one thing to do and that is to bless the world in My Name. You must stand tall and bless yourself, for you are a proponent of God in the world named Earth. You are My banner. You, My beloved, are My Light on Earth, and so I ask you who shines in My heart, to shine My light brightly. You are a Lantern of God.

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