Magatha from Agartha ~~ Love through it all ~~ 07/08/2012 Channeled by Méline Lafont

Greetings, my Brethren of Earth.

I Am Magatha of Agartha and I wish to step forward to thank you for your continuous commitment on behalf of Mother Earth and Her entire population. Last time we wanted to give you all a big wake-up call and for that we apologize, but you have to understand that it is of utmost importance to not give up now nor to come to a standstill!! Not now when you have come so close to your goal. Of course, Ascension is irreversible now as the process has proceeded too far already. However, we wanted to reach a much broader “audience” and incite them to all work together and to persevere. Great, fundamental changes are afoot and you can now already get a taste of them; afterwards you will definitely enjoy them.
So we welcome you in your new world full of changes!! These changes are necessary and they are very pernicious for your old, illusory world. The time has come now for the biggest lies and illusions to convert into the most exquisite truths of Light and of the Cosmos. A great sense of relief will be felt as these changes effectively come to pass, especially for the Lightworkers. Finally all will manifest itself in your world as a result from your inner journey of changes within yourself. Keep on going on, my beloved Brethren of Earth! Since this is all now unfolding which can be evidenced by the fact that you have worked hard on this process by simply taking care of yourself and by raising your light frequencies. The rest of humanity and the world will now follow in your footsteps, be grateful to yourself for being a shining example and keep going on as there still is a lot to be done.
Taking care of yourself and others is becoming paramount now! Work together as a civilization which in fact you are and assist each other where necessary. This attitude benefits the evolution as well as your society as a whole in a most harmonious way ; a process we, as the Agarthans, have already rounded up a long time ago. After all, you are all 1 : let this fact be reflected in the way you take care of each other. A most glorious world is awaiting you all; it is beautiful beyond words and so filled with Love. It surpasses the warmth and Love you are presently familiar with and which you bestow on each other, on your children, on your partner and on your family. Isn’t that what you really yearn for? To spend eternity in this most magnificent world full of Light and Love, abundantly warm and giving you a feeling that you are genuinely loved and appreciated? Make a habit of already feeling this way : it’s the same feeling you get when meditating, when journeying into the Higher Dimensions, your Homeworld.
This can be achieved when working together as you all form 1 big group soul. This group soul of our beloved Mother Earth includes Her pupils, Her children, Her brothers and sisters all of whom She can always count on for assistance to just proceed together and to reach this wonderful Ascension. We of the Inner Earth wish to thank you in Her Name for the countless loving meditations held in Her honor. She, as well as we, became aware of the Love and Light energies emanating from you, which you grounded into Her Crystal Heart. That way She received an enormous energetic force thanks to which She now feels Lighter and more Loving than ever before. This difference is something we can feel tangibly and, just like Mother Earth, we also enjoy this. Keep on doing this, my beloved Earth Brethren ; it is a beautiful gift from humanity for their Mother, given out of Love. We wish you a most successful experience with the novelties and the fundamental changes!
I Am Magatha of Agartha and I thank you for sharing this message. Untill next time.

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