10-1-12 corner is turned. Intentions held in alignment with 5D Gaia portals and connecting grids will not be delayed. And appear in the moment of held intention.

We ask care in aligning Higher Individual Hue-man Self with New Paradigm Gaia pattern of unfoldment.

The 10-1 portends massive transformation for Gaia and Children. Both of the internal and apparent external. Such rests upon combined intentions of all.

Grids are energized sufficiently in Higher D aspects for such transformations to begin.

Enjoy this ride.

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Heavenletter #4328 Adventure, September 30, 2012

God said:

No longer are you to let anything make you feel defeated. There is a difference between your not having things work out the way you would like and feeling defeated. I am speaking of where you come from in your heart. Nor do I mean to be telling you that you must always fight for something you want. You cannot always swim against the tide any more than you are to spend your life feeling defeated.

A boxer loses a match. He may lose his title. Must he see this as defeat? He does not have to rise again, although that can happen. It just doesn’t have to be that things develop in the way he is sure he would like. Maybe it is time to step down from having top billing. Life turns out as it turns out. Sometimes you can save the day, and sometimes not. Sometimes it’s the better part of valor to let go, sometimes to hold on.

Either way, or any of a thousand ways that life takes you, life will take you to Me, beloveds. Nothing has to be this way or that. Life has given you plenty of opportunity to learn this. Because you want something and because you are good and serving and giving doesn’t mean that all the twists and turns of life must turn out as you would have them turn out. Life does not have to go by your bidding. Sometimes life takes you by the nose or takes you by the hand. In every case, life is for you to love. Sometimes life raps your knuckles. Sometimes life takes you dancing. Sometimes life leads, and you follow. And, sometimes, you lead and life follows, so it seems. Always life is giving itself to you. In every case, life is saying: “Here I am. You might as well come along with me.”

Regardless of what life seems to offer you, life is lifting you high. You may be laid low, yet life is cheering you, looking out for you, giving you, loving you whether you have top billing or not. One week life may not give you your weekly allowance. Next week, life will. Or next week, life will pour noticeable blessings upon you. Life may give you double or triple boons beyond what you asked for.

In any case, whatever life brings to you, be gracious. Say, “Thank you.” Say, “Thank you, Life, for what you give to me.”

Say: “I relish the heights you give to me, Life, and I accept the lows, and I am never vanquished. I do not call myself either a victor or a victim. Life, I am so much more than either of these. I am someone who lives life. Whatever you hand me, I live it.

“Life, we can say that you come to me in the form of a double helix, the way you spiral and weave yourself around, seeming to take me on this road or that, this smooth sailing or those rough seas. Whatever you hand to me, Life, I accept it, and I keep winding higher. Life, you are mine. You are mine for exploration. If, Life, you are for all possibilities, then I am for all possibilities, too.

“I cannot always just pick and choose. I can meet whatever you give me, Life, and I can tip my hat to what you give me and thank you for all you give, the choice particles and the particles that seem wanton. In all instances, Life, I choose you. I relish you, Life, or I swallow you, Life. In each instance, I am amenable to you. I appreciate you however you appear. I smile at you. I relish you. And, when I do not relish every flavor you bring me, I digest it, and I move on with you, and I greet the next opportunity. Thank you, Life, for the adventure you are.”

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Jesus through John

The river of time — that aspect of the illusion of which many of you are most conscious — is flowing swiftly and smoothly, carrying you insistently and unfalteringly along with it towards your divine destination.  Regardless of any doubts or uncertainties that you may harbor your arrival is assured, divinely assured.  Focus on the absolute certainty of that assurance when doubts or anxieties arise within you, knowing, as you most definitely do, that your Father’s Love for you is drawing you irresistibly homeward.

You have a saying, “Home is where the heart is,” and the heart of your true Self is eternally at Home with your heavenly Father.  Nevertheless, that does not appear to be the case as you contend with the problems and anxieties with which the illusion continuously presents you, while you strive determinedly to find your way out of it and back to that glorious state.

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Johnsmallman's Blog

The excitement mounts as your awakening draws ever closer.  You have been waiting a long time for this and you will not be disappointed.  Some of you have had so called “peak experiences,” when whatever you were doing flowed perfectly and at a level of competence or ability that was way beyond what you would describe as normal.  It was uplifting for you, even galvanizing, because it seemed that you could do no wrong, could do nothing to interrupt or prevent this energetic flow from delivering the most remarkable outcome.  The sheer wonder of moments like those are as nothing compared to what awaits you upon your awakening.

The journey to reach this stage in your evolution has indeed been arduous — a long and exhausting endeavor — but the end is in sight, and even though you have doubts, deep within yourselves you have a certainty, a knowing that…

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Heavenletter #4327 A Cast of Thousands , September 29, 2012

God said:

Whether you recognize or absorb this or not, I AM you, and you are I. Our Oneness is not a choice you make. From the beginning, you and I are One. The most you can seek is for the awareness of this Eternal Truth. Awareness and Oneness are two different things, even though, in Oneness, there is no difference. Nothing but Oneness is. You cannot claim Oneness. You are Oneness. Oneness is a pronoun without antecedent. Oneness can only be One. Therefore, Oneness has no example. Oneness is its One Self. The sun shines on itself. The Glory of God is walking in the world.

Whatever the scene is before you, whether it is city lights or a pastoral scene, you paint it. You create it. You project yourself. You project yourself everywhere. There is only Oneness, and yet you project Oneness in a myriad of ways, and, yet, you are Oneness and nothing else but Oneness. Light is light. You are the Light of the World at the same time as you are a Flame in Heaven.

It has been said that there is nothing new under the Sun. This is true, yet, at the same time, the Sun, Its Old Self, is always new. New. A-new. No shadow falls. Newness arises. You come fresh each day from a Fountain of Love. There is nothing fancy about this. This is simplicity itself. Simplicity is Oneness. Oneness has no frills. And, yet, Oneness seems to represent itself in a myriad of ways. Oneness is Oneness, and yet it seems diverse. Behind the scenes, Oneness is not a symbol of Oneness. It is Oneness, pure and simple. Oneness does not hand out samples. It hands out love.

In Oneness, We, you and I, share One Heart. How fine that is. It is Love. It is Love Without Trying.

In Truth, there are only beautiful moments in life. In your life. How can it be otherwise when you and I are One? Diversion is fantasy. Life in the world is a fantasy. Roles are played. Characters are cast, and, yet, no matter what, Oneness Is.

Hooray for Oneness, and hooray for its representations. What is is. What is not is not. Oneness Alone Is.

And, yet, in life in the world, you come to peace with multiplicity. You watch the movie in 3-D. And, yet, there is One Reel running. Whatever the pictures on the screen, whatever movie is playing, whatever title it carries, there is the One Screen upon which your eyes play tricks. You look for news, beloveds. You look for a digest. You play for high stakes when, all the while, nothing is at stake. Or, We could say that folly is at stake. Life is not at stake, for life is Infinite and you are life and you are infinite.

You play hide-go-seek when there is nothing hidden. There is, however, for a moment, eyes averted, eyes that fool themselves that they are other than Oneness, that they see out when there is only within.

There is no other. Oneness is not in parts. The Self is the Self, and there is One Self. Therefore, there is you and I — there is I. You and I are One. Oneness exists. Plurality is play on life. Life goes on stage, and a production is made. Oneness is a playwright and writes scripts and acts in them. Seeming others watch them play-acting. The stories are told and retold, and yet there is not story, unless you call Oneness a story. Oneness is singular. Oneness cannot be grasped in two hands. Oneness can only be Oneness. Long live Oneness. There is nothing else. In Oneness, there is no splitting of the heart. There is One Heart, and it is Mine, and there is no you for Oneness to be. Oneness is greater than a cast of thousands or trillions. Oneness, Oneness, Oneness.

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The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you – Lady Ifegena through EnnKa September 29, 2012

My beloved people of Earth, I want to talk to you again today. Last time I told you that I have laid a golden egg, and that it is female. The Mother Goddess has chosen a beautiful name for my daughter. She will be called Epirose, that is Sirian meaning Divinity. My daughter is thriving, but needs a little more time to hatch, it will be late in the year when humanity ascends. Epirose will be the guardian of the new human society. This is Prime Creator’s will for you, as in earlier times, a certain dragon was selected as the guardian of your planet and humanity. It is a great honor for me that my daughter was assigned to that.

We have increased the amount of energy that we send to Earth once again. You make such great progress in your development, so that our energies can not hurt you. Your bodies continue to transform and can accommodate more and more energies than ever before. We are watching this very closely and adjust our energies at the time. We love you so much my loved ones and it gives us so much pleasure to see, as your light is getting stronger. Your consciousness is evolving and love is the dominant power on your beautiful planet.

The entire Dragon Realm looks lovingly to you, even longingly, as you know that the Dragons once lived on Earth. It was a tactical advantage of the dark side to have us dispelled from Earth, so that we could not keep them from harming and oppressing you. When they dispelled us, your guardians and protectors, they had the door open and they could carry on their undisturbed dark game with you. Those days have come but to an end since the light and love have won on a broad front. With Epirose Earth and its humanity will get back their guardian. Just please forget the stories and tales of evil Dragons. They are an invention of the dark side in order to apply you against us and to ultimately dispell us from Earth. Few eggs and Dragons were saved and it took a long time for us to recover.

My daughter and other Dragons can only return to the earth when they are welcome, if you have no more fear of us. In your own interest, you should put your fear of us away, even the fear of all the other creatures that you know only from your tales and legends: trolls, fairies, gnomes, dwarves, and elves … Where the elves provide the largest group of humanoids on Sirius and in the old days visited the earth with their ships regularly and have been in contact with you. Today elves live as Starseeds among you in human form. They are helping you to enhance the light and love on earth.

All your fable and fairy tale creatures have really lived on earth or visited her regularly. The dark side has transformed the knowledge into stories and their own misdeeds attributed to us. The truth will be revealed in the end and not only we dragons, but also the other creatures, we are already looking forward to a great future together with you. To a peaceful coexistence like in bygone times.

As always, I bring you the greetings and love of the Dragon Realm. I am Lady Ifegena, the blue dragon lady from Sirius.

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Das gesamte Drachenreich schaut liebevoll zu euch – Lady Ifegena durch EnnKa 29. September 2012

Meine geliebten Menschen der Erde, ich möchte heute wieder zu euch sprechen. Beim letzten Mal habe ich euch mitgeteilt, daß ich ein goldenes Ei gelegt habe und daß es weiblich ist. Die Muttergöttin hat einen wunderbaren Namen für meine Tochter ausgewählt. Sie wird Epirose genannt werden, das ist sirianisch und bedeutet Divinity, Gottheit. Meine Tochter entwickelt sich prächtig, benötigt aber noch ein wenig Zeit zum Schlüpfen, es wird gegen Ende des Jahres sein, wenn die Menschheit aufsteigt. Epirose wird die Hüterin der neuen menschlichen Gesellschaft sein. Dies ist Urschöpfers Wille für euch, so wie in früheren Zeiten ein bestimmter Drache als Hüter eures Planeten und der Menschheit ausgewählt wurde. Es ist für mich eine große Ehre, daß meine Tochter dazu bestimmt wurde.

Wir haben die Menge an Energie, die wir zur Erde senden noch einmal erhöht. Ihr macht so großartige Fortschritte in eurer Entwicklung, so daß unsere Energien euch nicht schaden können. Eure Körper bauen sich immer weiter um und können mehr und stärkere Energien aufnehmen als je zuvor. Wir beobachten das sehr genau und passen unsere Energien ständig an. Wir lieben euch so sehr meine geliebten Menschen und es macht uns so große Freude zu sehen, wie euer Licht immer stärker wird. Euer Bewußtsein entwickelt sich weiter und die Liebe wird zur vorherrschenden Macht auf eurem wunderschönen Planeten.

Das gesamte Drachenreich schaut liebevoll zu euch, auch sehnsuchtsvoll, wie ihr wißt, da doch die Drachen einmal auf der Erde gelebt haben. Es war ein taktischer Vorteil der dunklen Seite uns von der Erde vertrieben zu haben, so daß wir sie nicht mehr davon abhalten konnten, euch zu unterdrücken und zu schaden. Nachdem sie uns, eure Wächter und Hüter vertrieben hatten, war ihnen Tür und Tor geöffnet und sie konnten ungestört ihr dunkles Spiel mit euch treiben. Diese Zeiten haben aber nun ein Ende, da das Licht und die Liebe auf breiter Front gesiegt haben. Mit Epirose wird auch die Erde und ihre Menschheit ihren Hüter zurückerhalten. Nur bitte vergeßt die Märchen und Geschichten von bösen Drachen. Sie sind eine Erfindung der dunklen Seite um euch gegen uns aufzubringen und uns letztlich von der Erde vertreiben zu können. Nur wenige Eier und Drachen haben gerettet werden können und wir haben lange Zeit gebraucht, um uns davon zu erholen.

Meine Tochter und andere Drachen können erst dann zur Erde zurückkehren, wenn sie willkommen sind, wenn Ihr keine Angst mehr vor uns habt. In eurem eigenen Interesse solltet Ihr also eure Angst vor uns ablegen, auch vor all den anderen Wesen, die Ihr nur aus euren Sagen und Märchen kennt: Trolle, Feen, Kobolde, Zwerge und Elfen… Wobei die Elfen die größte Gruppe der Humanoiden auf Sirius stellen und in früheren Zeiten mit ihren Schiffen die Erde regelmäßig besucht und Kontakt mit euch hatten. Heute leben Elfen als Starseeds unter euch, in menschlicher Gestalt. Sie helfen euch dabei das Licht und die Liebe auf der Erde zu verstärken.

Alle eure Fabel- und Märchenwesen haben wirklich auf der Erde gelebt oder sie regelmäßig besucht. Das Wissen darüber hat die dunkle Seite in Geschichten verwandelt und ihre eigenen Untaten uns zugeschrieben. Die Wahrheit wird letzten Endes aufgedeckt werden und nicht nur wir Drachen, sondern auch die anderen Wesen, wir freuen uns bereits jetzt sehr auf eine gemeinsame Zukunft. Auf ein friedliches Zusammenleben wie in lang vergangenen Zeiten.

Wie immer bringe ich euch die Grüße und die Liebe des Drachenreiches. Ich bin Lady Ifegena, die blaue Drachendame vom Sirius.

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aisha north

We wold like to give to you some details on an interesting topic that has not been covered much in the previous installments of this manuscript. By now, you are aware that there is indeed a quickening going on in your atmosphere, but besides all of the aches and pains in your bodies, you are mayhaps not too aware what these changes will entail for the rest of the people in this world. We speak of course about all of those millions of people still seemingly unaffected by these intense energy downloads that all of you have had to endure for the last few years. For many, the bare fact that people around you have been able to move about freely, seemingly unperturbed, while you have been laid low by these selfsame frequencies have given you many an occasion to ponder. But from now on, you will not be the…

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