Can you see the target yet? – Archangel Gabrielle through Isabel Henn October 06, 2012

My Beloved, I am pleased to speak to you again. My beloved incarnation has again agreed to be my channel.

It is so beautiful to see what progress you make and how you patiently accept one energy storm after another and integrate into your body. You barely have the opportunity to recover from a burst of energy and you have the next coming up and every thrust is stronger than the previous one. It does not seem so to you, but that is because you can incorporate so much more energy and light. It is like the sun, the more often you go to the sun and your skin gets used to it the longer you can enjoy the sun without causing damage.

The 10-10-portal will give you opportunities to intensify your “energy bath”. No one will miss the incoming energies, the light and the love, even if you would hide youself in a bunker. So strong and intense the energies will be. I know this sounds just terrible for you, and you think surely if this will never stop. Unfortunately not, my beloved, it will be even more intense. Therefore rest, as often as possible. Stop in between often times to have a nap or to close your eyes for a few minutes. This will help you against the increasing fatigue. It will take a few days and then your bodies will have adapted again.

Drink lots of clear, clean water. It directs the energy through your body better and it gets easier. Eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables. There are so many varieties for you on Earth that you can eat good raw. This is light food and above all healthy, living food And all the beautiful fruit that grows with you. Maybe I should manifest a body and try it too. It looks so delicious, when I watch how my incarnation eats her daily portion of fruit. Since she and I are one, I can indeed win through her senses a certain impression about the taste. Oh yes. 🙂

Oh my beloved, stand strong a bit more. Do not be discouraged that it will get worse and more heavy with the energies. Soon, you will have made it. The year’s already almost over. Can you see the target yet? You have turned the last corner. My beloved SaLuSa has told you yesterday by my beloved channel, what is needed to prepare for Ascension. So much it’s not.

Is life in the higher dimensions not worth the last effort? Let your worries go, send them to us in love so that we can resolve them. Have courage my loved ones, I know you can do it. I am so close to you and fire you up on the home straight. And I’m not alone, yet you can not see us, but some of you may hear us already.

Your reward for your efforts will make you forget the troubles you have yet now: to live in peace, without sickness, an eternal life and high vibrations without fear and much much love. The most beautiful thing ever, pure, unconditional love.

Just a little bit longer, you can do it. Call me and I shall help you, for I am your Archangel Gabrielle, who loves you so much its indescribable.

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note: This is the message of SaLuSa she spoke of:

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