Heavenletter #4346 As You Await the Dawn …, October 18, 2012

God said:

As you await the dawn, I await you. I look for you. I seek you. I go out into the world in My seeking for you. I seek you for you, and I also seek you for Myself. I love to be replete with you. I love your awareness of Me. I love you to be aware of Me in your heart, for you are the Heart of God. All are in My heart, and yet I seek you where you already are. I seek your awareness.

It is such a little thing to be aware of Me, to know Me, to hold Me. I am as light as air. You can know Me. You can know Me very personally. This is where joy begins. I must break it to you – you have barely touched love. You do not yet know of the majesty you are. You keep getting closer. Just a tiny step more, and you will know first hand Our Oneness. You will know your Oneness with All That Is. You will know Me far better than you know your own hand.

Your hand has always been your hand, and, yet, despite the expression of knowing something like the back of your hand, you do not already know your own hand. Your hand has always been your hand, yet you are a stranger to your own hand. I am your own God. Be not a stranger to Me. I am worth knowing. Reacquaint yourself with Me. Come into My mansion. Rather, bring your awareness of Me into your heart. Bring Me closer to you in your awareness.

I cannot be any closer to you than I am. It is you who will draw Me closer to you. Just a little closer, and you will know Our Oneness. You will know it like the back of your hand. No, you will know Our Oneness as you have never known anything before. Oneness will surge through you. You will know love as you have never known love before. You will know what you already know. You will be conscious of it. And when you are conscious of Our Oneness, there is nothing else to be conscious of. Heretofore, nothing has been enough for you. I am enough for you. You are saturated with Me. The more you are saturated with Me, the more I rise in your heart, the more you lose yourself. Losing yourself is great gain. Knowing Me is the only thing to know, for, when you come to know Me, you know yourself. You lose sight of your individuality and gain in Oneness which is the Truth of you. It is the sense of you.

It is not really I that you have to believe in. It is yourself. To know thyself is to know Me, and there is nothing greater to know.

Always you have longed for Me. You may not have known the name of your longing, and yet it has been I right along that you have longed for. You have been buffeted by your desire for Me. You have also been buffeted by My desire for you.

Whatever I desire, you cannot withstand. You cannot withstand Me for very long.

If you want Greatness, know Me. All the things you imagine are great are nothing next to Me. What are fame and fortune next to Me? They do not exist. Next to Me, fame and fortune are baubles. They are toys you outgrow. You can like your toys. They serve a purpose, and, yet, they are not enough.

Never mind, I am bringing you closer to Me. Do you feel it? Do you feel yourself pulled to Me? By all the power in the Universe, and all the power in Heaven, I draw you to Me. I beckon you, and you will come. You are on your way. That is how it is. You are on the A-train to God. I call you to Me. Come along. Come now.

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.

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