Archangel Zadkiel through Méline Lafont ~~ Yes you did it! Enlightenment can grow further! ~~ 08/11/2012

Greetings from my Presence as the Archangel of the Violet Ray. I send you my love and I embrace you with my blessed Light and with my being. You will all notice me stepping more and more forward to the forefront to share important issues and dito energies from the Violet Ray, which has now reached its most powerful activation on your beloved world.

Yes we can and Yes we did it! These are famous words of change from the perspective of the newly re-elected president Obama. How joyful we are with that piece of great news and we share this joyfulness with many amongst you! The changes and the renewals already set in place can now be kept on the same track and can evolve gracefully to their full accomplishment. Much will now unfold since this re-election is a milestone won in favor of the Light.
It is quite obvious that the Earth and humanity still believe and have not  lost their faith, that much is clear! It is on such crucial moments that the energies can lend themselves in the best possible ways resulting in much that can be manifested. This is your power that you have gathered in order to guarantee the opening of the road to Ascension and to renewal. Thanks to the re-election of the most suitable president for this task, all shall now effectively come to pass on a more innovative and deeper level than ever before.  As a preparation a lot had already been released and now important projects can be brought about.
Keep having faith in everything and let go of the notion of time because when you link expectations to a certain period of time this in itself can complicate matters or even block them altogether. I would like to request that you let it all go, that you release it without placing any expectations on something and certainly not on someone’s shoulders. Having faith is the best way to go to release things and to manifest. All in all you are here for the same reasons and that is to create it all yourself, to personally work on all things including yourself. Together you can accomplish everything and to that end you again need a president who is up to the task and who moreover can make it possible to guide you to liberation. But in the end it always comes down to yourself!
Do you still know it?? The inner world will always reflect the outer world around you?! When you fully realize this fact you will know that the actual expectations placed on somebody else outside yourself, is not the way to let this whole world thrive in its renewal. This has never been the case and quite frankly it is one of the most important reasons why it has evolved so slowly. Always expecting something that is outside of yourself and then stick to it is the wrong approach. Instead, you should take matters in your own hands and begin the renewal within yourself, it will show up in a renewed world outside yourself.
NOW is the time, more than ever, to be firmly in command and to evolve further on, stepping into unknown territories. Go and find out where you are needed, where you can be of assistance and where you can bring enlightenment in the most pure way. Arm yourself with the Violet Flame as it is the key of Being and of the most pure state of consciousness. It is a consciousness in its own right, which will assist you all and guide you through the most difficult times and places ever. You will be completely safe with this Violet Flame; you will be invulnerable to other energies with less pure intentions. Let the Violet Flame never depart from your heart and carry it everywhere with you, for we will embark on a journey of bringing this world NOW to its renewed state and we are all in this TOGETHER!
Be aware that we of the Violet Ray stand by your side more than ever and this is applicable to all of you! It is our time and it is your time as well and together we will form the greatest cooperation ever which will result in Ascension! I bless you all with my pure Light, in gratitude and in Love to all of you. I thank you for allowing me to bring this message. Rejoice for the coming times and rejoice for the re-election of this president! See you soon!

With all my Love and being, AA Zadkiël.

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