Heavenletter #4380 And Your Heart Can Sing, November 21, 2012

God said:

So many thoughts mill through your mind, and, then, every once in a while, there is a gem of a thought, an inspiration, an intuition, an insight, and your heart flies and reaches the stars. There are these moments. Be open to them. They are for you.

Ascend with your thoughts. There has been enough gravity, enough of what you call realism. Take flights of fantasy which are flights of Truth. Dream on. Catch your dreams, and don’t let them go.

You have a million thoughts picked from a cauldron of thoughts, and now I suggest you pull a thought out from your heart and see where it takes you.

Insights are wonderful things. They are like maps that point to where you are going. A light sparks within you, and you are on your way. One step after another is a good thing, and, yet, a leap lifts you high above the forest of daily life.

Daily life is good. It is your feet on the ground, yet your feet also crave to sail far beyond the shores you already know.

You were plunked down on Earth. You were not nailed down. You were set free on Earth. I am not a dictator over you. I am a Guide Who takes you where you will, and sometimes where you do not will, and yet, you ride free on the Ship of God. Your life is not battened down. You are not below decks. You are not in the brig. You are on the main deck, and you can climb the masts, and you see and say as you like. You can look through your telescope and see land ahead, and your heart can cry out: “Land ahead.” Your heart can cry out: “Ahoy, mateys.” And your heart can sing.

You are not Johnny-One-Note. You are a virtuoso of life. You can sing your heart out and be joyful and enterprising in many realms of life.

You are not to stand in one place. You are to walk and walk again. Life on My ship is not a stalemate. On My ship, We ride the High Seas, and the waves lap, the surf is white, and the sun is bright, and clouds are pink and the sky is blue and there is shore ahead and love ahead. You sail the Bounty Main. From shore, you sail again.

You may row a boat or paddle a canoe or recline on a raft. In every case, you are coming to Me. Over the rapids and under the sea, you come to Me. You are coming to Me as though through a funnel. There is a vortex that spins you, and you rise and you rise, and We fly to a State of Consciousness named Heaven. Heaven is not in outer space. It is in inner space. There is a place in your heart, and it is true, and it is Reality, and here We abide as One.

In life you sail, you swim, you fly, you walk, you stomp, you dance, you sing.

Life, aye, your life is a celebration. You are invited to celebrate. Celebrate. Celebrate your life. It is Mine, too. Celebrate the occasion of your life on Earth. You don’t need to blow horns. You need your heart happy. What does it cost you, beloveds, to be happy, and to be happy once and for all.

You can do it. It is yours to do. Avail yourself of the celebration. There is nothing else really worth your while. Counting profits is not really a celebration. Making a mark is not really a celebration. Making hearts sing – now, that is a celebration.

And, so, right now, let Us celebrate this life that We share and that We share unto Eternity. Come. Come now. Come with Me to a sacred land of peace. It is in your heart.

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