Higher D magnetic and temporal codes have activated. Supreme sensations come rapidly to all Hue-manity. Humanity general also receives these, but activations occur later.

Movement to Higher D elevations occurs readily now, as old paradigm patterns dissolve. Illusion is no longer supported in any aspect and rapidly appears, then dis-appears, from consciousness.

“Second-class” or lower choices are not supported, rather only those which are connected to Higher Self.

Gaia shines with the Joy of Highest Fulfillment.

Be… at Peace.

All… is well.

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Yeshua ~ Happy Journey, Dear Travelers ~ As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda ~ November 28, 2012



As you are speeding along your Ascension Path, the energies are constantly uplifting you. You allow yourselves to flow along the ever-increasing waves of energy that is your birthright and your salvation from the lower densities.

Your true essence is upon you.  You live in it more solidly every day and you have your abiding Love and perseverance to thank for it.

Allow yourselves to receive, dear ones; receive the ever-increasing energies being handed to you, being lovingly handed to you by the Higher Realms, the realms you are becoming accustomed to as your new home. We welcome you. We await you. Nothing is in your way now.

Rejoice, for it is nigh; it is palpable; it is inevitable and it is yours to live in and enjoy, dear ones. Rejoice, for nothing can stop your Light Bodies from becoming fully engorged with Light, with Love in its purest form, if you allow it. For the time has come. Throw open your arms and hearts and accept it with abandon, dear ones.

Rejoice, for Love and Joy and Abundance are in your capable hands to spin like silk on a loom. No one can stop you now. Start choosing the colors of your fabric of Life and of your new creations so lovingly being formed and created in your capable hands and hearts.

Become  like children again, who have just been presented in front of them massive amounts of modeling clay of all colors and textures, and start forming with sheer joy whatever you wish to create. Pour yourselves into it and watch what you produce.

You are masters in this co-creation and you are beginning to remember how to do it with such ease. Use your dreams as models and sculpt from that what you desire. Nothing is impossible, nothing is wrong.  You see, since you create from Love now, everything you create is beautiful and joyous and valuable to all who experience it.

This is what you shall experience in the Higher Realms, each one of you creating from your heart’s dreams and visions what is sustainable and Beautiful and functional for all to enjoy. Each one of you has your own signature and tone and so the result of every one of you creating will be a symphony of beautiful music and colors and will produce such deep satisfaction and Serenity and Peace in a job well done, for all to enjoy and experience without limitation or withholding.

You, my dear friends, are the chosen ones; you have stirred and built up the Light to a crescendo now and as the influx of more Light and Love comes in, it is just necessary for you to ride it, swirl within it, encompass it, accept it, hold it and release it out to others.

You are beginning to experience what it will be like in the higher dimensions as the shifts become more apparent and felt. It is becoming your norm now. You are lifting and acclimating to the new elevation of your climb to Ascension.

Allow yourselves to incrementally experience the new energies as they come in while paying attention to the needs of your physical body, always grounding and always accepting the Light to how much you can hold, in increments as it is comfortable. You will see your capacity increase as the days go on and be so engorged with Light and Love that you will feel so transformed.

Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to your feelings. Let them sit and simmer and then become encased in Love, transmuted into pure Love essence.

You will be astounded at your experience as you allow yourselves to let go and surrender to the pouring of energies into your Light Bodies and into your Hearts. It will be like “one size fits all” as you increase your capacity for floating in and being in and holding the Light.

Abide by your Hearts and begin to forget any vestiges of negativity that once was part of your world. Become like a new-born baby with so much to experience and explore and enjoy; let your curiosity and your innocence be your guide now. You are learning to let go and let that happen, with complete trust that your needs are taken care of. Just as a new-born baby knows and trusts, let that be your new knowing.

Scale yourselves down into the Divine essence at your core and build back up from that, shedding any impurities and negativities that are of your old way of existing.

Venture out now, dear ones, for you have a wondrous journey ahead of you. You have reached the Vista now and can see clearly what you have been waiting for, for eons. Be at Peace with it, be in Love with it – This is your new life. Immerse yourselves in the gentle rain of Love Energy coming down and swim amongst the soft waves as your new way of Being emerges, dear ones.

Your loving brother, Yeshua

As Channeled Through Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included. (Blog) (Website)

Heavenletter #4388 The Wild Blue Yonder, November 29, 2012

God said:

All human beings are riders on the range. You are roamers on the range. You have a lasso, and you do round-ups. You gather others unto you, and they go in the way you go. It is hearts that you round up. It is hearts that you take with you. All hearts are yours, and they are yours for the asking. One heart joins another, just the way people hold hands. Let Us hold hearts across the wide prairie and unite the world.

All are going in the same direction. Why not go together? Not as a herd but as splendid hearts, all for one, and one for all.

Stand up and be counted. You are not a soldier of fortune. You are a soul of fortune. Fortune means what is to come. What is to come is Unity and Peace, and you are a forerunner of it. You may be a humble rider of the plains, and yet you are the leader. Where you go, beloveds, shall I go. You follow Me in this march across the Universe, and, yet, I follow you. We are horse-riders of the plain.

As in a beautiful movie, We ride over the horizon and rise into the sky and head up to Heaven. Rising, rising, rising over the horizon up to the pink sky and past the white clouds into the wild blue yonder which is not wild at all. It is rest and peace and all things beautiful. I am describing you. You are your journey, you understand. You are your own vision you seem to see in the distance.

You ride the range, and you ride the waves. There is no difference between ranger and surfer. There are no differences at all. Riding, riding, riding over the flat plains or riding, riding, riding the blue waves.

There are no shores but the shores of hearts that leap and leap high. All hold hands. There is One Rider and One Way to Ride. There are no battles, no battlefields. These are photographs you snap with the camera of your mind. They are yet to be developed. Developed, you will see the Majesty of Truth. You will see beyond what is called the Veil. The thing is you will see, for you will have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. You will stop for the night, and in the morning you will awake on this infinite ride you take across the desert sands and across the night sky. You will touch each star on your way with a kiss, for you are a rider of Creation. You reach into your heart and you toss it to the stars from where you came.

You leave yourself everywhere. You know that, don’t you. Even what is not seen, nevertheless, is seen. You leave yourself everywhere.

You are an architect of life, and you are a beautiful being returning from where you began, except, you never began. You always were. You live in Eternity, and Eternal and Infinite are you.

You don’t really think you are only a speckled spot on the surface of life, do you? You are life itself. You are the Spender of the Splendor of the Universe. You do not collect the Universe. You ride the range of the Universe, and the sun shines on you, and you reflect the sun until no one can tell the difference between you and the sun or the night stars or anything you can think or remember or not remember, for what is there in the Universe but the Oneness of Light and the Oneness of the One Heart that gallops everywhere.

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Accept what is brought to you now in gratitude and joy. – channeled by Ron Head November 28, 2012

Spanish        Portuguese


I am known in your time as Francis, Francis of Assisi.  I have asked to speak with you now in order to reach the hearts of many who approach this next time with apprehension and fear.

You will find that as you and I speak more with each other this will become much more natural, just as it has between you and Michael.

When I walked the earth as Francis, reaching a state of illumination, meaning being able to speak with spirit and be in communication with one’s Self, was no simple thing.  Most of humanity at that time was simply trying to survive from one day to the next.  Most travel could only be done by foot.  If one were lucky enough to have a beast to carry him, it might be easier and a bit more speedy.  Most did not leave their immediate surroundings in their entire lifetimes.

Communication was mostly by word of mouth.  If one could read and write, one could still only reach as far as a piece of parchment or paper could be carried.  The only education available where I lived was through the church, and that was available to very few.

Now your world is very different.  This has brought you to an ability to travel and communicate, to learn, that we did not even dream of.  And yet, you have also reached the point of finally seeing with clear eyes the condition of the world in which you live, and it has not filled you with happiness.  You see, thanks to your amazing ability to communicate, that you are destroying your world and each other.

You have decided that you would turn the direction of your society around, and you have asked for the spiritual help to do so.  So many changes have been happening that it is difficult to know even where to begin speaking of them.  But the most important thing is that you have chosen to align yourselves with the flow of the energies of time and change which have always been the will of the Divine.

It matters not what you and your fellows call that Divine energy.  It only matters that you acknowledge it and work with it and not against it, that you do not attempt to twist its will to fit your own selfish ends.

You have achieved this in an amazingly short period of time and have made yourselves ready to experience a vast cosmic event to your benefit instead of to your world’s destruction.  Yes, vast and mostly unseen aid has been yours in this endeavor, but your own efforts, personal efforts, have been what have prepared you for these next few weeks.  Please be at peace in your hearts and know that only your highest and best interests are the intent of your Creator and his angels, of we whom you call masters, and of all you sometimes speak of as the Company of Light.

We wish you to know that you are being made as ready as it is possible to make you.  You have placed so much expectation upon this time, and listened to so much obsolete prediction, that you have let much worry and fear cloud what should be, and will be, the most wondrous time in the history of this planet or indeed any other.

Just let the worry and fear go.  Accept what is brought to you now in gratitude and joy.  And as surely as I am speaking to you now, know that you, you as an individual, have nothing to fear because your biggest fear can never happen to you.  You may not always be called John or Mary, just as I am not always known as Francis, but you will always be.  You are too precious to your Creator for that not to be true.

If only you learn to love yourselves as you are loved, that alone will change your world to a condition you would call heaven.

I ramble now.  I have said what I came to say and I bid you peace and farewell.  Godspeed.

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I will be at the show of Maarten Horst at ET-First Contact Radio

My friends I am so excited to tell you that Maarten Horst from ET-First Contact Radio 2.0 invited me to be his guest in his show. It is planned now for December 3rd, 2012 at 8 pm CET, this should be 11:00 – 11:55 AM (PST), 2:00 – 2:55 PM (EST). Please look at your timetables for the correct time.

Maarten asked me to add this link that people may find the correct station to listen. It is where people have to go to listen to the show.

aisha north

Today is another important day that will mark the passage from one state to another, as the moon will be darkened by the Earth’s shadow. This in itself will not be looked upon as any sort of dramatic event, but energywise, this change in illumination of the full moon will also bring about changes in your energetic setup. Let us explain.

For many, these weeks are considered as a part of that sacred period counting down the days until you reach that marker in your calender named 21.12.12, or 12.21.12, according to where you live and how you spell out your dates. As we have said before, these dates are only to serve as a focal point for humanity, so we will not delve further into that exact period just yet, as that is indeed something that we will return to, we just refer to it now as an indication…

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HEAVENLETTER # 4387 – 28.11.12 – Body and Soul KÖRPER UND SEELE


Gott redete:


Insofern Wir Eins sind, was kann da von Unserem Einen Selbst her fertiggebracht werden? Wer denn redet jetzt soeben im Augenblick, und Wer hört zu und schreibt nieder, was Ich sage?


Es möchte scheinen, dass Ich BIN und dass du, der Gedanke an dich, Meine Finger bist, und dass mithin Meine Finger tippen.


Verstehe das, du bist in Mir nicht abhanden gekommen. Die tiefste Wahrheit von Uns ist aufgefunden, und demnach tut deine Personalität deine gesegnete beglückende Seele auf.


Das Drama, welches Ich als du in der Welt auslebe, ist eine Geschichte von Körper und Seele, oder etwa nicht? Weder der Körper noch die Seele gehört übersehen. Die Chancen stehen gut, dass du – Ich in einem Körper – diesen Aspekt Meiner Selbst nicht übersiehst, alldieweil werde Ich, die Seele von dir, übersehen, werde Ich heruntergespielt, nicht als so herausragend angesehen, wie es Mir sehnlichst ist, es zu sein. Ich als du in einem Körper, den man den deinen nennt, frequentiere andere Orte.


Nichtsdestotrotz öffne Ich Mich auf der Erde ununterbrochen MirSelber und suche Ich Mich selbst ebendort auf, wo Ich inmitten des vermeintlichen du bin.


An der Stelle ist keine Identitätskrise auszumachen. Es gab sie niemals. Dein ganzer Aufenthalt im Leben auf der Welt soll herausfinden, Wer du fürwahr bist. Ausnahmslos bin Ich deine Herrlichkeit. Ich bin deine Wahre Natur. Nicht eines unter den Menschenseinswesen, das auf der Erde herumläuft, entbehrt des Einsseins mit Mir. Wie sonderbar dir das zu sein scheint. Wie seltsam, dass du in deinem fantastischen Körper Mich in den gemutmaßten Anderen und in deinem umherziehenden Selbst nicht erkennst, unterdessen du Ich Selbst bist!


Dies ist das Mysterium der Jahrhunderte! Dieses Geheimnis lüften – darum geht es, wofür du zur Erde gekommen bist, es zu lösen, es zum Zergehen zu bringen und um zu Unserem Einen Vereinten Selbst auszuarten und zu werden.


Dasjenige, was du nicht kennst, nach dem bist du auf der Suche.


Und demnach, seid ihr perplex. Geliebte, ihr rudert in einem Boot dorthin, wo ihr bereits seid. Ihr schaut euch nach eurem Namen um. Ihr tut euch nach dem Unverlautbarten, nach dem Unerfassten, nach dem Unbekannten um.


Dasjenige, was ihr derzeit nicht glaubt, ist das, nach dem ihr sucht.


Ich bin Überall, und gleichwohl findest du Mich in keiner Enzyklopädie, obschon Ich auch dort bin. Suche nach Kenntnis ist Suche nach Gott. Allderweil sitze Ich genau dort, wo du bist. Ich scheine dir wie ein maskierter Reiter zu sein, hinwiederum bist du es, der in Verkleidung daherkommt.


Genug von diesen Mutmaßungen. Eher als ein maskierter Reiter bin Ich mehr wie das heldenmütige Ross, auf dem du einherreitest. Ich bin seit eh und je bei dir. Natürlich, Ich bin. Ich bin du, und du bist Ich, und dem hingegen mag es in der Welt danach aussehen, dass Wir, Ich, in einer Hängepartie festsitzen, und dass Wir die Mauer niemals überwinden werden können, die Uns auseinander zu halten scheint, abgetrennt durch eben die Welt, die Wir/Ich erschufen. „O, Schöpfer, wo bist Du bloß?“


Indes weiß Ich ohne Weiteres, wo Ich BIN, und tief drinnen weißt du, jener Mythos des Du, ebenfalls darum. Tief, tief inwendig in dir, untergetaucht, freilich zugegen, liegt deine kühne Kenntnis von Wer und Was Ich BIN, und demnach deine zutiefst vertraute Kenntnis deiner selbst.


Ja, dein Körper erschwert dein Gewahrsein, da dein Gewahrsein auf anderen Dingen – wie etwa auf dieser täglichen Beschäftigung, mit der du belegt bist – liegt, gleichwohl BIN Ich, hinter alledem, die Wahrheit Unseres Einen Selbst.


Du hast fast deinen Finger an diesem simplen Gewahren dran, an dieser Erkenntnis, welche deiner Sicht verborgen ist.


Der Nachweis, dass Ich BIN, bist du. Du bist der Beleg Meiner Existenz. Du bist Mein Seien, und das war seit eh und je so. Just jetzt hebst du an, der Bewandtnis auf den Trichter zu kommen. Ich bin wie eine Traube hoch oben am Weinstock, und du erreichst Mich fast. Ein Sprung mehr, und du wirst dich bis zu den Höhen gestreckt haben, die die deinen sind und immerfort waren.



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Message From An Un-named Being Of Light. “Grant Yourself Permission To Be Happy.” By, Bella Capozzi. November 28,2012.


* This message came in at about 5:oo this morning, just as I was waking up.  I have no idea who it was that spoke to me, but I am positive that he or she is very loving and benevolent.  I went to bed extremely well-shielded, and even now I can still feel the glow of warm, golden energy that accompanied this short transmission.  I hope that in reading this message, you all will feel the love from this being, too.


“To understand who and what Creation is, you need only look within yourself.  It is the silence within.  The silence is your place of refuge apart from the noise of your exterior world.  When you discover the Silent Spot, you discover uninterrupted connection.  A connection formed not with a barrage of words and pictures, but in the contentment.  Why, child, do you deem it necessary to constantly think?

The acquired mastery of dwelling firmly rooted and stable and centered is to attain the sought-after level of consciousness you selectively term ’5D’.  The attainment of this next level of consciousness is so simple it is genius, and not nearly so complicated as you make it out to be.  Find it in a spark of creativity.  It lies in the compassion which spills forth freely from your heart, to those who are in need.  And there are so many souls in need.

Do unto others as you should wish others to do unto you.  Yet equally important is to do unto yourself as you would strive to do unto others.  Grant yourself permission to be happy, and proceed to live accordingly.  Authentically.  With a gracious heart.  Clear away what chains you up and holds you down, be it old programming and ideas or excess baggage from a long-forgotten lifetime.  Water under the bridge, it is, and it flows off into the nether-regions.

To know love is to know God.  To live by the dictates of the heart is to live honestly and without artifice.  By being true to what you know to be true.  And what is true for you may not quite be true for another.  Such is the way of things, and such is the way it is coming round to be for all concerned – for you, for Earth and for her inhabitants.  Be ready to be this change.”

(Could you explain what you mean by ‘living authentically’?)

“Yes.  It means being true to your vision of what this New Earth means to you.  Your own personal ideal.  Each of your visions is unique to you.  And all have the potential to come together, to exist concurrently, in harmony.”

(Who is this?)

“You already know.”

Copyright Bella © Capozzi.  All rights reserved.  You may copy and distribute this material as long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice.

Heavenletter #4387 Body and Soul, November 28, 2012

God said:

Inasmuch as We are One, what can be made of Our One Self? Who is speaking now, and Who is listening and writing down what I say?

It would seem that I AM, and you, the thought of you, are My fingers, and so My fingers type.

Understand, you are not lost in Me. The deepest Truth of Us is found, and so your personality finds your blessed Soul.

The drama I live as you in the world is a story of body and soul, is it not? Neither body nor soul is to be overlooked. The odds are that you — I in a body — do not overlook this aspect of Myself, yet I, the soul of you, is overlooked, played down, not as prominent as I long to be. I, as you in a body called yours, frequent other places.

Nevertheless, on Earth, I keep opening up to MySelf and finding MySelf right where I am within the supposed you.

There is no identity crisis. There never was. Your whole sojourn in life in the world is to find out Who you truly are. Without exception, I am your Magnificence. I am your True Nature. Not one human being running around on Earth is lacking Oneness with Me. How strange this seems to you. How strange that you in your fantastic body do not recognize Me in supposed others and in your errant self when, all along, you are Myself!

This is the mystery of the centuries! To solve this mystery is what you have come to Earth to solve, to dissolve, to become Our One United Self.

And, so, you are perplexed. Beloveds, you are rowing a boat to where you already are. You are looking for your Name. You are looking for the Unspoken, the Uncaptured, the Unknown.

That which you do not presently believe is what you are seeking.

I am Everywhere, and yet, you do not find Me in an encyclopedia, although, I am there too. Search for knowledge is search for God. All the while, I am sitting right where you are. I seem like a masked rider to you, and, yet, it is you who wears a disguise.

Enough of this speculation. Rather than a masked rider, I am more like the heroic steed you ride on. I am ever with you. Of course, I am. I am you, and you are I, and yet, in the world, it may seem that We, I, are at an impasse, and will never surmount the wall that seems to keep Us apart, separated by the very world We created. “O, Creator, where art Thou?”

And, yet, I know very well where I AM, and deep inside, you, that myth of you, also know. Deep deep within you, submerged, yet there, is your keen realization of Who and What I AM, and, therefore, intimate knowledge of yourself.

Yes, your body hampers your awareness because your awareness is on other things like this daily occupation you are occupied with, and, yet, behind it all, AM I, the Truth of Our One Self.

You almost have your finger on this simple awareness, this awareness that is hidden from view.

The evidence that I AM is you. You are the evidence of My Existence. You are My Being, and it has ever been so. Just now you are beginning to get the hang of it. I am like a grape high on the vine, and you are almost reaching Me. One more hop, and you will have ascended the heights that are yours and always were.


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Elevated alignments of individual Higher D Light filaments have allowed coalescence of these filaments into Gaia Beams of Light throughout the planet. Connection with Essential Cosmic Entities finalizes.

Compression of Time-Illusion brings multiple energetic events into simultaneous manifestation.

Hue-manity awakens within all humanity.

Celebrations follow quickly.

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