the celestial team

12/2/12 Love/Light Message from Judith and the celestial team

This is Judith. The moment “Discombobulation!” popped up as the title for this message, the celestial team surprised me by asking me to collaborate with them in creating it. Although they had already let me know that the “time would come” when my own, muddled, human experiences would become just as important to the messages as their exquisitely clear perspectives, I didn’t expect it to suddenly be right NOW. Not when I am at the peak of feeling hopelessly discombobulated, myself!

Yet, there is always method to their divine madness, as I’ve come to trust without hesitation. And when they asked me to begin the message by sharing the resonance of the title with my own current human process, I could feel a divine plan unfolding in my very bones.

The frequencies of the word “discombobulation” resounded and reverberated within me…

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