Lady Portia ~We have begun ~channeled by Méline Lafont Decmber 2, 2012




Precious Hearts of mine, as the days are shortening now, as the time fades away and the swelling of the NOW moment occurs slowly, you will begin to see what your natural Presence really is. Those beautiful blossoms of Light are now in the process of maturing into the most superb creations ever! Each of you is in his/her own right the most fantastic gift on Earth and you represent the Light in all your Love and in your Being. Your own creations will reveal themselves increasingly as a more Loving energy since they are now sheathed in a new coat full of glitter and brilliance.


You may expect lots of changes to occur now in a short period of time. When the time shortens, the energies will highten in intensity ensuring a maximum of shifts, following each other up rather directly. Everything has been upgraded by a notch so to speak and that’s the reason why only the most balanced souls can experience these utterly positive changes and energies on a pretty effective way. Always make good use of them, my precious hearts, as they grant many activations for all of you.


As to the more imbalanced souls it would appear that they experience more chaos these days; the inner world is always reflected in the outer world and what does it mean to be out of balance in the outer world? Yes, right, you experience chaos. I always feel responsible for those beloved souls who are trying to regain their balance and I am at their service and at the service of all of you when requests for regaining balance are uttered and a quest to experience this begins. Still there are many souls hopelessly in search for this and I am at your disposal for you all, no exceptions. My disposition is firm for all of you, it is my task and my guided Love for humanity and for the Earth.



Wishing to regain your balance implies in fact that you request to again begin to feel good and to recover yourself : to recover your true Higher Self to be exact. And is this not just what many hearts are yearning for? They yearn to get answers to questions like “Who am I”, “Why am I here?”, “What does this mission mean for my personal evolution?” Well, my beloved hearts, allow me to put your minds at ease by stating that everything will come to you. The moment when your connection to your Higher Self is again merged into one, you will once again understand it all.


This inner connection, which in fact is the merging with your Higher Being, will provide the activation of the “knowing” : when everything flows in you what you have always carried in your hearts. Memories well up in your thoughts and in your dreams as flashes of recognitions. Than all will be known ; that’s why my task is a serious and an important one. Being balanced, accepting and embodying yourself, leads up to becoming your true Self; which is what Ascension is all about.


So be full of joy in these times as this feeling will stimulate the positive energies, so please feel free to be joyful and to have fun, feel your hearts soar and feel how your love and your being grows towards yourself and to all others who are on the same frequency. Amongst those we also count your Star Family and your friends of the Light. You are going to form one huge group who together will, hand in hand, work on the enlightenment by coming together on the same wavelength. This huge group will put their tasks and talents to the benefit of many other souls on Earth, who are in need of a little push or who require some assistance in these perhaps most difficult times ever for them.


Those sleeping souls count on all of you who have found their missions and have started them on Earth and on the Higher Realms as well. We are taking a closer look at the amount of awakenings and we can proudly announce that they have accrued drastically, thanks to the many Lightworkers amongst you and thanks to all of you in general! We expect and hope to see even more awakenings taking place so that the already huge group of enlightened ones can grow even more and the forces can be bundled together.


At this very moment the powers of the Masters and the Archangels are bundling themselves to form 1 huge Light of many colors and Presences. This creates the New World for all of you, as every single colour has a specific mission and energy which it entails. The bundling together of all of these powers and energies of our Presences, will ensure that this New World will be born in a state of pure Light, which in itself will mature into a form representing your own creations. Consider this bundle of our Light as a kind of fertilization for this New World of yours.


Our powers will converge into a bundle of Light just before the final shift which in itself has started now. We lend our assistance on the highest level and are on stand-by in each moment. Your Higher Self is addressed more often now so as to come to order and to perform certain tasks. Those ones who are incarnated as a Master or an Archangel will strongly be addressed now; they know who they are and why they proceed now with their tasks at hand.


Many of us have effectively incarnated on your world, precious hearts of mine. You can find us everywhere as we are scattered all over the world. The time will now shortly come for us to reveal our true nature, this will happen when we feel the world is ready for these revelations. For now it is important to know that we are here and that we have prepared a long time for our mission. This beloved scribe is one of those incarnations of a Master, even though she does not yet feel ready to share who she is. It is sufficient for her to know for herself who she is, and this is of course true.


I want to ask all of you to begin your cooperation in all earnesty and to bundle your powers, rendering your services to others when you feel your input is required. It is very important to start now with your gifts and make them available to all those who need them. Do not worry, for all of you will be addressed through your Higher Self and you will be put on each other’s path. For now, my beloved hearts, I leave you with all my Love. I wish to be of service to all of you, no strings attached. I love you all so dearly and I send you my Love.


I AM that I AM

Lady Portia

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