gaia_energy1Alignment of Hue-manity Higher Templates with incoming Cosmic waves presents Higher Choices to individual Hue-persons in “Hue-person-recognizable” forms. These Cosmic-wave-aligned Higher Templates are incoming to assist each human to choices to transform into Hue-man.

Simplicity programs being transmitted enable recognition for most. Those with CBS (“Complicated Brain Syndrome”) will not receive, and require additional transmutation prior to reception. Pain is not required, but CBSs will likely choose the pain path for a period.

Higher Hue-manity continues evolution at accelerated pace due to this Hue-manity Higher Template/Cosmic wave alignment.

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You are being released. What do you do now? – channeled by Ron Head January 31, 2013


It is now obvious to those who are awakening that there have been great changes made by the rising energies within this last month, so much so that many are not only noticing the changes within themselves and each other, but are communicating this.  There are, for some, even glimmerings of psychic openings where none were before.  Almost all of you in this awakening state are feeling yourselves primed and ready for you know not what.

Our message to you today is that you do know what.  It is the manifestation of your heart’s deepest urgings.  There has always been a time for this to happen.  That time is now.  The conditions in which you find yourselves at this point are best described as release.  You are being released.  What do you do now?

We suggest that your hearts and your highest selves know the answer to that and are much better prepared to handle it than you are.  They have worked long and diligently getting you to this point, answering each intent and desire in your heart.  So what we would recommend for those who have done their clearing and learned to spend time in their heart space is, throw the reins up onto the neck of your horse and hang on.  Release.

Do today what is given you to do today.  You need only concern yourselves with staying in alignment, keeping your state of joy and love alive.  There is no reason to worry, no gain comes of it.  Only keep your focus on that which brings you joy.  Your Creator, your higher selves, and your angels need only your request that they steer the ship.  Once you have been able to do that, you will find it much easier to spend time sharing the love and peace you find within with all others.  And that, dear ones, is the place to be.  But if you are in constant struggle to answer your own needs and wants, it is very difficult to truly devote yourself to others, is this not true?

Yes, you can make an effort to do so, but you always find yourself falling back.  Find the place of knowing that you are worthy, loved, and provided for.  Then you will find that your heart readily begins to wish the same for all other beings.

We understand that a very great number of you have understood much of what we are saying now for a while, but those to whom that applies will please understand that there are now numbers awakening for whom these concepts are just being discovered.  There are still more than a few who consider themselves lightworkers who struggle daily with the same old problems.  Let us, we on this side and you on that, help them free themselves from those old situations and feel the freedom of this new energy, this new world.  Their contributions are going to be needed as we move ahead now.

Love, light, and joy be yours this day.  We will speak again.

Heavenletter #4451 Following Your Own Heart, January 31, 2013


God said:

A little honesty goes a long way. It is such a relief to be honest. You must be honest. The big thing is not to kid or beguile yourself.

Stretching the truth doesn’t work out well anyway. Sooner or later, the Truth is seen, and the Truth is known. Your heart is not something to fake. Being good doesn’t mean that you go along with what your heart does not go along with. You know what, beloveds, this just doesn’t work.

Because you are honest doesn’t mean you are rude. It just means you don’t pretend that your heart is somewhere when it isn’t. O! to be true to your heart.

You may ask then: “God, how do we humans love everyone and yet turn them away?”

Beloveds, I have to ask you: “What kind of love pretends itself? What do you live by? Truth or false testimony?”

Your view does not have to change to suit someone else better. It’s like this: When you move away from a town where you live, it’s all right. You don’t have to stay in one town or another. By the same token, if you choose to take one apartment over another, you are not obliged to live in another one because you want to be someone who loves all. You don’t have to choose every apartment in the cause of loving. You don’t have to adore everyone and everything. In life, there are choices, and they have to be made.

The Great Spiritual Ones loved as you desire to love. They followed their hearts. Because they loved didn’t mean they spent their time and lives with everyone. They spent their time and lives where it was meaningful to them. They did not let others make their decisions for them.

Look, I know that in human life sometimes you have coffee with someone who is not your cup of tea. You are not being dishonest to sit down and have a cup of coffee. At the same time, when you have somewhere else to be and something else to do, because you want to love everyone, doesn’t mean that you forego your destiny or give up your life for the sake of a pretense. The Great Ones could enjoy anyone they sat down with, and yet they did not sit down with everyone.

This is your life We are talking about. It is no service to others to go along with others when your heart is calling you somewhere else.

We can put it this way: You have your Father’s business to go about. Go where your heart is. Your major purpose in life is not to be accommodating. Your purpose in life is not to put aside what matters to you.

It is not for you to be diverted from your life or your Truth. You are not heartless, and yet you are not everything to everyone. There is much more to life than dissembling. There is much more to life than trying to please.

The Great Ones gave happiness. They gave Truth, and they lived their Truth. They were not thinking of pleasing others. That was not utmost in their thinking. Of course, they did please others. Truth is strong. Less than Truth is not strong nor does it please in the long run. There is a difference between great coffee and ersatz coffee. There is a difference between dissembling and Truth.

There is more to life than putting yourself on the back burner. When it comes to the point where you perceive Oneness, you serve where you are to serve, and you serve naturally with purpose and from Truth and nothing else.

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HEAVENLETTER # 4451 – 31.1.13 – Following Your Own Heart DICH AN DEIN EIGENES HERZ HALTEN


Gott redete:


Eine kleine Redlichkeit reicht weit. Es ist eine solche Erleichterung, ehrlich zu sein. Ihr müsst aufrichtig sein. Die erhebliche Sache ist die – euch selber nichts vormachen oder euch nicht hintergehen.


Die Wahrheit dehnen geht schlussendlich nicht gut auf. Früher oder später wird die Wahrheit in den Blick gelangen und bekannt. Euer Herz ist nichts, um es zu türken. Gut sein bedeutet nicht, dass du mit dem im Einvernehmen bist, wo dein Herz nicht mitzieht. Ihr wisst das, Geliebte, das klappt nicht.


Weil ihr aufrichtig seid, bedeutet nicht, ihr seid ungesittet. Es meint einfach, ihr tut nicht so, als wäre euer Herz an der einen oder anderen Stelle, unterdessen es da nicht ist. O! – ja, eurem Herzen treu sein.


Ihr werdet sodann fragen mögen: „Gott, wie denn lieben wir Menschen jeden Menschen, und wenden uns dennoch von ihnen weg?“


Geliebte, Ich habe euch zu fragen: „Was für eine Art Liebe täuscht sich selber vor? Wovon lebt ihr? Von Wahrheit oder von falsch Zeugnis?“


Deine Sicht hat sich nicht zu ändern, um sich einer anderen Person besser zu fügen. Die Dinge liegen so: Wenn du von einer Stadt, in der du lebst, wegziehst, ist das in Ordnung. Du hast nicht in der einen oder anderen Stadt zu bleiben. Genauso – wenn du dir eine Wohnung nimmst, und eine andere nicht, bist du nicht verpflichtet, in der anderen zu wohnen, da du gerne jemand sein möchtest, der alle gerne hat und liebt. Du hast dich nicht im Namen dessen, zu lieben, für jede Wohnung zu entscheiden. Du hast nicht für jeden und für alles zu schwärmen. Im Leben gibt es Entscheidungen, und du hast sie zu treffen.


Die Erhabenen liebten, wie ihr es euch sehnlichst wünscht zu lieben. Sie folgten ihrem Herzen. Weil sie liebten, bedeutet nicht, dass sie ihre Zeit und ihr Leben mit jedermann verbrachten. Sie brachten ihre Zeit zu, wo es ihnen bedeutsam schien. Sie ließen nicht Andere ihre Entscheidungen für sie fällen.


Schau, Ich weiß, im menschlichen Leben hast du gelegentlich mit jemandem, der nicht deine Kragenweite ist, eine Tasse Kaffee zu trinken. Du bist nicht unaufrichtig dabei, dich mit jemandem zu einer Tasse Kaffee hinzusetzen. Gleichzeitig ist es so, wenn du einen anderen Ort hast, wo du gerne bist, und wenn du etwas anderes zu tun hast, dann bedeutet, dass du einen Jeden gernhaben möchtest, nicht, dass du dein vorgehaltenes Geschick auf sich beruhen lässt oder dein Leben einem So-Tun-Als-Ob zuliebe aufgibst. Die Erhabenen konnten sich an jedem Menschen erfreuen, mit dem sie sich hinsetzten, und dennoch setzten sie sich nicht zu jedermann.


Dies ist dein Leben, über das Wir reden. Es ist kein Dienst an Anderen, mit jemandem mitzuziehen, unterdessen dein Herz dich nach woandershin ruft.


Wir können es so sagen: Du hast dich an das Geschäft deines Vaters dranzumachen. Begib dich dorthin, wo dein Herz ist. Deine vorrangige Zwecksetzung im Leben lautet nicht, beispringend und gefällig zu sein. Dein Zweck im Leben lautet nicht, das, was dir von Bedeutung ist, beiseitezulegen.


Es ist dir nicht, von deinem Leben oder von deiner Wahrheit abgeleitet zu werden. Du bist nicht herzlos, und dennoch bist du nicht einem Jeden alles. Es ist gehörig mehr am Leben dran als verhehlen. Es ist gehörig mehr am Leben dran, denn zu gefallen zu versuchen.


Die Erhabenen schenkten Glück. Sie schenkten Wahrheit, und sie lebten ihre Wahrheit. Sie dachten nicht daran, Anderen zu Gefallen zu sein. Das war keineswegs zuvörderst in ihrem Denken. Selbstverständlich waren sie Anderen ein Behagen. Die Wahrheit ist stark. Minderes als Wahrheit ist weder stark noch beglückt es langfristig. Es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen tollem Kaffee und Kaffee-Ersatz. Es gibt einen Unterschied zwischen verhehlen und vortäuschen einerseits und Wahrheit andererseits.


Es ist mehr am Leben dran als dich selber auf die lange Bank schieben. Sobald es zu dem Punkt kommt, wo du Einssein wahrnimmst, dienst du, wo es dir zu dienen gilt, und du bist ganz natürlich, mit Vorsatz und aus der Wahrheit und aus nichts anderem heraus, dienstbar.

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Saint Germain ~ The sightings of your current heart are overwhelming ~As channeled by Méline Lafont ~ January 31, 2013




As channeled by Méline Lafont  

31 January – 1 February 2013

Precious beings of Light, my friends and brothers/sisters of heart. What a magnificent movement of Light is taking place here on Earth and beyond.  This movement is astonishing to behold and it is occurring within you all: within your hearts and also within your minds.  Let me thank you for it, as I AM deeply moved by this.

Little by little and step by step these creations of Love are now unfolding themselves within you all to be fully manifested in your own personal time and space.  You all are flourishing like beautiful flowers, becoming these roses of Love.  These flourishing flowers are all of you!! One by one and day by day, we of the Light are gaining more and more space on your precious Gaia, and in the minds and hearts of your precious Selves.

The current movement of Light and the current state of consciousness have never ever been so high like they are at present.  Not even the Atlantian, Lemurian or the Mayan cultures which were so high in enlightenment back then, cannot be compared to this present global movement in awakening.  Simply because this is a global awakening and not a culture or the awakening of a continent like it was in Atlantis.  This time the awakening takes place on a Global scale, and therefore Ascension is here for all of you dear souls out there, together with beloved GAIA!

There is no escape from the movement of Light, as it washes away all the old patterns and brings in renewing like a ‘refresh button’ , bringing you to the expansion of your own True Light.  There is no escape from Love, since Love is all there is and Love is all that is!  There can only be true compassion when Love fills the joyful heart.

All is and stays respected in all ways!  There will never exist fear again in your selves, as the heart is not choosing for this type of creation anymore.  The balancing of the heart is proceeding gently as we speak, reaching a harmonic balance of the yin and the yang, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, so it might stay so for infinity.  The Masculine energies have done their work for the last 13.000 years or so and now the time for these beautiful and refined Feminine energies, have come to bring you all the process of purification on Earth and in yourselves.

Let these Divine Feminine energies refine yourself into this blissful state of being that you are, into this pure and Loved Self.  It is this Divine power of Light, this pure and strong beauty of Love, and the wisdom of you all that will bring the new way of Life.

This new way of life is bringing the birth of Purity and unity consciousness ; the Oneness!  It is your inner heart which is speaking the language of Love again and is bringing forth Divine wisdom, the language of Light and compassion.  Vortexes of Light are created and Light codes are planted in the collective forms of you all.  It is about forming this Oneness, this “All That Is” into your reality again .

You all have these inside of you, these vortexes of Light, these patterns of Light; each and everyone of you!  You are integrating the Highest form of yourselves and of your God selves; Presences of Divine Light.  There is so much beauty in this world that has not been seen yet.  The outer world  and its complexities, is seemingly attracting your attention  more than your own inner beauty and world of creation.  The latter is being ignored; you are ignoring yourself !  Do understand that You are the walking beauties on this Earth my dearly beloveds!  There is NO greater thing than your true Inner Spark of Divine Love.  This Inner Spark is your God Presence and it is the birth flame of the Mother Father God Presence of Light, and this is in each and everyone of your dear hearts.

It is time to stop searching outside of yourselves, for the true beauty cannot be found outside of you, when it is actually yourself; your inner heart. The physical eye cannot reflect true beauty if the inner beauty is not felt or seen through the inner eye .  It is a misunderstanding to only look through- and only make use of your physical eyes, for they cannot reflect or absorb what your true beauty is all about.. It is all about you, my dear friends.. You are the ones who are this world, this creation, this beauty, this Light, this Love and beauty of God.  There is no other world than you.

Once you have duly accepted your true and beautiful selves, a huge step will be taken within the expansion of your True selves, shining into this beauty and into Light.  There is not much more to do than to accept at this time that you are of Light and that you are a co-creator God of Light wishing for an understanding with each other, for a cooperation and harmonic way of living, for a new world where everything and everyone is ONE again, for the freedom of your being; which is limitless, and most of all for the expansion of your true selves.

There is no greater world than your inner world of which you are a part and where you are the lead figure in creation.  There is no other world taking over this old one, than your own inner world.  It is what you make of it yourselves.  This is the key Ladies and Gentlemen, that you are this New world; nothing outside of you is, my dear friends.  And I entrust you all with this new world, I trust all of you to make something good out of this all, for yourselves and for others around you by bringing your true Love to others, by being the Light that you are and by supporting others in doing the same.  You might support others in doing the same for their own reality, by being there for them when times are difficult to do so, when tracks are lost and faith has gone.

There is no greater responsibility than this , and I entrust you ALL with this.  That is how much faith I have in all of you , into your hands and hearts of creation.  That is how much I believe in you all and how much I truly and deeply Love you all.  That is my Love and support to you all and it is my pleasure and honor to be with you all during this time of manifestation and during this beautiful Golden age: my powerful Aquarian Age.

Let’s all focus ourselves now more deeply on this current phase of Ascension, let’s roll the dice and take a leap in faith.  It is all going wonderfully, even if the outer world is not presenting itself like this, you may trust me that it is going beautifully and all is going in the exact way as it has to go.  This all to make sure that all of you will be able to take advantage of the chances you need, during this important time of Ascension.

Now, integrate and absorb this message and energies well, my beautiful brothers and sisters of Light, as these next few steps will now be taken more quickly and will become more intensive again, just as your previous year has been.   Only this time it will be on manifestations, creations and not so much on integration again.   It will be about true planned matters becoming your reality if You do so and if You choose so.

With this, I leave you all to absorb this message and while doing so, I will stand by you all providing you all some Light if things are not clear for you to understand.  Always at your service and with all of my Love.

I AM that I AM

Master Saint Germain

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aisha north

You have probably started to question yourself and this whole process more than once lately, and that is easy to understand. As we mentioned in our previous message, you are currently in a kind of holding pattern, and this can in many ways be likened to a void where you have seemingly nowhere to go and nowhere to return to. In other words, faith and trust seems to be the only things keeping you going, and for many, both are already starting to grow thin on the ground. Again we say do not berate yourselves should the temper grow volatile these days, for it is not more than natural if you feel like lashing out at someone or something at the moment. Again, the reason for this is understandable, for you have been so fired up by all of these energetic emissions you have partaken of lately, and as such…

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Gott redete:


Das Leben ist drauf und dran, erfolgversprechend zu werden. Spürst du das? Spürst du Rosen, wie sie im Leben um die Ecke überhand nehmen? Dieser Gedanke macht dich glücklich, ist das nicht so? Gut, dann denke ihn unaufhörlich. Wer kann sich niedergeschlagen fühlen, unterdessen er Gedanken hat, das Leben stehe im Begriff, allemal gut und gefällig zu werden? Und die Liebe, auch sie wird sich als zuträglich herausstellen! Die ganze Welt, die persönliche und die weltumfassende, wird gut! Eine Sonderlieferung ist zu dir, oder zu dem Menschen neben dir oder auf der anderen Seite von dir, auf dem Weg. Dies ist eine weltumfassende Sonderlieferung.


Mache dich bereit! Sei mit deinen Armen parat, all die beglückenden Segnungen, die zu dir auf dem Weg sind, zu umfassen. All die Rosen sind wohlbehalten auf dem Weg. Achte darauf, wo du gehst, sodass du nicht über sie stolperst. Tatsächlich wäre es nicht schön, über all die Rosen zu stolpern, die bereitstehen, auf dich herunterzustürzen. Du wirst es mögen, dich unter all den Rosen hinzulegen. So wie du im Schnee Engelsflügel machst, so wirst du in den Rosen Engelsflügel machen oder du wirst einfach wie ein Engel aussehen. Du wirst die Vollheit des Herzens eines Engels haben, und demzufolge ein Engel sein.


Wird nicht der Duft der Rosen bereits zu euch hin getragen? Seht ihr, wie machtvoll eure Gedanken sind? Schaut, Geliebte, Gedanken können euch gesund und wohl machen, und Gedanken können euch krank machen, seht ihr das nicht auch so? Oder befindet sich euer Leben eurem Gefühl nach abgehakt von euren Gedanken? Vielleicht habt ihr das Gefühl, das Leben sei wie ein sich aufspielender Pirat, der euch eure Gedanken entwendet und der sie von euch zusammenmischt. Dennoch, sofern das Leben ein großtuender Pirat wäre, dann gesteht zum wenigsten ein, dass eure Gedanken die eine oder andere Verbindung mit der Unbotmäßigkeit eines solchen Piraten aufweisen.


Besser ist es, das Leben als einen Deuter deiner Gedanken und Gefühle anzusehen. Leben bedeutet segensreich sein und dir den Tenor deiner eigenen Gedanken zurückreichen. Das Leben ist nicht darauf aus, dich zu haschen. Das Leben fühlt sich verpflichtet, dich mit dem zu nähren, wonach du weinst. Es ist nicht so, dass das Leben dir nicht gerne alle Rosen gibt. Bevor du beim Leben gereizt wirst, entsinne dich, dass es dir ebenso Wunder überreicht. Das möchte das Leben immer. Es möchte der Superman sein, der dich hochhebt und über riesige Gebäude hinwegträgt. Kraft deiner Gedanken, Geliebte, Geliebter, hast du ebenfalls Wunder zu dir hergezogen. Kraft deines Herzens und kraft der Huld Gottes.


Dies nun bringt einen Punkt auf. Ich habe euch nahegelegt, dass ihr euch nicht an Resultate eurer Gedanken und Handlungen festbinden möget. Ihr vermögt nicht mitzuzählen, Geliebte. Das Leben kann ein Umherschweifer sein, gleichwohl könnt ihr es nicht genau im Auge behalten und es um einen Rechenschaftsbericht angehen.


Hier nun der Unterschied zwischen Uns beiden derzeit, wie Wir die Dinge sehen mögen. Du siehst Katastrophales. Du siehst gut, alldieweil siehst du zudem schlecht. Du glaubst, dass Zeit die Essenz sei. Demzufolge protestierst du. Demzufolge denkst du, das Leben sei verpflichtet, dir jetzt im Augenblick etwas zu geben, oder es sei verpflichtet, dir beispielsweise einen geliebten Angehörigen zurückzugeben. Du bist dir sicher, dass das Leben kein Recht hatte, dir jemanden oder etwas oder eine günstige Gelegenheit wegzunehmen. Du denkst, es sei eine einmalig in der Lebzeit auftretende Gelegenheit, und du müssest es haben, und du müssest es in dieser Minute haben.


Aber, lass es bei alledem jetzt gut sein, denn das Leben hat eine glückliche Wendung der Begebenheiten für dich. Das Leben war Gärten, die sich entwickeln und ausweiten, voller Rosen schier für dich. Das Leben ist so ganz und gar ein Anreicherer des Bodens. Das Leben sieht sich nach fantastischen Samen um, findet sie und pflanzt sie. Es hat die Schmuckbänder fertig. Du bist dabei, von Rosen umringt zu sein, und jeder andere ebenso. Du wirst zügig alte Gedanken hinter dir lassen. Du wirst rasch in die Höhe hüpfen und Anderen so viele Rosen geben, Anderen, die sich nicht anders als du nicht sicher waren, dass eine Welt voller Rosen jemals in dieser Welt bis hin zu ihrer Tür angeliefert werden würde.


Vernimmst du die Klänge der Fuhrwerke voller Rosen, während Engel, solche wie du, die Wagen auf der Straße entlang schieben? Hörst du die Räder, wie sie näherkommen? Weswegen denn, Geliebte, ihr werdet die Rosen in der gelben Sonne und im blauen Himmel widerstrahlen sehen. Rosen werden überall sein. Rosigkeit wird überall zugegen sein, und der Lahme wird tanzen, der Taube wird singen und die Welt wird jauchzen.

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Heavenletter #4450 Life Is Coming Up Roses, January 30, 2013


God said:

Life is coming up roses! Do you feel it? Do you feel roses rife in life right around the corner? This thought makes you happy, doesn’t it? Well, then, keep thinking it. Who can feel down-hearted thinking of life coming up roses? And love coming up roses, too! The whole world, personal and universal, is coming up roses! A special delivery is on its way to you and to the person next to you and across from you. This is a universal special delivery.

Get ready! Get your arms ready to enfold all the blessings coming your way. All the roses are well on their way. Pay attention to where you’re walking so that you don’t trip over the roses. Actually, it would be fine to trip over all the roses that are ready to cascade on you. You will love lying down among the roses. As you would make angel wings in the snow, so will you make angel wings on the roses, or you will look just like an angel. You will have the fullness of heart of an angel and, so, be an angel.

Is not the scent of the roses already wafting its way to you? Do you see how powerful your thoughts are? Look, beloveds, thoughts can make you well, and thoughts can make you ill, do you agree? Or do you feel that your life is apart from your thoughts? Perhaps you feel that life is like a swaggering pirate that takes your thoughts from you and compounds them from you. Yet, if life were a swaggering pirate, at least admit that your thoughts have some connection to the unruliness of such a pirate.

Better to think of life as an interpreter of your thoughts and feelings. Life means to be beneficent and give you back the tenor of your own thoughts. Life is not trying to get you. Life feels bound to give you what you cry for. Not that life doesn’t want to give you all roses. Before you get petulant with life, remember that life also gives you miracles. Life always wants to. Life wants to be Superman who lifts you up and carries you over tall buildings. By your thoughts, beloved, you have also attracted miracles to you. By your heart and by the grace of God.

Now, this brings up a point. I have suggested that you not be tied to results of your thoughts and actions. You cannot keep count, beloveds. Life may be a wanderer, yet you cannot keep tabs on life and ask for an accounting.

Now, here’s the difference how We may see things. You see catastrophe. You see good, yet you also see bad. You believe that time is of the essence. Therefore, you protest. Therefore, you think life is obliged to give you something right now, that life is obliged to return a loved one to you, for example. You are sure that life had no right to take someone or something or an opportunity away from you. You think it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you must have it, and you must have it this minute.

But, never mind all this now, for life has a happy turn of events for you. Life has been growing gardens of roses just for you. Life is quite an enricher of the soil. Life looks for great seeds and finds them and plants them. Life has the ribbons ready. You are going to be surrounded by roses, and everyone else is too. You will be quick to leave old thoughts behind you. You will be quick to leap up and give so many roses to others who may have been as uncertain as you that a world of roses would ever be delivered to their door in this world.

Do you hear the sounds of the wagons full of roses as angels just like you wheel them down the road? Do you hear the wheels coming closer? Why, beloveds, you will see the roses reflected in the yellow sun and blue sky. Roses will be everywhere. Rosiness will be everywhere, and the lame will dance, and the voiceless will sing, and the world will rejoice.

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Jesus through John

Humanity’s increasing awareness of its spiritual origin and heritage is allowing a more open view of spirituality to develop.  It is sorely needed, and with the vastly intensified spiritual energies that have recently enveloped the planet, it is becoming a subject that is of interest to growing numbers of people.  An awareness of and an interest in spirituality is an essential step towards awakening into full consciousness, and the new energies are stimulating such an awareness in many who previously had given no thought to the possibility of life continuing after physical death.  When you awaken into your natural fully conscious state, the idea of death will seem quite laughable because there is no such thing, and all sentient beings, all the children of God, know that they are immortal.  In the illusion, however, death is an ever-present threat from which you believe you must be protected at all costs…

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Johnsmallman's Blog

When you are relaxed it is quite easy for you to enter into a quiet and meditative state, but when you are anxious or disturbed and your mind is racing, it is considerably more difficult.  And that is when it would be most helpful if you could relax into that peace and stillness.  If you are over-stressed, driven by fear or anxiety, go to some place where you can be alone, without interruptions (turn off your phones!), and ask your guides, angels, ascended masters – whoever you are most comfortable calling on – for help.

Keep asking and asking and asking, because when you are very stressed your ego will be extremely persistent in filling your minds with worrying thoughts — thoughts that must be attended to now.  This is not the case.  If you are over-stressed you cannot think clearly, and to take action in this state…

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