Heavenletter #4425 You Are Moving to a Higher Plane Now, January 5, 2013


God said:

Indeed, circumstances may not be what you like, yet that doesn’t mean they are wrong. That you don’t like the circumstances is valid. To get into the wrongness is a pitfall that you want to stay away from.

Debating the wrongness takes you down a winding street that turns out to be a dead-end. You may consider certain circumstances wrong, and by everything you know, the circumstances are wrong to the nth degree, yet where does it get you to review the circumstances again and again or even once? You are not a policeman of life who is to collect evidence of wrongdoing. You are to let wrongdoing go from your mind. There is no point in your refreshing whatever troubles you.

I do not say or mean to imply that unkindness, inconsiderateness, cruelty are okay. Kindness, consideration, and friendliness are much better. Small-heartedness and big-heartedness are quite different from one another They are worlds apart, yet there is no benefit to you in going over a sad and rocky tale.

You are moving to a higher plane now. Now you lift your heart. You do not carry your heart over the coals of yesterday. It is not for you to rake over the ashes. It is for you to get up from them. There is no gain to anyone in going over renditions of what has already occurred. You are not a policeman who must gather all the evidence. You are not a trouble-monger nor are you to point a finger. You are someone who commits errors too.

You cannot even right your own wrongs let alone someone else’s.

Each day you must start anew. Don’t restart the old car. Start a new one. Regurgitating is not for you. It never was.

You are not a collector of bad days. You do not mark them on the calendar. The wrongs done to you are not part of your shopping list. Wherever you have let the hurts of the past accumulate, now you toss them out. You have carried too much baggage as it is. Sweep it all away. What do you need it for? Is this the luggage you want to take with you? Absolutely not! It doesn’t matter how right bad acts might make you. It matters that you let them go.

You don’t hang up post-it notes in your mind.

It is good to grind grains but not to grind thoughts over and over again.

Sweep out the thoughts from your mind that don’t serve. There are some rooms you have to walk out of. You don’t track mud into your house. Keep your mind ready with upliftment and free of bad news. There simply is no percentage in it. You throw out the dregs of coffee. Now throw out the dregs of your thoughts from yesterday and yesteryear. Tidy up your thoughts. Begin anew.

This is as much as there is to say about wrongs. You don’t want to have much to do with them. You have had enough of them. There is no point in carrying on about wrongs. They are nothing to harbor in your heart. They are to walk away from. Just as you have to throw out old food sometimes, you have to throw out old thoughts. They’re not good anymore, if they ever were. Maybe they should have been thrown out from the beginning.

Mondays used to be wash days. You would wash clothes and hang them on the line. Don’t bother washing old thoughts. They have to be thrown out and good riddance. Thoughts about wrongs are never right. Don’t wash them. Don’t mend them. Toss them out.

If you want a clear mind, this is the way to clear your mind.

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