gaia_energy1Fortifications of purpose come to those aligning with Gaia energetics. Those of more Galactic essence find detachment from Gaia energetics may be necessary, as “humanity” transitions to “Hue-manity”.

Those aligned with Gaia-purpose have been intensified energetically, and given clear instruction via Deep Heart Guidance.

Judgement of any kind of any humanity or Hue-manity unit serves none but surface-ego, and only allows veil illusion to appear to continue.

Alignment with Gaia energetics…
Alignment with Galactic energetics…
Alignment with Cosmic energetics…

Each has its function. Each is to be honored.

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aisha north

Today you have entered a brand new phase dear ones, one where you will feel the breath of fresh air starting to tingle on your face. For you have once again exited a tunnel of travail, and now, you will feel as if you have left something rather cumbersome behind in that tunnel, and you are free to move in a much more lively fashion. For you have once again stripped yourself of some old raiments, things that have been stuck to you for such a long time, you had almost forgotten they were even there in the first place. So take some time to celebrate yourself today, as you are once again buoyant enough to rise even higher into this pristine air.

We speak in parables as usual, but we think you will all understand just what we mean by this. And even if some of the things we…

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aisha north

For quite some time now, you have felt how the surge of energy has increased, and with it, things have started to manifest. For some of you, these manifestations seem to limit themselves to some physical outbursts of irritation, and mayhaps some rather intense emotional ones as well. But for others, things have started to seep out in the open, and even if some of these signals may seem feeble at best, they are in fact only forerunners for what is to come. And on the best of days, you will all feel this deep certainty within as you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that this world that you inhabit has already changed beyond recognition. Not on the thin film of illusion that still covers it, but deep within the core. And deep within the core is where the truth is, as the rest is only a…

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Healing and Love

Please Be Nice To Each Other…

Hello everyone.  Here is a channeling from my higher self on criticism and judgment that I recently received.  I believe that it applies to everyone.  I hope it helps and resonates with everyone.

“When you criticize or judge another soul, you are not progressing on your ascension pathway and become stuck in the mud.  You are also picking up unnecessary negative karma.  Criticizing or judging another soul is criticizing or judging yourself, as we are all One Consciousness.

Every soul on Earth is here to experience, to grow and to learn.  And every soul has decided which path they want to go on to help them with their learning, growth and experience.  We are all heading for the same destination which is to find out who we really are, and to be reunited with our Godself, our Divine Spark, and to ascend.

However, how…

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Heavenletter #4477 God Sense, February 26, 2013


God said:

You are vaster than the Universe. The Universe is included within you. Everything is included within you. I am included within you! How vast can you be? And what can you possibly be lacking?

You have perpetrated a hoax on yourself! You try to make yourself a Mighty Mouse! You who are far mightier than a giant would like to dance around as Mighty Mouse. If that isn’t a hoax you’ve perpetrated on yourself, what is?

Deep within you is all the power of the Universe, all the power of Heaven, and all the power assigned to Me, God.

Meanwhile, you belie yourself. You huff and puff around building your muscles at the gym and you cover your neck and arms with gems, when you are a shining light greater than the Sun that lights the world. Of course, you would consider yourself lucky to shine one ray of the Sun, and so you putter around looking to put light on your existence when you are the Light. I do not say cavalierly that you are the Light of the World. Light of the World is actually a drop in the bucket compared to the Fullness of Light that you are. Meanwhile, seeing yourself as Mighty Mouse or Superman doesn’t even hit the mark.

You are so much greater than you seem to think you are.

You are a car with great horsepower, and you go around the block at ten miles an hour.

You are a huge fancy car disguised as a golf cart. You are a powerful engine of the Universe, and more than that, much more than that, far more than that.

Now, if you please, hold your head up high, your shoulders back, and get to know Who you are. Beloveds, you have by-passed yourself.

This Heavenletter is not to make you high and mighty. It is to get you to be more accurate in your estimation of yourself and the others around you who also fall short in your estimation. That’s how it works. How you see yourself is how you see others.

You see yourself as limited, and that’s what you notice in everyone else. You Who reflect Me, shine tiny LED flashlights on each other, and so you take a dim view of just about everything and everyone.

Of course, a new baby brightens your eyesight for a while. Of course, We are not really talking about eyesight. We can call the sight I speak of as a sense. We could call it a God Sense. Let’s open up your God Sense which is the same as to say your Self Sense. Good, come to your Sense of God Self now.

The Power and the Glory are not somewhere outside you. They are within you. All the power and beauty and wonderment lie within you. Why hidden, beloveds? Why hidden from view and why hidden from you?

You are My Creation, and you see yourself as a bumbler. You, Who house the God of Infinity and Eternity, scurry around, trying to gather a few crumbs from the surface of life. You are Little Jack Horner who sat in the corner eating a piece of pie, and you pull out your thumb and say, “What a good boy am I.”

Or, We could say you are like oxen pulling a heavy cart you are yoked to, your eyes on the ground beneath your feet, looking neither left nor right not above, your head down. No wonder you would be glad to become a Mighty Mouse.

Never mind now, just become the Son of God, for so are you designated. Look up and begin to see yourself in the Light of My Eyes. So be it.

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HEAVENLETTER # 4477 – 26.2.13 – God Sense GOTTESSINN



Gott redete:


Ihr seid unübersehbar weiter als das Universum. Das Universum ist inwendig in euch begriffen. Alles ist inwendig in euch umschlossen. Ich bin inwendig in euch umfangen! Wie weit ausladend vermögt ihr zu sein? Und was wohl kann euch abgehen?


Ihr habt einen Schabernack mit euch betrieben! Ihr versucht, aus euch eine Mächtige Maus zu machen! Ihr, die ihr weidlich mächtiger seid als ein Riese, möchtet gerne als Mächtige Maus umhertanzen. Falls nicht dies ein Schwindel ist, den ihr mit euch betrieben habt, was ist es dann?


Tief drinnen in euch ist die ganze Macht des Universums, ist alle Macht des Himmels, und alle Macht, die Mir, Gott, abgestellt ist.


Mittlerweile belügt ihr euch selbst. Ihr schnauft und keucht beim Muskelaufbau im Fitnessstudio, und ihr belegt euren Hals und eure Arme mit Juwelen, unterdessen ihr ein glänzendes Licht seid, prächtiger als die Sonne, die die Welt beleuchtet. Selbstverständlich, ihr schätztet euch für glücklich, einen Strahl der Sonne zu scheinen, und dementsprechend werkelt ihr herum und haltet nach Licht auf eurer Existenz Ausschau, derweilen ihr das Licht seid. Ich rede nicht herablassend, dass ihr das Licht der Welt seid. Licht der Welt ist im Eigentlichen ein Tropfen in den Eimer im Vergleich zu der Vollheit des Lichts, das ihr seid. Euch währenddessen als Mächtige Maus oder Superman ansehen trifft nicht einmal ins Schwarze.


Ihr seid um so Vieles größer, als ihr anscheinend denkt zu sein.


Ihr seid ein Auto mit ungeheurer Pferdestärke, und euren Weg um den Block fahrt ihr mit 15 km/h.


Ihr seid ein riesiger hochgezüchteter Wagen, verkleidet als Golf-Cart. Ihr seid ein kräftiger Motor des Universums, und mehr als das, um Vieles mehr als das, weitaus mehr als das.


Haltet nun, wenn Ich bitten darf, euren Kopf hoch, eure Schultern zurück, und nehmt zur Kenntnis, Wer ihr seid. Geliebte, ihr habt euch selber umgangen.


Dieser Heavenletter ist nicht angelegt, euch hoch und mächtig zu machen. Er soll euch dazu bringen, bei der Wertschätzung eurer selbst und Anderer rund um euch, die ebenfalls in ihrer Wertschätzung zu kurz greifen, zutreffender zu sein. So funktioniert es. Wie ihr euch selber seht, so seht ihr Andere.


Ihr seht euch selber als beschränkt, und das ist es, was ihr in einem Jeden bemerkt. Ihr, die ihr Mich widerstrahlt, leuchtet winzige LED-Blitzlichter auf einander, und daher übernehmt ihr eine matte Sicht von fast allem und jedem.


Selbstverständlich, ein soeben auf die Welt gekommenes Baby erhellt euer Augenlicht für eine Weile. Natürlich reden Wir nicht wirklich über Sehkraft. Wir können die Sicht, von der Ich rede, als einen Sinn betrachten. Wir könnten ihn einen Gottes-Sinn nennen. Lasst Uns euren Gottes-Sinn öffnen, was so viel heißt, als würden wir euren Selbst-Sinn sagen. Gut, kommt jetzt zu eurem Gottes-Selbst-Sinn.


Die Macht und die Herrlichkeit sind nicht irgendwo außerhalb von euch. Sie sind inwendig in euch. Die ganze Macht und Schönheit und Verwunderung liegen innen in euch. Wieso versteckt, Geliebte? Wieso vor den Blicken versteckt und wieso vor euch verborgen?


Ihr seid Meine Schöpfung, und ihr seht euch selber als Pfuscher. Ihr, Die den Gott der Endlosigkeit und der Ewigkeit beherbergen, saust herum, bemüht euch, einige wenige Krumen von der Oberfläche des Lebens zusammenzulesen. Du bist Little Jack Horner, der in der Ecke saß und ein Stück Kuchen aß, und du ziehst deinen Daumen hervor und sagst: „Was für ein guter Junge ich doch bin.“


Oder Wir könnten sagen, du bist wie ein Ochse, der einen schweren Karren zieht, dem er vorgespannt ist, eure Augen auf den Boden unter euren Füßen geheftet, weder nach links noch nach rechts noch nach oben schauend, so schaut ihr nach unten. Kein Wunder wärt ihr froh, zu einer Mächtigen Maus zu geraten.


Macht euch jetzt nichts daraus, werdet schier zu dem Sohn Gottes, denn so seid ihr angelegt. Schaut hoch und hebt an, euch in dem Lichte Meiner Augen zu sehen. So sei es.

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Heavenletter #4476 From Where Does Judgment Come?, February 25, 2013


God said:

When you feel negativity in your heart in the presence of someone or in the presence of a thought of someone, know that negativity you feel comes from your mind. Your mind has judged and drawn a conclusion.

When you feel negativity toward someone, your mind has established that the person is not the way you think he should be. You have judged him wanting, and you close your heart down.

When you feel positivity toward someone, your mind sees that person as being what you think he ought to be. Therefore, your mind thinks highly of him and signals you to like him.

When your heart takes signals from your mind, pro, your heart warms up to the person or, con, your heart distances itself.

What it comes down to is that you feel good about yourself when you think of someone you like. And when you think of someone you don’t like so much, you don’t feel quite so good about yourself. You blame the other person. In order to feel better, you look down on the person who doesn’t come up to snuff, and, therefore, for a little while, you raise yourself in your own estimation. You tip the scale in your favor. You like yourself a bit more. You feel better about yourself, and life seems better.

This is what is meant by conditional love. It depends upon something. It depends upon how another appears to you. According to the state he appears to be in, you apply a status to him, and you put a stamp on him: “Excellent. So-so. Doesn’t pass. Not to my standards.” And so you sink your heart or you lift your heart. You, who know better than to judge, judge right and left. Judgment does not feel good, beloveds, not to you, the judger, nor to the judged.

How you feel about yourself pretty much determines your stance toward another. One who judges lacks good judgment.

Unconditional love is a term bandied about, as if you can instruct yourself to love without making requirements. Awareness of love isn’t an Act of Will. Yet judgment is.

The real question is how to get away from judgment. The real question is how to get away from ego. Without ego, what would be the necessity for judging anyone up or down?

And, so, the real question to ask yourself is: How can I love myself at all times? How can I be less influenced by the conditioning of my own mind?

When the Great Spiritual Ones met someone, they met the person in freedom from past impressions. They did not condemn nor did they extol. The Great Ones did not appraise. They met with their heart of understanding intact. Their minds did not say: “This person is great. That last one was not.”

Their minds went more along the line of: “How can I best serve God through this person?” Of course, they did not really think this for this was natural to them. They didn’t have to think anything.

The Great Ones served God on all occasions. The question never arose in their minds: “What is this person worth?”

No, their question, if We can call it a question, was: “How do I bless this person in God’s Name?”

Look, they simply blessed. This is what they did. And what they did, so can you. With a full heart of love toward yourself, you will bless all who come before you. Know that all who have come before you, have come to receive your blessing. Give it.

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