Heavenletter #4467 “Under God’s Sky Am I.”, February 16, 2013


God said:

Sometimes, do you feel your life amounts to your being wrung out and hung out on the line to dry. Wrung and hung. Something has happened, and your thoughts bring up your ditty: “Wrung out and hung out, am I.”

Beloveds, will you sing another ditty?

How about: “Under God’s sky am I.”

Or, “Instead of tears I weep, blessings I reap.”

Or, “The Whole Universe sings a verse of love to me.”

Or, “Instead of ‘woe is me,’ love is me.“

Or, “God sends me love from above.”

Or, “ Love from God’s heart to my heart.”

Or, “Love is my name, and love is my claim.”

Oh, yes, you want to think different thoughts. You want to break out in new song. You want to sing and dance to a different beat.

Will you kindly stop saying that life is hard? Life is easy. All you have to do is put one foot before the other.

Life is not a monster who chases you.

Have you been yelling before you are hit?

If you are writing a preamble to your life, what do you want your preamble to be?

What do you want written, if you will excuse Me, on your tombstone? Certainly not: “My life was hard.”

What rhythm is your foot tapping to now?

If you feel your life is in a rut, your thoughts may be in a rut. You may well have a pattern of thought and a pattern of speech to redo.

No longer do you say:

“If there’s bad luck to go around, I get the biggest piece.”

No longer do you say:

‘Of all the rotten luck.”

No longer do you say:

“Wouldn’t you know?” Unless it is a turn of events that is wonderful and you welcome it with all your heart.

This is not frivolous what I am saying now. Your thoughts may indeed need an overhaul.

There is no shop you can take yourself into and leave for a remake. Oh, yes, you can do something uplifting. You can go to church. You can go to an opera or a jazz concert. You can read a book, watch a movie. Not just any book or movie. You can associate with high-minded people. One way or another, it is you who has to uplift yourself. And if you cannot go anywhere, then you can uplift yourself with your own thoughts and actions all on their own.

But, of course, I am here to tell you that you are never on your own. Never do I stray from you. If you have not been aware of My Presence, any lack of awareness is not from My neglect. If you have felt lonely, whatever loneliness you have felt, it’s not because I haven’t been right there with you, right here with you. I am right here with you right now. There is no other place I can be. My heart is doggedly with yours. Perhaps you haven’t been looking or listening or feeling. Come, come sit with Me for a while. We’ll put Our feet up and commune a little. We may even talk without a word. Perhaps We will just hold hands to gaze at one another and be glad.

How do you foresee your greeting Me? What would you say to Me, or would you be speechless? Would you stand up? Fall over? Collapse?

Why, beloveds, it’s an every day thing for Us to be together. Never have I been elsewhere than with you. And never have you been elsewhere than with Me. Hallelujah!

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