Heavenletter #4469 The Honky-tonk Song , February 18, 2013


God said:

How lovely it is to awaken to Me. However and whenever it comes, when you wake up to Me, you are delighted, for you have rejoined Paradise. This is the light that awakening to Me shines. Bright Light in Paradise could be the title of a book I write.

Now, I must qualify a little. Awakening to Me in the Bright Light of Paradise does not mean that everything stays still. You are on Earth where everything is still moving, seeming to move, pretending to move, moving off-center. Because you have seen the Light does not mean that everything in the world is stable. Life in the world still plays its tricks. The carpet may be pulled out from under you. The Earth can quake. Timbers can shake.

What is stable then, you might ask. Well, beloveds, you are stable. You are not rocked by the inconsistencies of life in the world. At least, you are not so rocked. You are not rocked so much. You may not be rocked at all, or, it may be that being rocked doesn’t turn your life up-side-down. Even if your life is turned up-side-down, you stay right-side-up. In any case, any shaking up doesn’t seem to be as momentous as it used to.

The key words here are seem to be. What seemed to be never was! It only seemed to be. You thought so. Life in the world and your transit out of it called death are apparitions. They are mirages. Goodness knows, it seems you are on Earth. It seems that your feet are on Earth. Oh, yes, it seems. Yet life in the world is a movie you are seeing, and you really really get into it.

For a while, you forget your Self, so caught up in the movie are you.

As your eyes awaken to the Light of God, you become accustomed to the rhythm of the honky-tonk song playing in the movie, and you begin to see that you and the rhythm are not one and the same.

Even so, you have an inkling of where you are and you know Whom you are with. You are One with Me and not one with the movie on the screen. The movie is a little detour, some recreation, shall We say, some spiraling activity, something like riding on the roller coaster.

Now, whatever movie you see, whatever amusement car you ride on at the Amusement Park, you keep your equilibrium.

You know where you really are. You know what is real and what is not. You know the Essence of Yourself and Myself. You know that We hold hands and that Our Hearts are not two but One. Furthermore, you know that all the characters in the movie you are presently in are also holding hands. You know that We, the so-called We, also hold hands with everyone else. All of life is as paradoxical as one hand clapping, as it is said.

Now, awakened to Me, you are you as you always were except now your eyes are open, and you have a better view of the movie. You have a higher seat and, thus, a vaster view, a more objective view, yet your whole heart is still in it, only you stand on sturdier legs.

We can say that nothing is different yet everything is different because your blindfold has been removed.

Actually, you were never really wearing a blindfold. Actually, your eyes were never closed, yet your eyes were unseeing. You see with your minds, beloveds. You see what you interpret you are seeing.

It is like, in life, that you are looking for your car keys. You simply can’t find them. You were looking everywhere and didn’t see them. Then you happened to look up, and there they were. Your keys were on top of the refrigerator or on their hook where you always put them. In effect, they were in your hand all the time, and, so, have you Paradise right before you now.

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