gaia_energy1Layers of energetic clouds are being removed from the Inner Gaia at this moment. The process is coordinated with the humanity so to allow as many opportunities for Higher Awareness, prior to the end date. “End date” being flexible as required.

Post-layer-removal brings clarity of Higher Thought, Higher Purpose, Higher Awareness. And will feel to the Higher (and 3D) Senses as a clear, bright sky, and cool breeze.

Gaia Ascension Process is in full movement at this time.

We encourage releasing of all prior concepts regarding the nature of Ascension. “Allowing” and “accepting” and “conscious participating” are key.

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Live your lives in joy and unconditional love for all that is – Jesus through Isabel Henn ~ March 31, 2013


In this year too, you are celebrating Easter, the day of my Resurrection. You have been told much about it and much has been withheld. You celebrate me as a hero, who has sacrificed his life on the cross and who has died for you. As the savior of the world. This is not who I am. I am not a hero and no savior. The cruxificion was painful and I was doubting if it was the right way, but it had to be done because it was the only way to bring my message nearer to you. Not I will salve you, but you yourselves, you alone will save yourselves. The help for this, the teachings, I have given you through my whole life and my death.

I am the Resurrection and the Life, but you can be that too. Everybody of you. Ascension is open for everyone in following my teachings. Judge not or you are judging only yourselves, forgive those who have done harm to you but formost forgive yourselves too, love each other as you love yourselves, unconditionally, because you are All One with me and our Divine Parents.

Through my Resurrection and my own Ascension many years later, I have shown you the way to your own Resurrection and Ascension. All of you are wonderful immortal souls, created and born as Prime Souls out of the Divine Mother, fathered out of the divine semen of our Divine Father. We are All One with them. Please do never forget this anymore. Believe in this and live hereafter, like I have shown to you, lived for you, nearly 2000 years ago.

Many of you have remorses, that I would have sacrificed my life for you. Please put it away. Let it go and live your lives as a feast. Enjoy your lives and live it to the fullest. As it was primordially planned to be. Do you really believe that I grieve over you, because I would have had to sacrifice my life for you? No! It was my own decision only, within the divine plan to lead mankind and Gaia out of the darkness back into the light.

Live your lives in joy and unconditional love for all that is, to all living beings on this beautiful planet and also to Gaia herself. Respect all life, because you are One with All. What you do to another you do unto yourselves. Therefore live my teachings in love, then my death on the cross wasn’t in vain.

Much of what has been told to you about my life and my death isn’t in accordance of the truth, but has been adapted by the church to its own teachings. It will be rectified in appropriate time. It would transcend the frame of this message.

My beloved brothers and sisters of any religions or beliefs, the eternal life is certain also for you, because you have it already as a soul. When each one of you however will ascend with his physical body is up to you alone. Only you decide, as you alone are your saviors. You have however all help through the Angels and Ascended Masters, you only have to ask them for help. I have been only your teacher, nothing else. Live my teachings and you cannot miss your own Ascension.

I love you eternally and immeasurable.

Your brother Jesus.

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Lebt euer Leben in Freude und bedingungsloser Liebe zu allem das ist – Jesus durch Isabel Henn ~ 31.März 2013


Auch in diesem Jahr feiert Ihr wieder Ostern, den Tag meiner Auferstehung. Vieles wurde euch darüber erzählt und vieles verschwiegen. Ihr feiert mich als Held, der sein Leben am Kreuz geopfert hat und für euch gestorben ist. Als Retter der Welt. Dies bin ich nicht. Ich bin kein Held oder Retter. Die Kreuzigung war schmerzhaft und ich habe gezweifelt ob es der richtige Weg war, aber er musste gegangen werden, denn nur so konnte ich euch meine Botschaft näher bringen. Nicht ich bin es, der euch rettet, sondern Ihr selbst, Ihr alleine rettet euch. Die Hilfen dazu, die Lehren, habe ich euch Zeit meines Lebens und durch meinen Tod gegeben.

Ich bin die Auferstehung und das Leben, aber dies könnt Ihr auch sein. Jeder von euch. Der Aufstieg steht jedem Einzelnen von euch offen, indem Ihr meine Lehren beherzigt. Urteilt nicht, sonst urteilt Ihr über euch selbst, vergebt denen, die euch Leid angetan haben, aber vergebt vor allem auch euch selbst, liebet einander wie euch selbst, bedingungslos, denn Ihr Alle seid Eins mit mir und unseren göttlichen Eltern.

Durch meine Auferstehung und den eigenen Aufstieg viele Jahre später, habe ich euch den Weg zu eurer eigenen Auferstehung und Aufstieg gezeigt. Ihr alle seid wunderbare unsterbliche Seelen, geschaffen und geboren als Urseelen aus der Göttlichen Mutter, gezeugt aus dem göttlichen Samen unseres Göttlichen Vaters. Wir sind Alle Eins mit ihnen. Bitte vergesst dies nie mehr. Glaubt daran und lebt danach, so wie ich es euch vor fast 2000 Jahren gezeigt habe, vorgelebt habe.

Viele von euch haben Gewissensbisse, dass ich für euch mein Leben geopfert habe. Bitte legt das ab. Lasst sie los und lebt euer Leben als Fest. Freut euch über euer Leben und genießt es. So wie es ursprünglich geplant war. Glaubt Ihr denn ich wäre euch gram, weil ich mein Leben für euch hätte opfern müssen? Nein! Es war ganz allein meine Entscheidung, innerhalb eines göttlichen Planes die Menschheit und Gaia aus der Dunkelheit zurück ins Licht zu führen.

Lebt euer Leben in Freude und in bedingungsloser Liebe zu allem das ist, zu allen Lebewesen auf diesem wunderschönen Planeten und auch zu Gaia selbst. Achtet alles Leben, denn Ihr seid Eins mit Allem. Was Ihr einem anderen Wesen antut, tut Ihr euch selbst an. Darum lebt meine Lehre in Liebe, dann war mein Tod am Kreuz nicht vergebens.

Vieles, das euch über mein Leben und meinen Tod gesagt wurde, entspricht nicht der Wahrheit, sondern wurde von der Kirche an ihre eigenen Lehren angepasst; es wird zu gegebener Zeit korrigiert werden. Es würde den Rahmen dieser Botschaft übersteigen.

Meine geliebten Brüder und Schwestern jeglicher Religionen oder Glauben, das ewige Leben ist auch euch sicher, denn Ihr habt es bereits als Seele. Wann jeder Einzelne jedoch aufsteigen wird mit seinem physischen Körper bleibt jedem selbst überlassen. Ihr alleine entscheidet, so wie Ihr alleine euer eigener Retter seid. Ihr habt jedoch alle Hilfen durch die Engel und Aufgestiegenen Meister, Ihr müsst nur um ihre Hilfe bitten. Ich war nur euer Lehrer, nichts sonst. Lebt meine Lehren und Ihr könnt euren eigenen Aufstieg nicht verpassen.

Ich liebe euch unendlich und grenzenlos.

Euer Bruder Jesus.

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Lucas 2012 Infos


My first instinct was to look at the pagan roots of Easter since so much is distorted now a days by many organized religions.  And of course, the name Easter comes from the Goddess Eostre who’s totem was the rabbit which represents fertility. She is said to merge today with the divine masculine (the SUN), and then birth her child in the winter solstice. This is all symbolic for spring of course and the growth that comes with connecting with the sun. So how can you merge today with your heart and ask for growth spurts in your life? Call in the Goddess Eostre of the light to bring in those gifts and activations today for the energies are strong for this to occur.  I recommend doing this in a calm space for 11 minutes.

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The Creator Writings

gentle waves
On transparency; this may be the easiest thing you have ever done but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging. Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength. On the days where you do not feel totally up to the challenge it is OK to remain quiet and peaceful, riding the waves as they come. Always remember, you are loved and appreciated for your courage in being one of the few that step forth first. ~ Creator

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aisha north

As many of you have already ascertained, this being tossed to and fro in these undulating waves of energy is by no means over yet, but we do hope that you have all been able to get a mouthful of fresh air at least once during these proceedings. We venture to guess that for many of you, the effects of all of these constant surges of wavelike energy will feel somewhat different from what you have been exposed to before, and rightly so. For you have indeed been raised not just another notch this time, rather, you have all been raised to a whole new level of existence to call it that, and therefore, the effects from what is constantly being beamed onto your planet and into your whole system have changed drastically.

To your physical body, much will feel the same, but in fact, there are some dissimilarities from…

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My dear friends all over the world, regardless of religion. I wish you a happy Easter deep out of my heart.

Easter is not so much the cruxifiction of a great Being of Light, but the meaning behind it. That we all are immortal infinite Beings of Light ourselves. He showed us through his death, his resurrection and his own Ascension some years later.

Through Ascension we all leave the narrowness of illusion, a hologramm constructed to serve the development of our souls. Through Ascension we regain our immortality in our human bodies that first ever happened in Creation.

Our Divine Mother and Divine Father love us unmeasured and in all eternity and they agreed that their beloved son Jesus died at the cross and resurrect after that to show us the way to our own immortality, through non-judgement, forgiveness and unconditional love to all living beings including the soul of our earth, beloved Gaia.

This has nothing to do with earth religions but with the rising Christ Consciousness that is beyond all beliefs and religions and is unconditional love itself.

In this my beloved brothers and sisters, I wish you all a happy Easter. I love you all like the Divine Mother loves you all, unconditionally and in all eternity.



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gaia_energy1Awakening Stars within individual Hue-Beings connect to new Gaia portals within 5-7 D levels. Bodies of Radiance become visible to these Beings, and become visible to others with Higher Sensitivities.

Such Stars of Radiance become commonplace among Gaia planetary teams as Higher Level missions are acknowledged and accepted.

This occurs in the Now moment.

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Heavenletter #4510 Life Isn’t the Big Bad Wolf, March 31, 2013


God said:

What is your will? What do you really want, do you know? Sometimes you don’t know, and life will swing you around. Sometimes you do know what you truly desire, and life will still swing you around. All of life does not always go according to your will, to your conscious will. Somewhere, somehow along the way, you may have raised the ante. And sometimes you aren’t sure. You are partly sure. You want, and you don’t want. You don’t dare want, and you don’t dare not to want. You want life to do your bidding, and yet you are uncertain to what your bidding really is.

Somewhere along the way, the idea came that life was supposed to suit you. When all is said and done, sometimes, beloved, you have to fit the suit that turns up. You do not always have your pick of the crop. Somewhere along the line, you learn to graciously accept what races to you or ambles to you, wrapped the way you like or not even wrapped at all. You want life to come up roses. You may protest and pout when it does not.

Yes, there is the sense wherein the world is your oyster. And, yes, there is the sense wherein you take what comes and help life work out so far as it can go. Yes, life can lead you around by the nose. You might as well not drag your feet. You might as well get on with it.

Sometimes life seems like the big bad wolf who huffs and puffs and blows your door down. The wolf is seen as an enemy. He’s simply a wolf, trying to make his way in the world. You can change your mind about a wolf, and you can change your mind about what your life has to look like.

You can batten down the hatches, and, still, life has its way with you. And so you go along for the ride, and the next thing you know, life has switched to another gear. Life seems to be pushing or pulling you and whipping you back and forth. It teases and tantalizes you. Sometimes it takes you forward a great leap, and sometimes it seems to wrap its arms around you and holds you back and makes you stay right where you are.

You know that life takes you by the hand, and sometimes it force-feeds you, and sometimes it takes you to a fine restaurant, and tells you to pick what you want from the menu.

Yes, sometimes life whips you back and forth. Sometimes life gives you all you want. Whatever comes, life has you in the palm of its hand. Life has its say. Life can trump you, and life can support you. Life can be a lady or a gentleman, and then become a bounder, a ruffian, a teaser, a yes-man, or rascal who spins you around and flips you over.

Sometimes you are graciousness yourself. And sometimes you are indignant, and sometimes you can’t catch your breath, and sometimes you falter, and sometimes you rise to the occasion even when you can’t fathom what is going on, and sometimes you clutch at straws and find yourself in the middle of a cyclone.

And, yet, even so, what you think and what you say and what you do, play a big part in your life. Engage with your life. Be gentle, and be okay with it. Treasure this moment of Eternity known as your life. Life is calling to you, and you answer.

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