Heavenletter #4498 A Greater Horizon, March 19, 2013


God said:

At what point do you surrender to a Greater Horizon? The answer is: When you do. When you’re ripe on the vine, it happens to you. It comes over you. It’s where you are, and there is nothing that you can do about it. When you stand in a New York, you stand in New York. That is where you are. It is no big deal.

You stand on a higher step, you see what you see. It would seem you are changed. You were always the Truth of you, whatever the semblance of whatever else you may have appeared to be. The thing is that you see a grander view from where you stand. Anyone would see the same view as you from the step where you stand. You reflect the height from where you see. The higher you go, the greater the view. The higher you stand, the greater the view, the more you are revealed to the world and to yourself.

There is nothing new under the Sun, and yet you are new every day. You are new with every breath, yet you may not as yet take in your newness.

There never was a time when you were not rising. Now you are beginning to stand in your own two shoes. Well, you began long ago. Now you are making headway.

What a gift is the life I gave to you and continue to give to you. Right now I speak of the gift of life on Earth. What a spectacle! What a plot! What scenery! What scenes! What characters! What suspense! What developments! What a story your life is! The denouement is always the same. Full-blown, you come back to Me. You walk in the door, and you have arrived. Why, yes, you are the Prodigal Son who returns.

In this development, all welcome you. All are happy for you. All are happy for Me to have you back Home. I always knew you would come back, even as, in one perspective, you had never left. Your return was foretold long ago. It will come to pass that you and I shall fully reunite in that place in your heart called Heaven. In Truth, there is no place else. Meanwhile, the movie reel of your life rolls.

Meanwhile, you seek yourself, or you seek Me. Same difference. You have the idea for a while that you are someone else, this someone else that you identify with, someone you see in a mirror and that you do not quite recognize. You may not know what that person in your mirror is doing. You may also not grasp what that person is doing in your mirror at all.

You are aware and aware more and more that it is your Inner Being that exists and continues to exist when your fulsome body departs or when your fulsome body returns to the Earth from which it rose.

You have an open invitation to have your soul join Me today, or day or night as you like. Indeed, We have a destiny together. And We desire to be united once again, to be united in your conscious Reality and to be united in Our thinking right now. We are on the same page, beloveds. Never were We off the page.

And so your life, so full, so filled with all manner of things, is the same as everyone’s. Only the details vary. Only the stories vary, and yet all stories are the same.

Everyone’s story is your story. You are everyone. You are a voyager into inner space.

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