Notice the ease with which you proceed when your heart is light with a sense of fun.- channeled by Ron Head March 20, 2013

Photo by Gretchen Hermey


Photo by Gretchen Hermey




Today is the first day of the season you call Spring.  It is also the first day of the energy of new growth for each of you personally.  This year your yield will be great.  But, just as it is for the farmers in their fields, it will not come without diligent care and attention.


We are happy to note, however, that your joy in your own progress is, at least for most of you, keeping you focused as never before.  What was thought to be ‘the work’ at one time has become play for a great many of you, and we applaud that.  That state of mind will yield rich rewards much quicker than the thoughts of ‘my purpose’ or ‘my path’.  Of course it is that, but notice the ease with which you proceed when your heart is light with a sense of fun.  That is indeed the reason we enjoy placing a bit of humor into these messages at times.


We propose that you begin finding ways to share the wondrous things that you experience and discover.  Find even more confirmation and joy in what others are experiencing around you.  Your own experience will almost certainly be different, but you will gain inspiration from others and will, in turn, inspire many yourselves.


We also urge you to open your minds to the possibilities that some things which you were skeptical of in the past might very well be proven true in the present.  As a matter of fact, you will soon learn of a great many things, impossible things, which are already known to be not so impossible after all.  The next few years will find your society experiencing more change than you did in the last hundred, even several hundred.  It has already begun.


You simply cannot conceive of what your world will soon be like.  But you will soon find out how much more rapidly you can progress when your spirit is in harmony with your purpose.  Many breakthrough discoveries are already being made almost daily even now.  You will find that, once again, your inner and outer worlds will be parallel.  As humans also, many inner breakthroughs are already being made almost daily even now.  You don’t often hear of it yet, but soon you will.


In the meantime, be your own information service.  Talk with each other about what is happening.  Use your internet connections.  Share the happiness.  The changes in your consciousness have become ripples and will soon reach the proportions of a tidal wave.  We see that this new burst of incoming energy has knocked some of you… alright, many of you… for a loop, as you say.  Just stay grounded and focused on what you are doing and it will soon pass as you assimilate this, as you have before, and will again.


We hold you in love and bid you good day.  We will speak again soon.



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