Heavenletter #4510 Life Isn’t the Big Bad Wolf, March 31, 2013


God said:

What is your will? What do you really want, do you know? Sometimes you don’t know, and life will swing you around. Sometimes you do know what you truly desire, and life will still swing you around. All of life does not always go according to your will, to your conscious will. Somewhere, somehow along the way, you may have raised the ante. And sometimes you aren’t sure. You are partly sure. You want, and you don’t want. You don’t dare want, and you don’t dare not to want. You want life to do your bidding, and yet you are uncertain to what your bidding really is.

Somewhere along the way, the idea came that life was supposed to suit you. When all is said and done, sometimes, beloved, you have to fit the suit that turns up. You do not always have your pick of the crop. Somewhere along the line, you learn to graciously accept what races to you or ambles to you, wrapped the way you like or not even wrapped at all. You want life to come up roses. You may protest and pout when it does not.

Yes, there is the sense wherein the world is your oyster. And, yes, there is the sense wherein you take what comes and help life work out so far as it can go. Yes, life can lead you around by the nose. You might as well not drag your feet. You might as well get on with it.

Sometimes life seems like the big bad wolf who huffs and puffs and blows your door down. The wolf is seen as an enemy. He’s simply a wolf, trying to make his way in the world. You can change your mind about a wolf, and you can change your mind about what your life has to look like.

You can batten down the hatches, and, still, life has its way with you. And so you go along for the ride, and the next thing you know, life has switched to another gear. Life seems to be pushing or pulling you and whipping you back and forth. It teases and tantalizes you. Sometimes it takes you forward a great leap, and sometimes it seems to wrap its arms around you and holds you back and makes you stay right where you are.

You know that life takes you by the hand, and sometimes it force-feeds you, and sometimes it takes you to a fine restaurant, and tells you to pick what you want from the menu.

Yes, sometimes life whips you back and forth. Sometimes life gives you all you want. Whatever comes, life has you in the palm of its hand. Life has its say. Life can trump you, and life can support you. Life can be a lady or a gentleman, and then become a bounder, a ruffian, a teaser, a yes-man, or rascal who spins you around and flips you over.

Sometimes you are graciousness yourself. And sometimes you are indignant, and sometimes you can’t catch your breath, and sometimes you falter, and sometimes you rise to the occasion even when you can’t fathom what is going on, and sometimes you clutch at straws and find yourself in the middle of a cyclone.

And, yet, even so, what you think and what you say and what you do, play a big part in your life. Engage with your life. Be gentle, and be okay with it. Treasure this moment of Eternity known as your life. Life is calling to you, and you answer.

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