Expansion of Gaia-Connection Portals Occurs at this Time…


Expansion of Gaia-connection portals occurs at this time. Potentials for consciousness increase in individuals are at the highest level since the 12-12-12.

Gaia Devics and Faerie type Beings are fully engaged in this process, which is moment to moment, but process is projected for completion by the 6-6-2013.

Await Guidance for further instructions.

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Let go – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn April 30, 2013


Why do you still remain stuck to the past, to all that doesn’t serve you any longer, my child? Let it but go. Give it us to be dissolved. You live on the fifthdimensional earth now and are going to ascend too to the fifth Dimension. A lot of my beloved Lightworkers are ready to ascend even into higher Dimensions, others are still too much adhered to 3D. Let all go that doesn’t serve you anymore. Remove all layers that isolates you from the true core of your Being. You can do it. You are a divine Lightbeing. Visualize how you remove all layers, one by one and give it to the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain to be transmuted. It is effective and in that way you will have soon revealed your true Being and your magnificent light can shine more brilliant. Cast off the ballast and live that what you truly are, my child. ~ Your Divine Mother

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Lass los – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 30.April 2013


Warum klebst Du noch so an Vergangenem, an allem das 3D ist, mein Kind? Lass es doch los. Es dient dir nicht mehr länger. Gib es uns zum Auflösen. Du lebst nun auf der fünfdimensionalen Erde und bist dabei ebenfalls in die fünfte Dimension aufzusteigen. Viele meiner geliebten Lichtarbeiter sind bereit in noch höhere Dimensionen aufzusteigen, andere sind noch zu sehr 3D verhaftet. Lass alles los, das dir nicht mehr dient. Lege die Schichten frei, die dich vom wahren Kern deines Seins trennen. Du kannst es. Du bist ein göttliches Lichtwesen. Stell dir vor, wie Du alle Schichten, eine nach der Anderen von dir entfernst und sie an die violette Flamme meines geliebten St. Germains zum Auflösen übergibst. Es wirkt und so hast Du bald dein wahres Wesen freigelegt und dein herrliches Licht kann noch strahlender leuchten. Wirf den Ballast ab und lebe das, was Du witklich bist, mein Kind ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Truly, what you are waiting for is worth every disappointment you have ever had

Johnsmallman's Blog

Hello. This John with Saul’s message for Monday April 29th 2013.  I have been tired and irritable these last few days and have had difficulty making a connection with either Saul or Jesus, and that is why there was no blog post last Sunday.  So I decided to share with you the whole experience.  I started receiving this message last Friday and got very little.  Sitting during the weekend did not help, and finally I managed to unblock or release my irritation/anxiety today.  And so we have a message.  Enjoy!

Saul channeled Friday April 26th 2013 1.10. pm.


Me: Good afternoon, dear Saul.  Thanks for your last message.  My energy, motivation, and tiredness have been rather up and down lately.  Anyhow, please start dictation of a message to post tomorrow night on our blog.  Thanks.

Saul: Good afternoon, John.  Just relax and allow, and I will help, then we…

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Good For You Jason Collins!!

Healing and Love

Jason CollinsI wanted to congratulate Jason Collins. Jason is an active player in the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the United States. He just announced openly that he is gay. This is a big story in the United States as Jason is the first active player in the NBA to come out. I salute and support him 100%.

I am hopeful that this will bring all of us closer together and not divide us.  We are all One and we need to have acceptance, tolerance and respect for each other.  This is about love.  We need to treat others as we would like to be treated. We all bleed red and we are all children of Mother / Father God.  There is no room for judgment, criticism and separation.

We all need to accept and honor each other regardless of any different beliefs that we may have. It matters not and…

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Yeshua and the Company of Heaven~ You Are the Power and Glory of Creator ~ As Channeled through Fran Zepeda ~ April 29, 2013


Yeshua.powercreatorYeshua and the Company of Heaven:

Dear Ones, much is afoot in your “neck of the woods”, as they say. Seriously, much is a-swirl and in change and transition and some things may now feel like polar opposites. But be assured that the shift toward greater consciousness is indeed occurring.

Take time to constantly return to your center and assess situations only from that perspective, in the core of your heart. This is a test and an affirmation of your true Reality, as you know.

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Create Your World Through Your Decrees!

Healing and Love


You are all such powerful beings of light.  We are all a part of Mother / Father God and God wants you to be happy.  You have the ability to make decrees.  A decree is a statement that you make.  Once your decree is made, the Universe will move to fulfill your command.  You are all capable to make a decree.  You need to manifest your reality as you are in charge of your life.

You are no longer in the control of others and others have no power over you.  You are now moving out of your shackles and realizing as an awakened spiritual being your true and amazing full power.  So use your power, and decree things you want in your life.  Have conviction and have the strength and the confidence that your decrees will happen.

As a higher dimensional spiritual being, you are a master and YOU…

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Heavenletter #4540 A Magic Act of Illusion, April 30, 2013


God said:

I am your own True Love, and you are Mine. We Who are Oneness Entire are eternally bound. We are in it for the long-run. We are bound in freedom, beloveds. We are bound in a love so Vast that there are no boundaries. We are limitless. As AM I, are you.

Unbelievable, isn’t it? Unbelievable that you are a Master Creator. You don’t exactly see yourself as an all-time success, and, yet, you are ultimately you and perfectly a rendition of yourself. Of course, you have done a lot of improvising and you have, in the world’s eyes and in yours, flubbed a little bit.

However, the good news is that you are not on an assembly line. You are not tied to a particular rendition of yourself. You can compose and recompose. You can start over. You can polish. From this day forth, you can polish the mirror of yourself and declare a major renovation.

It’s not exactly a renovation. It’s more like your adjusting your tie. No, no, it is much more than that. It’s more like showing your true colors. You do not know of what you are made. You were given a diamond, and you thought it was coal. You thought you were an object when you are indeed the whole subject.

You have been a star all along. You couldn’t believe it. All along, for one fallacy or another, you thought you were a burnt-out old light bulb. You threw yourself out, so to speak. You thought you were a varlet. You labeled yourself as second-rate. You put yourself on a bargain table, and, very possibly, as impossible as it seems – you marked yourself down. You set a value of yourself at 80% off. Even then, by your estimation, you had no takers. It is you who took yourself for a ride. You conned yourself.

You invented a fantasy figure. Now I ask you to reinvent yourself. It’s okay to start with the little things. Start with how you hold yourself. That’s a good place to start. Shoulders back. Stand tall.

Now look everyone in the eye. This is important. Even if you don’t yet quite believe in your worth, you are worth much much more than you may believe, but at least believe enough to look everyone in the eye. And when you look in the mirror, raise your eyes and look yourself in the eye and begin to see the beauty of your soul.

From now on, remind yourself of Who you represent. You represent the One you truly are, the One you may have disengaged yourself from because of a lack of belief in yourself. Like Popeye, you have told yourself, “I yam what I yam.” Only you had no idea of Who you are. You may think you are a slacker in the world, an end-run carpet perhaps, or an unlucky fellow, or the last to be asked to dance. What poor eyesight and judgment you have had. You put yourself in a dark corner, and you are sure you lack light. All you have to do is to get yourself out of the shadow of your own poor appraisal.

It is not true that you are what you think. In your case, in the case of My children, for the most part you are not what you think. You are what you do not think. Your task is to think better of yourself. Better yet, think highly of yourself. Go all the way. Go right to the top. There is a place waiting for you, yet you are not to wait. You are to grab the Truth of you. Make it clear to yourself Who you really are. Let go of your attachment to an imposter. You may have had the imposter act down to perfection. You may have represented yourself as someone other than the truth of you. You did a good job of a magic act of illusion. You were so good at it, you fooled yourself.

No longer, agreed? Say Yes, you no longer agree with the past picture of yourself you held. Sign here.

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