Your most powerful dreams will include everyone, dear hearts. – channeled by Ron Head April 1, 2013




Was that not a tumultuous weekend?  Pleasant for you, dear friends, we trust, but full of energy contrasts, as well, we are sure.


Now you are into April itself.  It seems as if things have settled down.  And yet you feel as if something is afoot.  Something has not quite happened yet.  Your consciousness is cautiously feeling around trying to discover what it might be.


Well, you are almost correct.  Your sole error is in the thought that things have settled down.  They have merely settled into a steady current which will continue to build.  Spring is now here, at least in your northern hemisphere, and change will come.  And this energy is saying, “Change WILL come!”


It is, in truth, Heaven’s decree and your decree, as well.  Now is the time for you to remember all you have learned about creating change.  Let us tell you, you are ready, else this would not occur.  However, as any general of any army in your history would tell you, your most meticulous plans will not cover what you will find.  That is why you are so magnificent.  You will make it work anyway.  Please hold fast to your dream right up until you discern a better one, and you will.  Then grab onto the new one.


Your most powerful dreams will include everyone, dear hearts.  If you do not yet dream for everyone, we tell you that you are still missing a great deal of joy, yes, and power.  Exclusion and revenge can have no place now.  Inclusion and rehabilitation are, as you would put it, ‘where it’s at’.  But free will is still the law, so it needs be a choice, by all parties.


Some rather large things have begun to happen already, but we tell you, these are just the small snowballs at the top of the hill.  Put a bookmark in this page of your history.  You will come back many times to refer to it in the future, especially when someone says to you. “But nothing is happening!”


There is never, never has been, nor ever will there be a time when nothing is happening.  Make sure the place in your heart where your quiet is, is well furnished and ready.  You will want to be spending time there each day.  And while you are there, make things happen.  We say that with a very big smile.


We are closer than your thoughts and ready to help at your call.  Go in peace.  Good day.



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