Why Exercise Provides Excellent Preventative Healing

Healing and Love

ExercisingExercising 20-30 minutes per day is good for your etheric and physical body.  You can do anything when exercising.  Just raise a sweat and increase your heart rate!  You can fast walk around your neighborhood.  When you exercise, you are cleansed etherically and also physically.  Your chakras are happy when you exercise.

Exercising causes your chakras to pulsate causing the chakras to be brighter, thicker, stronger and cleaner.  When you exercise, you are removing blocked and stuck, used up energy and diseased energy that may be sitting in your chakras causing congestion or depletion in your chakras that you do not want.  Exercising causes your energy vibration and frequency to increase.

Your consciousness level rises when you exercise.  Try meditating after you exercise and see what result you get.  You should connect with your angels and spirit guides much better when you meditate right after exercising.  Your meditation experience after exercising…

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