What You Should (And Should Not) Be Eating

Healing and Love

VeggiesWhen you have a proper nutritious diet, it helps you spiritually.  You can connect better with spirit, with your angels and with your spirit guides.  You feel lighter.  A proper nutritious diet contains more life energy in the foods that you eat.

This also allows your etheric body to be in great shape, not depleted or congested of energy, thus allowing your physical body to be healthy.  This will allow your aura to radiate with life.

A proper diet basically means that the food that you eat needs to be nutritious and clean, both physically and etherically.  You should always wash your food before you eat it.  You should also always bless your food before you eat it.  You should always thank Mother Earth for providing food for you to eat as well as Mother / Father God.

Make sure that the food you eat is physically clean from germs…

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