Science and Our Galactic Neighbors…Connecting the Dots of Disclosure…Meet the Lyrans.

the celestial team

(Preface from Judith–this is a post that expanded as I wrote it, far beyond the initial observation that I, earthly Judith, had intended to share on Facebook! I hadn’t even dreamed of posting it here in the celestial team’s vibrational space…until I was joined by the celestial team, that it. There was a new collective among them who’s energies I have never transmitted before…the Lyrans. And so, this post became a lot more than it seemed. I share this “intro” to the news item below exactly as it evolved, as per the wishes of the celestial team (including NOW, the Lyrans), specifically for the followers of the celestial team’s website–specifically for YOU, in other words. ♥♥♥)

“This is one of the early steps, but there’s no mistake — we are on our way to explore
the galaxy, to learn about life in the galaxy,” he said.
Very interesting, isn’t it, this steady flow…

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