Awaken to the truth of who and what you are. – channeled by Ron Head April 23, 2013

dawn over the horn



Our focus today will be on focus.  For a very many reasons this is important for you at this time.  It is a critical tool in your toolbox, both for achieving your objectives of raising your energy and frequency, and for your protection, allowing that to happen in the best and easiest way.


We ask you to focus, to a much higher degree, upon your path and upon your intent to always, in every moment, be feeling good.  We ask you to focus on finding more and more ways to feel good about yourselves.  We ask you to focus more and more on feeling unconditional love for all around you.


Why, other than the obvious reason that it is what you need to be doing to create a better life for you and others, do we ask this now?  We said it concerned your protection.  We wish you to focus so exclusively on these things that you do not have time to give any attention to the negative things which are occurring outside the sphere of your own particular world at this time.


Much effort is being put into distracting you.  We speak to all who call themselves workers for the light, all who are giving the most effort they can to manifesting a new world that is in the highest and best interests of all.  It is critical to those who wish to maintain the status quo that your efforts, your energies be distracted from that task.  You see, you are much too successful.  That is the reason for their desperate efforts to place you into a state of fear.  Be in a state of love, dearest friends, and you will not be the ones in a state of fear.


And be not in a state of love in order to place others into a state of fear, but to show them the state of love into which they can place themselves at any moment they decide to change.  That is the true way.


If you have found something for you to do, then devote all your attention and might into doing.  If you are still waiting to discover a thing to do, then be, dear hearts.  Be that being of unconditional love which you truly are and all else will be done as it needs to be.


This is what more and more of you are learning each and every day now.  Awaken.  Awaken to the truth of who and what you are.  This, I, Michael, and we, your protectors, angels, and counselors will aid you with in every step of your way.  You have only to ask.


Be in peace, dearest ones and we will speak further very soon.  Good day.



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