What is the Violet Flame and How to Use It?

Healing and Love

Violet FlameThe violet flame is a gift of light to all us from Mother / Father God. The keeper of the violet flame is Saint Germain, who is an ascended master. The violet flame is very powerful and transmutes all negativity and transgressions that you may have in this lifetime or past lifetimes.

Whatever you may have manifested in the past through your words, thoughts, deeds, or acts can now be transmuted and released into the light. Everyone needs to do this individually and collectively as you cannot take these things with you as we move up in consciousness through ascension.

Imagine, everything that you have done, said or thought that was a transgression can be now transmuted into the light and basically permanently released.  What a way to release and cleanse and heal yourself.  Saint Germain is bringing the violet flame into the conscious minds of humanity. It is there for you to…

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