My Higher Self: You Have Graduated Already!

Healing and Love

GraduationIn the upcoming times, a lot will come up to the surface to be released and to be transmuted.  More and more people are feeling the effects of the energies that are coming in at this time.  The collective consciousness is beginning to simmer, like in a pot, and a lot of people cannot take the heat, as it were.

But that is strictly resistance on their part.  They are afraid to let go what does not serve them anymore.  They are afraid to move forward.  That is the ego stopping them.

You must release your ego.  You must still your mind.  You are all moving into a higher consciousness that is so much grander than what you are all experiencing now.  Imagine having what you want just by thinking about it.  That is what awaits all of you.

That is what awaits all of you if you allow it…

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