My Higher Self: 50 Things To Do Now To Raise Your Energy Vibration

Healing and Love

VibrationRaising your energy vibration and consciousness is very important in these shifting and changing times. This is even more important in the times ahead as a lot of cleansing and releasing will be coming for the collective consciousness.

At any given point in the NOW, your energy vibration is always based on how you feel. Your emotions always reflect your thoughts and if your thoughts cause you to feel good emotionally, then you are in a high vibration energetically. So always have positive thoughts.

That is so important. You are always deciding what your energy vibration is, nobody else. Here are some things that you can do to increase your consciousness level and energy vibration:

1. Watch a funny movie

2. Be around people who make you laugh

3. Do things that make you laugh

4. Watch things that make you smile

5. Watch children playing

6. Go to a…

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