Cleansing – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn May 19, 2013


My child, you should clean yourself more. I don’t mean your body hygiene with this but your energetic hygiene. It isn’t enough to shower each day or to bathe. It is very important that you clean your aura, your energetic field. Use the emeraldgreen flame of my beloved son, the Archangel Raphael. Let the light flow through all your bodies and your aura and cleanse all and take all with it that is obsolete or negative. You can also use the violet flame of my beloved St. Germain, it will just transmute all into love; use plainly first the green and then the violet flame and namely daily. You not only care for a clean aura with this but you also prevent at the same time the development of diseases. A “dirty” aura will lead in the long run infallibly to the forming of diseases. With the cleansing of your energetic field you can but protect yourself from that. Your wellbeing is very deep in my heart, my child, so please use the two flames daily. You will soon feel even better then. ~

Your Divine Mother

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