My Higher Self: Using Positive Affirmations to Change Your Life

Healing and Love

AffirmationsAffirmations are very important and can create positive changes in your life. They are extremely powerful words or thoughts that you need to constantly repeat which will eventually enter your unconscious state and mind.

When this happens, these affirmations can become part of who you are. Affirmations can be positive affirmations or negative affirmations. Stick only to positive affirmations. The more emphasis and energy that you put into your affirmations, the more they will be part of what you believe in and part of your belief system.

But avoid negative affirmations as your unconscious mind cannot process or compute any negativity or negative statements. These are simply ignored by your unconscious mind. Make sure that you affirm only positive words and do not affirm any negative words.

For example, if you are not happy in your relationship, do not affirm “I am not happy in my relationship” as the mind…

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I am not only a single mom but also a sirian starseed and a lightwarrior, incarnated on Earth for this time to help Gaia and Humankind during Ascension. I know my true origins, that I am the true incarnations of Lady Maria and Archangel Gabrielle. As my beloved Twin Flame said in his message, the time for me to be hidden is over.