My Higher Self: When and How Will Ascension Happen?

Healing and Love

AscensionAscension is happening now.  The energies are already here.  They will intensify in the times ahead.  The shift has already occurred and the new world has already been created.  It is there and it is waiting for you.

Ascension for you, however, is a continuous process.  You are not there yet.  But you will be.  That is why you are here now.  You are in charge of your ascension.  There is no time in the higher dimensions.  You are experiencing linear time on Mother Earth and this linear time is moving faster now.  Ascension is an individual process.

Please focus on what you need to release.  Focus on you.  You cannot and will not ascend into the higher dimensions until you release what does not serve your highest and best good.  Focus on the things in your life that do not serve your highest and best good and release these…

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