Heavenletter #4571 Your Light Shining, May 31, 2013


God said:

Lovely is a world with you in it. Lovely are you to be a light in the world by which others may see. See what? See the beauty that they are.

You may say that you do not see the beauty they are. That may be, yet your light may paint a different picture. Those who shine in your light gain vision from your light that shines on them. And, so, you, too, may see with greater vision, and see the holiness that exists in the one you have thought you did not favor.

When I say your light is to fall on all, I mean your light does shine on all. Because you are not yet able to manage loving all who stand before you does not mean that the brightness of the light you shine is withdrawn from another’s view. The sun shines on all. Stars shine equally, favor all. Light falls where it falls. There is no withholding it.

Would you not gladly shine your light on all, even on those whom personally you do not favor? Would you withhold your light? Would you say to anyone: “My light is not for you.” Would you decide to deny another your light, which, after all, is Mine? Would you not reflect your light on all whom you meet or don’t meet?

I know you would like the world to be more lit. You would like the world to reflect the Truth which is that every human being is lit from within and also absorbs signals of light from without. Don’t tell Me you would not shine your light on all. Don’t tell Me that you would rather uplift only those whom you deem to be worthy.

I say to shine Our light on all. Would you refuse Me? Would you not fulsomely shine Our light on those whose eyes are shut as well as those whose eyes are open? Would you not shine Our light on a shadowed glen as well as on a sparkling stream? Would you not wave Our light high so that all may see in your light? It costs you nothing to shine your light on all.

If you are a on a bus, and someone enters the bus who could not see or is on crutches, would you not get up and offer your seat?

And if someone entered the bus who has dim thoughts and lack of insight, would you not get up and offer your seat?

Would you not be glad to get up and offer your seat to anyone who needs it more than you?

Let Us call offering your seat, or your light (that is Mine) or giving someone hungry a bigger slice of cake as evidence of love. You do not have to adore a particular person in order to love him. Give to him, and you will begin to recognize the love in your heart that is yours to give. Love from your heart does not have to mean adoration or adulation. Giving from your heart is love enough. It is good enough. It will swell your heart, and you will discover what love in your heart is even when you didn’t know you loved. Let Us call the swelling of your heart love.

You own nothing. All you seem to own is Mine, and, therefore, you have the use of it. Unlike money that someone might give you, you would use the love I shell out hand over fist. You would understand that you could waste none. You would understand that you are to spend My love splendiferously.

You will also come to understand that because all is Mine, it means that it is also yours. I give it to you. And you give it to others as well, and, so, your heart becomes resplendent.

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