My Higher Self: How to Protect Yourself From Dark Beings and Entities

Healing and Love

NoYou are now awakening. As your light gets brighter, it becomes more visible. As it becomes more visible, lots of beings are attracted to your light. Remember that for everything that is the light, there is the counterpart of the dark.

Dark beings will be attracted to your light, especially as it becomes brighter. You must discern between good and bad entities that may want to talk to you and be around you, or take your light.  Discernment is the key.  So how do you know who is bad or who is good?

You do this through the Universal Law of Challenge. Challenge that entity or being in the name of Mother / Father God three times. Under this Universal Law, that entity being that is around you must reveal to you it’s true identity or disappear. Darkness cannot affect you when your light is strong and when you are…

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