Heavenletter #4575 Seek Not Perfection, June 4, 2013


God said:

Yes, you are a human being. The Reality is that you are far more. This is not putting down your human beingness even as you are far more than a human being. To be a human being is a great thing. It is nothing to sneeze at or apologize for.

At the same time, you live in a body, and you live in the world. Most likely, you are not a saint yet nor do you have to be. You are a learning growing human being. You have to eat, provide for yourself and others. You swim in a sea, or you forage in a forest. Admittedly, your body has its limits. Your soul does not. We are talking about you now as a vibrant human being.

I ask you to expect all good from your humanness at the same time as I say not to ask too much of yourself on any given day. You will surpass your limits, yet I ask you not to demand of yourself that you exceed your limits. It is very possible, even likely, that you will contribute to miracles, yet, at the same time you can allow yourself to be an ordinary human being. Come home from work and put your feet up. It’s okay.

Come Home, and recline with Me.

Be at ease. You don’t have to push yourself. You are where you are without working hard at it. You don’t have to prove yourself to Me. I already approve of you. I love you. Be as amenable with yourself as I am with you. I don’t ask you to be a taskmaster. I ask you to live in the world and to enjoy your time while it exists on Earth. In Heaven, there is only Timelessness.

You live in two worlds. Dear Ones, do not split yourself apart. Do not pound your life on Earth into the ground. It’s okay to be a perfectly ordinary human being. While you live on Earth, you live on Earth as a human being. As a human being, you do not live in Heaven, full-time, that is. You are a time-traveler, yes. While on Earth, I ask you not to seek perfection from yourself nor from others.

On Earth, it’s necessary to be benevolent to yourself and to others. I would ask you to cease and desist from attention on your flaws and others’ flaws. Look at what is favorable about you and your life and others the same. Put your attention on what is worthy, and the more worthy you will become. There’s been enough attention on flaws. There has been too much attention on flaws.

There are many more people on Earth who have exalted consciences than those who do not seem to have a conscience at all. Conscience is a good thing, and yet, if your conscience is exceedingly strong, you may make life exceedingly difficult and too often make your life a life of regret. I don’t want you to lead a life of regret. You want to let up a little. If your conscience were a car, you tend to press your foot to the gas pedal and go too fast. There is no need for you to badger yourself. It is good if your conscience does not overdo itself. Let your conscience know the value of not pounding you over the head. Like yourself more than you find fault with yourself.

This is not the same as being laissez-faire. Your conscience doesn’t want to beat up on you. You don’t want your conscience to do a number on you. Lower its volume. Have your conscience remind you of all the good you do. You may well be one who has had enough conscience and now requires a booster instead. Both conscience and booster come from you, beloveds.

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