Grounding – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn June 08, 2013


My child, it is important that you ground yourself every day. You have read it already so often, but also this is something I have to repeat. Especially in these strong energies this is so important. You don’t lose your footing and you also can better handle the energies. But how shall I ground myself, you ask me? Just simple, there are several methods, the easiest is to walk barefoot through the garden, over the ground or over the sand or only to stand there for a while. Is this not possible because you live in the midst of a town and there is far and wide no earth or green, then you can also visualize this. Close your eyes and imagine how you lie on a beautiful lush meadow or on a sandy beach over you the blue sky. Connect all your chakras with the earth. Now visualize a white lightbeam from the cosmos that is flowing into your crown chakra. Lead it through your heart center and enrich it with your love, then send it down your backbone and through your root chakra or the soles of your feet deep into the heart of the earth. Feel how the energies of the earth, the earth prana, flows into your body and refresh you. You can ground youself this way all the time in letting flow the white light into your crown chakra, through your body and into the earth, without imagining that you lie on the earth. In your daily routine you won’t be able to always close your eyes. Please don’t ever forget to ground yourself, my child, it only helps you. ~

Your Divine Mother

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