Heavenletter #4582 The God Within, June 11, 2013


God said:

From the depths of My heart to your heart comes the life that you have. And there is more to your life than the body that contains the senses. There is more to your life than your senses, than your thoughts, than your feelings, than your mind can imagine. I am speaking of Truth, a glimpse of which you have. You contain the Whole Truth, and yet you have seen just a glimpse, just a hint, just an idea. Beloveds, you have been scratching the surface.

The good thing about surface is that there is a depth contained within. There is gold in you that you have hardly spotted, so accustomed are you to the avowals of the world. Let’s face it, beloveds, the world is not always wise. The world does not always dig below the surface. The world is entranced with the surface glitter and may overlook the true gold that lies within.

All that glitters is not gold. Another true saying might also read: “Deep beyond the surface lies true gold that is waiting for you to mine it.”

Before you can mine it, you have to come to your senses and know that it is there. It is here, there, and everywhere, and, yet, beyond what often passes in the world for common sense. Seek beyond the surface and you will, without fail, find true gold. It is worth finding, and you will find it within you. You are made of True Gold, only you may be the last to know.

I, God, am the first to know. Discover what you are made of and from whence you come yourself. No one can discover for you. Only you can discover for yourself the gold mine that lies within you. That’s where you find it, within you, just as I am within you.

The world has projected Me as outside. That’s all right. It serves a good purpose to imagine a God Who exists on a High Mountain Top that you believe is outside you, when, all the while, you, you, yes, you, the very you, are the mountain. All is contained within you. I, God, am contained within you. That is My privilege, and it is My pleasure to reside within you. It is not for others to discover you. It is for you to discover you. I mean, of course, to discover the God within you. There is you, beloveds, or shall We say You.

You are a body that contains a God within you, a God beyond ego and little sentiments. Truly, a God of Love and Mercy and Trust and Holiness, and more and more, exists within you. Regardless of what the world makes of you, regardless of what you make of yourself, I, God, reside within you. I am as far away from ego as Truth can be from falsehood. Great Truth exists. Ego is a mere plaything, a toy that finally breaks as all toys do. Ego breaks, and it is a broken toy that is put away, thrown out even, as all broken toys eventually are. Nothing exists forever in the world of things, yet you and I exist forever.

We are One Self, embraced in joyous embrace. We are One Inseparable Whole. We have no parts. We have no separation. We have Wholeness. We are Oneness. We are not We. We becomes Oneness, and Oneness is All That Is.

Be One with Me, beloveds. Stand tall in the certain Knowledge of Your Worth. Stand tall in the knowledge of Wholeness and Oneness, One and the Same. Otherness does not exist. It seems to exist, but otherness is a mirage to cover up Oneness.

What a charade goes on in the world. Charade is a child’s game. Truth is, in Reality, the Game of Life. Foolery is not. Illusion is not. Truth is, and the Truth is that there is no We. There is the illusion of We – It’s not bad – yet the Truth is better, and the Truth is that you and I, in Truth, are One and the Same which equals not two, but One. Hello, My Self.

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