Step 2 – How to Heal Yourself And Others – Understanding Your Chakras and What They Look Like

Healing and Love

HealingsThis posting builds on the second posting about how to heal yourself and others. You can view that posting by clicking HERE.

We all have a physical body and an etheric body. The chakras in your body control and affect your spiritual and psychological condition. They also control and energize the vital organs of your physical body.

So if you are physically sick or not feeling well, it is because your chakra(s) are depleted or congested of energy. Maybe you have too much or not enough energy in that chakra that is affecting the organ that is causing you to be sick physically.  Maybe the chakra has old, stuck, depleted, or dark negative energy.  This needs to be cleansed out and the chakra needs to be re-energized.

The same is true if you are having emotional or mental problems affecting you. Maybe you are angry or can’t forgive someone. Maybe…

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