What You Can Do To Quickly Heal Yourself from Pain

Healing and Love

TreeIf you have a sinus headache or a toothache or any sort of moderate pain or discomfort, there is something that you can do to help you get rid of this pain.  It should work instantly for you.

This remedy is better than taking over the counter or prescription pain medication as the pain medicine may have adverse side effects.  Remember that you have an inner and an outer aura.

This is your etheric body.  The etheric body follows the contours of your physical body and this etheric body composes the energy field in which you live and move.  When you are sick, it is typically because there is an energy leak in your aura or you are congested or depleted of energy.  Ki or prana energy is the vital energy or the life-force.

Without it, you will not be alive.  It is everywhere and we all absorb it.  The…

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