My Higher Self: Love is Now Fully Anchored on Mother Earth

Healing and Love

Love AnchorThese are such wonderful times that you are living in.  Love has been fully anchored on Mother Earth.  Love is now spreading throughout Mother Earth.  It is engulfing so many souls.

Full awakening of humanity is underway.  Please understand that not all will understand what is happening.  People will be scared, they will be confused, and they will be lost. You can help them by holding their hand, and by letting them know that they are loved.

You are heading into a new world, all of you.  Nobody is being left behind.  This has been Divinely decreed.  The love that is flowing into Mother Earth at these times is unmatched.  The dark will be overcome by the energies.  The dark will eventually awaken and move into love.  Love all beings that are playing a dark role.  They are teachers.

They are teaching you and others.  They are also learning.  Honor…

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