SaLuSa – “Merkabah” – 07.31.2013 – by Gabriel Raio Lunar


A new way of seeing life is growing rapidly within all of you. This is the picture of how well you have well anchored the energies that have come to Mother Earth every day, in favor of your awakening. It has been gradual to some and accelerated for others, it is according to your ability to accept things as they are.
Many of you have shown  yourselves impatient with the results that you judge few to everything we have announced to you. You must realize that the cycle came to the end, indeed, but your necessity to always evolve did not come to an end and you continue learning every day and you are just at one more exercise: learn to be patient, giving time to time.
At the level of consciousness, you are already experiencing the 4D and rising. Realize your state of observe things in a different way and always on the good side. This is a sign that reached your goal for the current time and we invite everyone to look around you and to the subtle ways that you are involved as a witness to what we’re talking about.

As we always warn, evolution is at individual level and all souls are at their particular grade, which we must always respect is its elevation time, always trusting that each one will get where they need to come and, along the way to be traversed, many experiments you will inherit. You are the proof of how hard was the experience in the lower dimensions and at the same time, how wonderful was the learning opportunity. Consider that the souls who are choosing to stay a step backwards in the way, they do this by freewill choice and none of them should be judged for such a feat, as well as you, in the past, they still want to try a few more the lower dimensions.

Of course, along the way, they will become increasingly united by affinity feelings, will join together like you in a time of their development, and will have the opportunity to ascend as ye for higher dimensions as ye are now having this opportunity.
Yes, dear ones, all souls together now in this moment by the Light, in the past also made ​​choices to stay in duality by a little more time, and were understood and respected by their choices. They walked for a long time and now teamed up again for the big jump. The Universe is cyclical, dear ones, and everyone always meet forward again, always with new experiences to tell.
At this moment of your imminent awakening, give your hands together as well you walked together for all this time that brought you to this point, rise to the higher realms where you are lovingly expected by your loved ones. Also let the souls who still wish to remain in duality, join with those related to their experiences that they may have as planned, and as for you, remain in Faith, awaiting these dear and noble brave souls who wish to remain in the lower dimensions. They, like you, are beautiful beings and are not judged for their choices. In a not too distant future, the cyclical movement of the Universe, you will meet and exchange your wonderful experiences as everything of most beautiful and wise.
Now, dear ones, you are feeling a powerful force to enter your hearts to such proportions that in many cases don’t know how to deal with it.  Please, just give yourselves with love to God’s  will, that is giving you this powerful energy and through it, you will overtake your full  consciousness. The Universe as you know, is currently in a pumping motion of forces and will culminate in a huge explosion of Light that will affect all of Creation. You are already feeling the effects of this great energy that is being sent to you from Mother Earth, as well as for all other beings of Creation. Just like you, we are also experiencing this force and we are flattered by the Creator’s goodness to us all.
I am Thankful to all for the opportunity to bring to you the information that are up to me and I’m very happy to see your acceptance and understanding that we, like you, are following a flow and cannot act outside of what was planned.
Gabriel: Dear SaLuSa, a dear brother sent me an article about a pyramid that is being built or already built in the Area 51. Could you talk about that?
SaLuSa: Dear Ones, the time is now yours, which you must foccus only within you. We can say that anything that is being planned by the dark ones will no longer have its efficiency. Such pyramid, as you well know those in Egypt, has great capabilities of anchoring energies and that one which our friend mentioned was to the same end, and that force would be used as “Anti-clockwise …” We are already accustomed to their intentions to distort what humanity holds most sacred, as they know that nothing that directly interfere with the free will of the people will be allowed.
I Am SaLuSa from Sirius and your Merkabah is very active right now, ready to take you back home.
Be in Peace
Be in the Light!
Gabriel: Thank you, SaLuSa.
Translation: Carolina Barisch

No sell-by date – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 31, 2013


(Translated from original language german)

My child, why do still shy away from accepting my help or that of my beloved children, the Archangels and Angels? Are you afraid that we could refuse your request? No, my love, we are but so much looking forward to be able to help you. We offer it to you, yes. So reach for the opportunity and don’t just think you would be too small and trivial for us. For us is nobody too small or trivial. Oh no! You also don’t need to believe we would have to do more important things. What could be more important for us than to assist you? Nothing! We hear the calling of all, who ask for help. So, don’t wait any longer. This offer also hasn’t any sell-by date. It is valid in all eternity. ~

Your Divine Mother

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Kein Verfallsdatum – Die Göttliche Mutter durch Isabel Henn 31.Juli 2013


Mein Kind, warum scheust Du dich immer noch meine Hilfe anzunehmen oder die meiner geliebten Kinder, der Erzengel und Engel? Fürchtest Du, wir könnten deine Bitte abschlagen? Nein, mein Liebes, wir freuen uns doch so sehr dir helfen zu können. Wir bieten es dir ja an. Also greife nach der Gelegenheit und denke nur ja nicht, Du wärst uns zu klein und unbedeutend. Für uns ist Niemand zu klein oder unbedeutend. Oh nein! Du musst auch nicht glauben wir hätten Wichtigeres zu tun. Was kann für uns wichtiger sein, als dich zu unterstützen? Nichts! Wir hören das Rufen von Allen, die um Hilfe bitten. Also warte nicht länger. Dieses Angebot hat auch kein Verfallsdatum. Es besteht in alle Ewigkeit. ~

Deine Göttliche Mutter

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Softening of Outer Earth and “Surface-Only” Oriented Beings Occurs at this Time


gaia_energy1Softening of outer Earth and “surface-only” oriented beings occurs at this time. This may be reflected and/or caused by various weather and surface-crustal shiftings, as well as personal/individual shifts of the so-called “unexpected” nature.

Higher Guidance and Higher Level Beings assist with this softening, as individual soul contracts must be honored.

Paradigms formerly “unyielding” to all human efforts to remedy, will find softening, resolution, and revolution.

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Heavenletter #4632 Ask to Know God’s Will , July 31, 2013


God said:

Seasons change. Seasons do not get upset because they are changing. Seasons do not resist change. They do not get upset by it, nor do seasons get befuddled. Seasons do not say that they are to keep on the season they are — summer or spring or autumn or winter.

Autumn doesn’t say: “Oh, no, I’m not supposed to turn into winter again. That’s not for me. I don’t want to.” Seasons accept the rhythms of their life. They swim with them. They do not call any turn in the road as unfavorable. Snow can melt, and that’s fine. Snow can become sleet, and that’s fine too.

You, on the other hand, refuse to accept some seasons in your life. You welcome change only when the change is your idea and at the head of your list. And if you change your mind after that, you want life to accommodate your change of mind. You want what you want, and yet you may be fickle.

Perhaps you decide you want to be summer all year long.

Some decisions are not yours to make, beloveds.

If you consider that winter is equivalent to age, you may refuse to be winter. You won’t have it. When you were spring, you were eager to be summer.

Some decisions are yours to make, beloveds. To accept what comes to you in life in good grace is one of your decisions to make.

Within each season, there is something you relish. Whatever season of life you are in, there are plusses and minuses. You would gladly accept the plusses, yet you don’t want a minus anywhere near you.

There are matters that you cannot pick and chose. A loved one will get up and leave his body behind. This is dark cold winter for you. If your loved one who left Earth life was young, you have an extra excuse for protesting the event. You may begin to think that this was cruel. Ah, beloveds, life, like the tide, just does its thing. Waves will pick up what is near them. Waves do not wait for this one or that one. The Ocean has no say in what it will pick up. It does not discriminate. If it did, it wouldn’t be the Ocean then. It would be a sieve of some kind.

Some processes and occasions of life are not arguable. From the view from Earth, one thing is right, and another thing is wrong. Regardless, some matters in life are not respecters of the rich or the young or the poor or the old. Life is like Old Man River who just keeps rolling along.

Life has an advantage over you, or a disadvantage, depending upon how you see it. Life does just what it does. It is as if life has been shot out of a cannon. The shots land where they land. Life does not set out to get you. You have to roll with the punches, beloveds, that which you see as punches, jabs, wear and tear and whatever else may bruise you.

Just as the Ocean moves along and the river moves along, so must you. You don’t give up because it’s winter.

Ask for something else than what you have been asking. It is not a little thing to ask for God’s Will and then follow it. You give up a lot of perceived control when you accept God’s Will. Sooner or later, you have to accept anyway. None of what life hands you means that you are not blessed. Accept that you are blessed, and that you also cannot call the shots. Much of the time, beloveds, you wouldn’t know which shot to call.

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Gott redete …


Die Jahreszeiten wechseln. Sie regen dich, weil sie sich ändern, nicht auf. Jahreszeiten widersetzen sich dem Wandel nicht. Sie machen davon kein Aufhebens, noch auch werden sie dabei verwirrt. Sie sagen nicht, sie sollten die Jahreszeit bleiben, die sie sind – Sommer oder Frühling, Herbst oder Winter.


Der Herbst sagt nicht: „Oh, nein, mir ist es keineswegs wieder danach, Winter zu sein. Das ist nichts für mich. Ich möchte es nicht.“ Jahreszeiten bejahen die Rhythmen ihres Lebens. Sie schwimmen mit ihnen. Sie rufen nicht sozusagen jede Wende in der Straße als ungünstig für sie aus. Schnee kann schmelzen, und das ist gut so. Schnee kann graupeln, und das ist ebenfalls gut so.


Du, andererseits, schlägst es ab, die einen oder anderen Jahreszeiten in deinem Leben hinzunehmen. Du heißt Wandel nur dann willkommen, wenn Umschwung deine Idee ist und als erstes auf der Liste steht. Und sofern du deinen Sinn hinterher änderst, möchtest du gerne, dass sich das Leben deinem Sinneswandel angleicht. Du möchtest, was du möchtest, und gleichwohl kannst du wetterwendisch sein.


Vielleicht fasst du den Entschluss, das ganze Jahr über Sommer zu sein.


Etliche Bescheide stehen nicht euch zu treffen an, Geliebte.


Wenn du es so siehst, dass der Winter fürs Alter steht, dann wirst du es abschlagen, Winter zu sein. Du wirst ihn nicht haben mögen. Wärest du der Frühling, so wärest du begierig, der Sommer zu sein.


Etliche Bescheide sind an euch, Geliebte, sie zu erteilen. In Anstand hinzunehmen, was im Leben auf euch zukommt, gehört zu den Beschlüssen, die ihr zu fassen habt.


Im Verlaufe einer jeden Jahreszeit gibt es etwas, was reizvoll ist. In welcher Jahreszeit des Lebens ihr euch auch gerade aufhaltet, es gibt Plusse und Minusse. Ihr möchtet gerne mit Freuden die Plusse hinnehmen, allemal möchtet ihr nirgends ein Minus auf euch zu kommen sehen.


Es gibt Dinge, die könnt ihr euch nicht auflesen und aussuchen. Ein geliebter Nahestehender stellt sich auf die Beine, und lässt den Körper hinter sich. Dies ist für euch kalter Winter. Falls euer Geliebter, der die Erde verließ, jung war, habt ihr eine Extra-Entschuldigung dafür, dass ihr gegen das Vorkommnis protestiert. Ihr werdet womöglich anheben, zu meinen, dies sei scheußlich vom Leben gewesen. Ah, Geliebte, das Leben, nicht anders wie die Gezeiten, tut schlicht sein Ding. Wellen werden das aufgreifen, was sich in ihrer Nähe befindet. Wellen warten nicht auf diesen oder jenen. Der Ozean hat nicht das Sagen darin, was er aufgreifen wird. Er trifft keine Unterscheidungen. Falls er das täte, wäre er alsbald nicht der Ozean. Er wäre ein so oder so geartetes Sieb.


Etliche Vorgänge und Veranlassungen sind nicht beredbar. Aus der Sicht von der Erde her ist die eine Sache richtig, und eine andere falsch. Dessen ungeachtet, etliche Angelegenheiten im Leben sind nicht Rücksicht-Nehmende auf die Begüterten oder die Jungen, oder auf die Armen oder Alten. Das Leben ist wie der Old Man River [der Mississippi; Anm.d.Übers.], welcher schlicht entlangströmt.


Das Leben hat euch gegenüber einen Vorteil, oder einen Nachteil, je nach dem, wie ihr es seht. Das Leben tut einfach, was es tut. Es ist, als käme das Leben aus einer Kanone hervor geschossen. Die Kanonenschüsse gehen dort nieder, wo sie niedergehen. Das Leben ist nicht da draußen, um euch zu kaschen. Ihr habt es in etwa damit zu tun, Geliebte, dass ihr die Dinge nehmt, wie sie kommen, dasjenige, was ihr als Faustschläge, als Stiche, als Verschleiß betrachtet, und das, was auch immer, was euch zerschrammt.


Schlicht so wie der Ozean sich fortbewegt, so wie der Fluss voranrückt, so habt ihr dies zu tun. Ihr gebt nicht auf, da es Winter ist.


Erbittet euch etwas anderes denn das, worum ihr gebeten habt. Es ist beileibe keine kleine Sache, um Gottes Willen zu bitten, und ihn hernach zu befolgen. Ihr gebt eine Menge vermeintliches Überwachen auf, sobald ihr Gottes Willen bejaht. Früher oder später habt ihr ohnehin einzuschlagen. Nichts davon, was das Leben aushändigt, bedeutet, dass ihr nicht gesegnet seid. Bejaht, dass ihr gesegnet seid, und dass ihr zudem außerstande seid, das Heft in der Hand zu behalten. Einen überwiegenden Teil der Zeit werdet ihr, Geliebte, wohl nicht wissen, welcher Ton denn anzugeben sei.

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Openness is the key to growth

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