My Higher Self: It’s Time to Reconnect with Source

Healing and Love

GodAs the energies are becoming stronger, your higher self will be pushing you harder to find yourself. You will be finding out who you really are. Who are you? You are not your body.

You are a part of Source and Source is a part of you. You are never separated from Source, never! You do have a separate and distinct energy from everyone else and every other being.

This is what makes you unique and special and different than any other Source energy. You are a piece of the jigsaw puzzle but each piece is unique and needed to complete the whole puzzle. Source separated itself to know itself better.

This separation was into many, many parts. Why: To experience, to learn, to create, and to eventually return back to Source. Every soul is a piece of Source. You are a piece of Source, a beautiful piece that is…

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