Heavenletter #4618 God Is , July 17, 2013


God said:

What an Executive I am! Can you imagine what I undertake and undertake without encumbrance? How it works, if you can call it work, is I have a thought, and My thought travels around the Universe and beyond. It lands. My thought is enough. My energy is enough. And, through you and you and you, My Will be done. Effortless is My way. Effortless is yours once you get the hang of it.

Limitless is the number of workers, employees I have, you might say, and, yet, there is no bookkeeping. Really, no accounting staff, no records that have to be kept. No payroll. No conditions. No hierarchy. Everyone is a volunteer. Conscious volunteer or not, everyone is serving Me on Earth as best he or she knows. All succeed. Some exceed. Some exceed very well and do not know it. You might as well know it. You are, hands down, My messengers on Earth.

In one sense, it can be said that I thank you, and yet My energy is so great that My love surpasses any and all words of thanks. Can you really imagine that I take time out to write Thank-you notes!!! HA HA. My every thought envelops you. My thoughts, My vision, My AM-Ness is My embrace. What can be greater than My embrace? What can be greater that your Being held in My heart? When I am All, and you are My All, where can more or less be held?

We are Oneness of Heart, not always Oneness of Mind, yet it is Our Oneness of Heart that rallies the world. We are rallying Earth to Heaven right now as We speak. Is there more I can ask of you? Is there more you can ask of Me?

Next to Me, next to Our Soaring Love, what matters polish on your fingernails or paint on your house? Enjoy them. What matters weight on your back? Free yourself from it. Lift weight off you right now. What matter details? What matter details at all?

And, yet, Earth matters matter. They do indeed, and, yet, Love matters more. Heaven matters more. You matter more, you, the human and the Divine, matter more. Looking up high matters more. Getting a sighting on Us matters all the way to Infinity.

What sense am I making to you? Bills you have to pay have overtaken your thoughts. Bills are your masters. They push and pull your heart. They set panic ablaze.

Come back to the green fields where you lie down and where grass grows and flowers bloom and the sun grows bright.

Don’t laugh at Me when I say: “Don’t incur bills unless you can pay them.” Yet fathers do say such. “Don’t bite off more than you can chew.” And, yet, I add vociferously “Venture forth. Seek your fortune.”

What fortune do I speak of? Ah, a different kind of fortune, but what is it, this fortune I speak of?

It is the fortune of love that you cast to the world. Of this, be a spendthrift. Close your eyes, and spend. Spend for all you are worth. Spend morning, noon and night. You cannot overspend. You will always have a balance. Soon, try as you may, you may not be able to keep up with your balance. The more you spend, the more you have. Soon enough, you have a fortune that is out of sight! Dazzling! You will have broken boundaries. You will have burst forth from boundaries, for, beloveds, the boundaries have been within you, blocking your fortune. Now your fortune shines brightly. Now your fortune is like a bright sun shining in your heart.

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