Congratulations – You’ve built the bridge to another Dimension! – AA’s & A’s

Sacred Ascension - Key of Life - Secrets of the Universe

1bridgetoanotheryouDear children of light and love, we come to you again with a message of hope and self discovery. For now is the time for all of your identities to shine through the husk. You have all traveled far and wide from various galaxies and various planets in order to come to this planet at this very crucial time it history  not only of humankind but universe en large.

Many of your star brothers and sisters are looking down at earth right now and are in awe of everything that you are doing here, and everything that you are and all that you stand for. They are in awe of your abilities to plunge through the darkness and show the light to those that have been blinded by greed, horror, abuse, anger, mystery for eons, they look at you in awe and are learning from each step that you take…

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