People in your life – The Divine Mother through Isabel Henn July 23, 2013



(Translated from original language german)

My child, why are people in your life? People who you love, who you dislike or even hate, or who you don’t care anymore someday. I have only sent Angels to you, because Angels they are, as you are an Angel to them. People are in your life to help you to remember or to grow. They give you opportunities to learn lessons. The same is valid for you. You give them opportunities to learn and to grow. Or to remember something. Others are there to give you strength or simply just Love. You don’t meet them by chance, my child, but you have discussed this with them on soul level before your incarnation. This person, you maybe hate the most, can be the Being you love the most in an other dimension. Therefore send each person you meet or who is in your life, your unconditional love. ~

Your Divine Mother

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    As always, short, yet teaches more than a whole book does.

    But this one is a “Bulls Eye!!”
    Just only a few hours ago, I thanked a person – always the BEST friend – who recently sacrificed so many things, in order to give me an OPPORTUNITY to learn and evolve.
    And then I read this. A very good sign from both of YOU, indeed.



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